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  • Live Thread 5/13

    Chase in the shower Willow is with him ( it is a dream) they kiss..Chase wakes up.

    Willow wakes up alone looks at her rings on
    the nightstand. Remember marrying Michael.
    she puts the ring on.

    Micheal downstairs with Brooklynn she says how are you feeling he feels ready. She admires him did what you had to do to win custody. and got married not all of us as lucky. He says one day you will. Brook goes this is Willow. Michael says not like that. Brook is like she is perfect wife for you.

    Avery and Ava with Mike showing him picture she drew. sonny is there.. How cute...

    Olivia and Carly at work at MC talking the custody hearing. Carly says could use advice
    on mother in law hood. Olivia says bite your tonge slap on a smile.

    Robert falls off the sofa as he wakes up.. Laure comes down in her robe says good morning sunshine.

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    Chase - Regret on his face ( and nothing else on either......)
    Willow - resolve as she puts on her rings.
    Pointed question from BrookLynn to Michael: "how did you sleep". Michael was oblivious to the pointed question - but he did sleep.

    Sonny smiling at Ava and AVery entertaining Mike, who is interacting with Avery. Sonny smiling at Ava?????

    Robert / Laura - LOL..............


    • Jackaled
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      Poor Robert he actually thought they
      went there for a min.. and Laura was
      playing it up...

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    Michael says Wiley and I lucked out with Willow
    i don;t want her to regret it.. Willow comes down and hears. Brook is like Chase was a tool Willow
    is trading up you are an amazing guy. kinds guy funny, loyal. Willow seems like person who would appreciate how fabulous you are as Willow walks in.

    Chase looks at Pic of him and Willow on his phone. Mac says why are you not here at work.
    Chase will be there in 10 mins.

    Laura gives Robert coffee. Kevin is at work
    Robert says you don;t want me in your hair.. Laura is playing with him we can pick up where we left off as she strokes his face. we are old friends we have chemistry.. Laura laughs that was great then explains what really happened he showed up drunk she put him on the couch
    gave him a blanket and water and went upstairs.
    What brought him to my door.

    Carly says to Olivia you not fan of Mr. Phillips
    Olivia is like no.. Lulu and Dustin talk to Olivia
    Rocco needs cupcake for class and Dustin volunterred. Olivia is like what is the occasson..
    take your dad to school day.

    Ava tells Avery to show Mike her other drawings
    Ava talks to Sonny ( at times like this Ava seems like a decent person and well so does Sonny they are having a nice moment) Sonny says is Avery scared Ava says no she doesn;t understand Alzheimers so it doesn;t make it sad she is spending time wiht Grandpa. Ava wants that for her.. stop it with this feel good nice stuff
    with Sonny and Ava it is too strange.. unnatural
    and NICE..


    • OLTLBoomer
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      Willow, in her short robe, walks quietly down the stairs and overhears Michael and BrookLynn discuss the circumstances surrounding the wedding. BrookLynn is extoling Michael's virtues and asks Willow if she agrees as she approaches the door, willow smiles.
      chase still in bed.....
      Olivia keeps her smile plastered on her face while talking to Dustin....
      and Ava and Sonny act normal - seriously.

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    Olivia is like Dustin will be there for take your
    dad to school dad. Olivia will check the receipe
    Carly saves the day to talk to Dustin about Joss
    assignments Olivia has words with Lulu it is like
    you are trying to erase Dante from Rocco life.

    Ava asks how Mike is doing. Sonny explains.
    Is he having coherent thoughts he can;t voice does he have thoughts at all.. Ava says not easy. Sonny says sometime he make percise observation.. Ava says she owes Sonny and Mike an apology.

    Robert tells Laura that Holly died. Laura is so sorry. Robert is sorry for dragging her out of bed in middle night. Laura says what happened was she ill. Robert says she was on ship that went down in a storm. Laura says I didn;t hear of any ship going down.. Laura says WSB. Robert says she was doing contract work for him

    Mac looking at file from Anna. Chase runs in.
    Mac is like do you need day off.

    Brook has to get to meeting wishes him luck
    at meeting. Michael sorry Brook put her on the spot. Willow pours coffee.


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      Chase runs into the interrogation room and Mac tells him (in so many words) to get it together. Chase looks like a deer in the headlights.

      Michael tells Willow that Brookie has a flair for the dramatic (the understatement of the year). He knows how lucky he is..... (he looks at her adoringly)....


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        ****no Governor press conference but also no GH...if it comes on at 3, I’ll post previews @ 4ish...


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          Carly says you don;t understand how fraught
          this situation is. Dustin says about Dante. Carly
          is not judging Lulu is an adult she made decision
          to move on that is great.. for her but it is affecting Olivia do what Lulu can;t see it from
          Olivia point of view. When you are parent it
          is natural to fight for your child Dante didn;t leave cuz he was a deadbeat. he left cuz he has
          severe PSTD.

          Lulu says Rocco didn;t want to feel left out of
          take father to school day..We agreed he will call
          Dustin his honorary Uncle and he will wear Yankee hat to honor Dante. Lulu says will this be problem for you. Olivia says no..

          Robert says we haven't seem much of each other (holly) and when we did it wasn;t always
          under happy circumstances.

          Michael says you made me promise to do whatever it takes to get custody of Wiley we must tell truth to each other. Michael says if I went without you as wife I would be nervous
          but with you I am not. We will get custody of Wiley. Willow heard what he said to Brooklynn
          I don;t regret this can;t never will. I better go get ready for court.

          Ava mentions pressing charges against Mike
          that is no excuse it was wrong thing to do I regret it I am sorry. sonny appreciated that and appreciate her bringing thier daughter to see Mike they go back in the room/
          Avery says look what Grandpa and I did pic of
          a boy riding a bike.. Ava is like who is that. Mike
          says my son.. Ava is we have to say goodbye have to get you t school Avery hugs mike then hugs Sonny who says have a great time. These scenes are just awww.... Avery says to Ava will grandpa forget me like he forgot daddy. Ava is like no no not till maybe far in the future. AVery says will I ever forget you.. Ava says you just try..


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          Brook arrives to see Dustin She talks to
          Carly about Chase he breaks Willow heart but then gives her puppy dog eyes. She mentions
          being arrested. Carly says excuse me..

          olivia says we can;t get in Dante head right now
          and decide what he would want. Lulu says the Dante I knew would want his child to feel safe with a man as good and kind as Dustin.

          Sonny says he got Mike something Jason idea
          and Ipod with frankie Vallie, the platters etc.
          I will turn it on he does.. Mike hears it. Sonny says we can go this another time what did you think of AVery as Mike looks at the picture.
          Sonny says I need to know what you want because next time I ask you may not be able to say. do you want help you wanns stay or go. (he is trying to ask about DNR or final wishes) a staff person comes in to talk to Sonny

          Chase says I don;t need time off. Mac is talkin
          about arresting Brook you arrested her 3 times in 3 months.

          Robert says you don;t mince words. Robert
          puts his boots on.. Laura is like if you didn;t want it straight you wouldn;t have come here. you have to grieve Holly and say goodbye they hug.


          • OLTLBoomer
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            Carly literally walks away when Brookie says she was arrested; BrookLynn says to herself - was it something I said?

            Mac tells Chase his record on BrookLynn looks like harressment.

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          Dustin assures Olivia he would never try
          to take Dante place. Strange position I am in
          benefiting from your son not being with his family.

          Lulu shows up at Laura for advice. I think I blew
          my relationship with Olivia.

          The staff says we can insert a feeding tube. It may further disorient him Mike has stopped eating .. Sonny says what do you recommend.
          Staff person says some people make provision I understand Mike didn;t Michael is there. He heard the converstion.. Wanna talk Sonny says after you court thing then says they want to put Mike on a feeding tube does he want that or to let us go. Sonny says what if I can;t Michael says you know what to do. Sonny not ready for him to go. What if he wants to stick around see his grandaughter and you and almost breaks down what if he doens;t want to die..

          Mac says make peace with Brook. Robert comes in Mac is like what happened Robert says I wound up on the Laura couch. Robert says here is a heavily redacted report on Holly death.. Why redacted.. take a look.

          Willow comes to PCPD


          • OLTLBoomer
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            Willow, in a navy sweater? dress with short..sleeves, quietly walks up to Chase's desk. He looks surprised to see her; she looks.....unemotional/ sober faced.
            Aspiring soap scribe
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          Mac says we are not sure that ship went back
          by accident.

          Laura is like Olivia is Dante mother Mothers don;t move on in same way she may be waiting for Dante to come home for res to her life.

          Olivia thanks him for saying that but this is not
          easy for me. I am happy that Lulu has found someone like you.. you are decent person but for record Dante is my son I will never stop hoping or doing anything in my power to bring him back home.. Brook comes over and she and Dustin walk off.

          Michael says how long has Grandpa not been eating. Sonny says it is like he forgot to eat. when he was with Avery he was so happy. Sonny says it would be easy to just kinda let it be over but it is not what I want it is what Dad
          wants. he looks at the picture. He had a moment with Avery it was like a conneciton if keeping him alive Sonny lip quivers and whisper if keeping him alive 5 more moths will give him 5 more of athos moments who I to day he can;t have that.
          Michael and Sonny get teary eyed.

          Willow says Micheal and I got married last night
          didnt want you to hear from anyone else. Why
          Willow says goodbye Chase. Chase is like good luck in court today.. she leaves..Carly comes in notices..

          The End


          • OLTLBoomer
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            Willow is polite, serious and walks away. Chase is teary eyed. Carly is in the background taking notice.

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          -Robert to Anna...enough proof that she was murdered...

          -Laura to Jax...I’m quite sure that Valentin will find a way to make money...

          -Valentin to Martin...I’m closer than the Quartermaines realize...

          -Willow to Diane...the only gift we need is that Wiley is safe from Nelle...

          -Chase to Carly...why are u here...

          -Maxie on phone, mad...u have 5 minutes to get here...

          -Sasha in elevator looking a mess, Nina says...tough morning?...


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