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GH Sneak Peek - Celebrating with Molly and TJ


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  • SPOILER! GH Sneak Peek - Celebrating with Molly and TJ

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    Wow Molly's face is screaming what have I gotten myself into. I don't want this very loudly.

    I could understand not wanting the group celebration that Jordan is talking about, that she equates with marriage, but her face was even more apparent when TJ discussed spending the rest of their lives together.

    Of course earlier, those were Molly's words, but she's seemingly changed her mind.


    • tollyfan35
      tollyfan35 commented
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      its a look of guilt not regret molly has made it very clear she wants to be with tj

    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
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      perhaps Molly is mouthing the appropriate words, but her mind is screaming - what am I doing?

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    She looks like she ONS is weighing heavy on her mind and she is uncomfortable going forward with her relationship with TJ, without telling him.


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      This isn't going to end well, but it will end. She's like a deer in the headlights, which is not like Molly.

      It's really going to be strange if they do a WTD sl with Brando and TJ.
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        By making a big deal of it isn't that like not respecting her views on weddings and the hoopla that can go with them
        I know there is also more going on with her but in the least she was against the wedding part


        • #6
          Poor Molly. You can read her face and she is not liking all this hoopla Jordan is talking about. She is also feeling guilty about Brando. Just noting how beautiful the actress playing Molly has become.


          • #7
            I feel bad for Molly because Jordan is really the reason Molly slept with Brando. It was right after Jordan was so mean to her and told her that TJ wanted NOTHING to do with her anymore and she should move on.


            • Carerra
              Carerra commented
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              No, Molly can only blame herself. Having sex with Brando was a choice. Hopping into bed with a stranger was her choice and a dangerous one at that. If your first instinct is to have sex with a stranger rather than talking to the person you claim to love and believing a third party you were not as invested as you claim. FREE TJ! of course he will suffer more and be heart broken because the thugs and they're molls always come out on top.

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            Not sure if I missed that part, but I wonder if Jordan told TJ how much she had to hurt Molly in order to keep TJ’s kidnapping quiet. It was in good faith though, to allow his rescue to go off without hitch.


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