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Live Thread 5/14


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  • Live Thread 5/14

    Finn talking some case as Anna is distracted
    he says your mind is on Holly. She says the word frenemies that was our relationships
    rivals she could run a con better than anyone
    even me. She half expected her to turn up here
    one day again. won't happen again.

    Great we have a news break our Gov is talking
    about reopening..not sure how long this lasts.

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    the opener; Anna is not paying attention to finn so he rambles on about an alien emerging from a chest and he cleaned it up and took it home to Violet. to which anna says - that's nice.

    Carly walks over to Chase - she is nice. (seriously).

    Sasha oversleeps - and gets yelled at by Maxie on the phone. Nina sees her in the elevator (she look awful) and says something - trying to be nice.

    Martin and Val - he has more ELQ shares but not enough to take control. The family does not yet know....

    Jax / Laura at MC discuss his contribution....

    Diane meets MIchael and Willow at the Q front door and notices her ring.


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      finn and anna discuss a wedding and she looks at her calendar - they are about to kiis and are interrpted by Robert - who is manic......

      Carly and Chase - chase is nice - wishes them the best. Carly wants to thank someone....

      Sasha and Nina - you were right about me. Nina tells her that she hopes she find peace and love. She is really nice. Sasha gulps, walks off elevator.

      Maxie is livid, and is reassured by Lulu (and charlotte). Maxie is in full panic mode and Sasha walks in. charltte even tells her she looks awful. the make up lady takes Sasha away. Nina walks in to see Maxie as Maxie says I try to think of what Nina would do. The photo shoot is at the MC building somewhere......


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        finn tells robert to calm down, anna asks him to set down and send finn for coffee (at charlies). as Robert continues on Holly and her death. apparently robert is out of the loop and learning things from Anna. Is there enough proof that she was murdered.

        Nina is there to offer moral support - and Maxie tells her thanks, but no. Nina reassures her - that no one can run a shoot like Maxie. Lulu gets Nina to take Charlotte. nina gives Maxie the final push to do the shoot.

        Jax/ Laura talk the Cassadine curse , and Vaelntin and Martin has skye's shares and ?? shares. and he sends Martin to look to see who controls drew cain's children's shares.

        diane tells Willow all about the Qs.....and tell her that she is the perfect match for MIchael - why didn't I see this before??

        Carly talks to Chase - she talks about a person who gave up their happiness for her child, and it made MIchael's life better. she is thankful to Chase. - she appreciates his unselfish actions. She is talking like she doesn't know that the break up was staged .chase looks like he is going to cry - again after Carly leaves for court.
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          Val and Nina and charlotte. Charlotte is happy - she hugs laura and leaves for school with Val. Jax and Nina go to a table and she thanks him for being there for her with Nelee, etc.

          Lulu sits down to interview Sasha - business questions Sasha is hesitant - she is taking one day at a time. Sasha is crying and Maxie jumps on Lulu and sends her out. Maxie talks to Sasha - but today it is business - I care about your personal life but not today - get it together. Sasha pulls it together - short off.

          Carly sees Martin and they officially meet. She won't shake his hand. He talks justice - she agrees for the right person and mentions that her husband is sonny corinthos. Martin backs up literally.
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            Sasha goes to the makeup table, sits and begins to fix her make up. Stops and reflects on Michael when he learned (flashback).

            finn/ anna/ robert - no proof as to the death. Could she be aive, and Anna jumps on him for jumping to conclusions. Robert reflects back on a time that she faked her death robert and anna were involved at that time. robert seriously thinks she may be alive - Finn cautions, and robert runs out.

            An assistant gives sasha a vial of white powder and tells her that it will take the edge off. the Assistant leaves and Sasha looks at what is in her hand.
            chase comes to the shoot, as Lulu tells him to get Sasha to focus.
            Carly and Martin - he is a business man.......as Diane and Mihcael/ Willow walk up. He shakes his head at the wedding news. He comments, and Diane says who am I stand in the way of a happy couple.....


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              Val back at the MC - see Laura sitting at a table. He tells her about the custody and who is doing what. He thanks her for anything she did,
              Maxie/ Lulu - where's Sasha - and Maxie flips when she learns that she sent Chase back to see her. Chase tells her what Carly said. Sasha looks relieved and teary eyed and the same time.
              Nina/ Jax she tells him about Sasha, and the shoot and Miaxe and Charlotte, and concludes that she wants to look for her daughter, and Jax offers and she says absolutly not.
              Diane lectures Carly as she sits in the court room. Carly looks like a petulent child.
              Court starts - no Nelle.


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                finn and anna still at charlie's - he is concerned about robert - anna tells him about their (robert/ holly) relationship. would he leave? Anna says until they find a body, robert will not accept she is gone.

                Chase/ Sasha - they talk the trial, their own losses, and Chase reminds her why they did it. chase leaves - Sasha looks in the mirror.

                Laura mentions NIc/ Spencer to Val. Laura mentions second chances, and she hopes he uses his wisely. Laura asks val if he wants to be that man for his family...

                Chase talks to Lulu/ Maxie - and Sasha looks like a new person, as the camera focuses on the empty vial on the makeup table.

                Nina - I will find my child myself.

                Martin makes a call to nelle - leaves a message, goes back and apologizes to the judge. Everyone looks at each other. the Judge asks where Maritin's client is - as Nelle walks in with a white wedding dress, bouquet and flashing a ring. Carly rolls her eyes.

                the end.


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                  Sorry for the typos - I am out of practice.


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                    Thank you for doing this. So few new shows left, and interrupted everyday by one person or another. l am just really sad. Nothing to be done about any of it, but have so appreciated the efforts of those who do the Live Threads
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                      •••Previews••• for MONDAY

                      -Alexis to Sam...if I’m not an attorney, who am I ...

                      -TJ to Molly...now, we work on our life going forward...

                      -Melle, with Martin, gestures behind her...here’s my husband now...

                      -Michael to Carly...who called you to warn about Nelle...

                      -Cyrus to Ava ...Cyrus Reneaux, pleasure to meet you...

                      -Jordan to Sonny...u need to stay out of Mac’s investigation...


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