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Why don't we see Harmony at Turning Woods?


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  • Why don't we see Harmony at Turning Woods?

    If Harmony is supposed to be working at Turning Woods, why is it that we never see her interacting with Mike? At first when she mentioned she was working there, I thought that she might have had something to do with Mike's "fall", ( at the request of Cyrus) but we never saw her.

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    Whoa! I never thought of that. You never know, it might still be written in.


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      I would really hope we don't see her expedite Mike's death at Cyrus' orders.

      That would be a horrible ending to the ALZ S/L.

      Come to think of it, for me that would end Cyrus as an entertaining villain.

      The writers turned Shiloh from a compelling villain into an unwatchable piece of garbage when they added the sex and drugs subplot.

      I hope the writers don't make the same mistake with Cyrus.
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      • McShirls
        McShirls commented
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        He's already bringing in life altering and ending drugs, kidnapped cam, trina and TJ and killed taggert (probably ) and the other two Dea agents. He's beyond entertaining for me.

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      I was more surprised that we didn't see her at Willow's wedding!


      • DeeCanada
        DeeCanada commented
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        She was working the overnight at Turning Woods and couldn't find anyone to cover her shift at the last minute.

      • AMHardulak
        AMHardulak commented
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        ^^Thank you--I had missed that somehow

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      Doesn’t Daisy work there too?


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        I was surprised to see Inga Cadranel in an American soap opera.
        I was thinking she is either going to turn up to be someone very important to the canvas or a one off episode.


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          with a bloated cast, do we really need harmony ?


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            did Willow really say mention Harmonys whereabouts around the wedding ? I didn’t hear her say a thing about it


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              Originally posted by Q777S View Post
              with a bloated cast, do we really need harmony ?
              I prefer this cast bloated as it may be over The Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless any day of the week.

              Personally I don't think GH is bloated, but they do need to balance it more. GH tends to do 1story at the time and such story only involve 4 to 5 characters.
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