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Sashe and Chase are now doing Michael Thinking


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  • Sashe and Chase are now doing Michael Thinking

    When the revelation is revealed that Chase and Sasha were really stupid and faked that they were lovers, I really hope Michael and Willow give Chase and Sasha a tongue slashing for doing their thinking.. This was really a stupid and inane S/L.Now Nelle will have her day in court and revealed MIchael marriage was only a forest to gain his son custody

  • #2
    But won't they have to stay together and try to keep it a secret from Nelle or doesn't it matter anymore now that
    they got married? Chase seems devastated. Don't know about Sasha. She should be thinking - I could just as
    easily love Chase. Ha Ha! But Michael is one of a kind. Both handsome though.


    • Chris
      Chris commented
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      Chase > Michael all day long. The only thing "better" about Michael is that he has money, and even that doesn't impress me.

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    I mean Michael seems like he Won the lottery and it’s Sasha who ?

    As for Chase and Willow. Willow is way to invested in Michaels son and Chase can ask her to pull back but he can’t force her too. So he took himself out of equation. Maybe down the road for now shes Michaels wife


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      OP I bet by the time that happens Michael & Willow will be madly in love.?


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