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olivia is going to try break lulu and dustin up


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  • olivia is going to try break lulu and dustin up

    she wants to get back at lulu for moving on and she will use brooklyn to do her dirty work

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    I figure all we are seeing will be for naught when they/if they ever revive the show. I figure they will have to rewrite and change a lot of things. For instance all shows will have a cash flow problem right up front, which means no non-contract actors should be appearing for a while. That for now atleast, includes Martin lawyer guy, Nelle, Valentine, Scotty, Bobbie, Monica, Ned at least won't be shown for quite some time until they have extra money to pay these actors.


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      I thought Olivia and Dustin and Lulu had a nice discussion where Lulu told her the truth of the situation at hand, Dustin is aware of what he is in the middle of, and spoke highly of Olivia's son. Olivia has not resolved her son's actions as yet. That is the dilemma for Lulu and why she ran to Laura (momma). I thought the writing of what took place and how Lulu and Dustin handled the situation was well done. Olivia knows what it is like to raise a child without a father - and that is killing her that her son (who she protected and 'hid in plain sight' from Sonny) is now doing the same thing. She cannot accept that Dante has serious psychological issues and that Lulu has tried to fight for her husband and then acceded to his demands of separation. So she takes it out on Lulu. Will she use BrookLynn - it;s possible. BrookLynn realizes that she gave up a nice guy, who is now interested and in a relationship with ....Lulu. As the previous poster stated: with the COVIDcation, it is hard to tell where TPTB will go with the secondary characters.


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        Well it wouldn't be the first time BrookLynn tried to break up Lulu from someone - the first time it was Dante. A girl has to make a buck somewhere and since she seems to be totally unemployable by her track record, getting paid by stepmom is the next best thing.


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          Honestly, IDGAFF what Olivia thinks about Dustin. I get that Dante's situation has been traumatic for her, but she was completely out of line today.


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            Exactly! Does she expect Lulu will wear black for the rest of her life and act like a Nun?

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