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Still uncertain who Cam likes


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    I don't really like him with either. I don't see any chemistry with he and Trina, especially after the kiss scene. If they had chemistry, we should've seen it there, awkward and all. Joss is awful so I'd hate to see him paired with her. I love Trina and Cam individually, but see Trina with someone more book smart or street smart or something. And not Dev either - he's smarmy.


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      Originally posted by Imy&rb&b View Post
      I think cam is no longer interested in joss and his feelings for Trina are changing.
      I think it is very possible that Cam does not really know how he feels.

      He is a teenager. His feelings change. He has been through alot in the last year - his court order work, being kidnapped twice, etc.

      As Joss said, he has known Joss a long time and had feelings for her - which were never really explored - out of respect for Oscar,

      He doesn't really know how that would have worked.

      Cam and Trina have developed a great friendship and were often put together because of Joss and Oscar.

      I think it would be very realistic for Cam to be unsure and like them both, but be developing deeper feelings for Trina.


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