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Which character will be pregnant at the end of the hiatus?


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  • Which character will be pregnant at the end of the hiatus?

    Molly seems like the obvious choice, but she doesn’t seem like a character who could stay quiet in a who’s the daddy plot. She’d blurt it out the first day. It would probably be impossible for her to pass off Brando’s baby as TJ’s, though I’ve seen mixed race kids who look totally white. Plus, does anyone really care if there is TJ’s or Brando’s kid on the canvas?

    Willow or Sasha would both complicate the story nicely. Would Chase really be willing to keep up the lie if Willow is having his child? And would Willow be willing to make the sacrifice for Wiley, much as she loves him, if she is having her own child? The only way it would work is if she sleeps with Michael and then has a reunion with Chase in a 48 hour period and doesn’t know which one is the father when she is pregnant. Then going back to Chase would maybe mean leaving Wiley AND the possible father of her own baby.

    I think Britt could easily return to Port Charles in a year or two with Julian’s child. Why else did she have the one night stand? Seems kind of pointless otherwise. But Julian already has several kids and grandkids and the legacy families and villains are already entangled, . Do they really want to give him another one?

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    I'm thinking either Molly or Willow but I'm leaning more towards Molly. It's a sticky situation for both since Molly is in a relationship with TJ & Willow just married Michael but she's pregnant with Chase's baby.


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      Its most probably Molly I’d say


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        I’m going to go with Molly.


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          ya know, if there must be a pregnancy i would love for willow to have a second chance at motherhood


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            I think Willow will have a chance at motherhood again down the line, of course.

            I think there is an upcoming BC failure with Molly and the pregnancy coincides with her ONS with Brando.
            This won't be done well, or without sensationalism due to both possible fathers being of two different races. I truly thought we had passed this era of " storytelling".


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              Here's hoping no one. Too many kids on the show now that we don't see. Leo is always upstairs doing who
              knows what. Carly is never seen with either kid. Too bad cause no sign of the kids on this show till they are


              • eileenregina
                eileenregina commented
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                I agree. I think there should be zero-population growth in Port Charles for a while.

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              Probably all three and then there will be a baby switch or two.


              • Soaper15
                Soaper15 commented
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                I couldn't handle another baby switch. It's too soon.

              • Ribbonette
                Ribbonette commented
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                Me neither! I was just joking since this has been the trend the last several years.

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              I think that it’s a bit flippant to ask if anyone would care if there is a baby by TJ or Brando since it would be Molly’s baby too.


              • MalteseBaby
                MalteseBaby commented
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                I've personally never thought of Molly as " the darling of GH". She's the overlooked Davis girl to me, so asking " If anyone cares" doesn't seem out of line to me.

                I'll go on record as saying that since the possible fathers are of different races, this is a distasteful WTD SL and I do NOT care if she's preggo with TJ or Brando. Not at ALL do I care as I do not like either man. I only hope she does NOT give birth to a baby.

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              It should be Sasha. For storyline purposes, it could be a good yet poignant one too. She's already taken drugs which would already compromise the baby's health. Plus, just from that weird scene where Sasha and Lulu were talking, I'm wondering if the abortion route will be taken in Sasha's case. I think Lulu was the last character to have an abortion on GH. Sasha would never tell Michael because it would only complicate things especially with him fighting for custody of Wiley. On top of that, she has this modeling career and with a pregnancy, that could probably complicate her career even more. If it is Sasha and she has to go this route, this is only going to push her further into drugs. It's sad but wow, what a storyline for this actress to take on!!!

              I still am thinking it could be Maxie too. She's just started a new job with Deception. Granted she could still work as a pregnant woman but does Maxie want another child right now? And more importantly, does she want one with Peter? I ask this because of the talk she and Anna had a few episodes back where Anna had to warn Maxie about being so cavalier when speaking of starting a future with Peter, especially given Peter's feelings about wanting a family.


              • OLTLBoomer
                OLTLBoomer commented
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                Very soapy thinking......

              • DeeCanada
                DeeCanada commented
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                The kids would be brother/cousins? Brosins?

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              Probably Molly because heaven forbid a woman have sex with someone once and not get pregnant. Of course in this situation she wont be able to pretend the baby is TJ's so guess the truth will come out either before or right after the baby is born.


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                Willow - I don't think so - Willow and Chase decided to postpone having a child. Plus adding a pregnancy to the already complicated custody battle is too much for her and Michael to take on at this time.

                Sasha - I don't think so - Sasha already admitted she isn't ready for motherhood. She is beginning a new career as a model and business owner and I read a spoiler that Sasha goes down a dark road. With her not handling the break up well, it seems her coping mechanism will be drugs. This will tie into the Cyrus/Sonny mob storyline.

                Molly - Possibly - Molly isn't the type to have unprotected sex with a stranger however protection is no guarantee against pregnancy.

                Just throwing it out there - what about Liz? She and Franco are already having financial problems, this would be an added financial expense and would cause more strain on the marriage. Probably not Liz but definitely life changing for Liz, Franco and family.


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                  I can see Sasha OD'ing, being rushed to the hospital where she finds out she is pregnant.


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                    Originally posted by Wendall Wilcox View Post
                    Its most probably Molly I’d say
                    Molly has been in a stable relationshipfor how many years without a pregnancy.? Her boyfriend is missing and she becomes pregnant? Really.


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                      You all should be script writers!

                      My money is on Molly for her reckless behavior.


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