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preview trina needs to shut up


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  • preview trina needs to shut up

    how dare trina tell curtis that he is bad as cyrus

  • #2
    Canada doesn't get previews - but I am absolutely OVER Trina screeching at Curtis. Honestly it's like nails on a chalkboard now - and OVERKILL that needs to STOP.


    • #3
      These writers, cause conflict between characters for no real valid reason up front then suddenly for effect make them lovers or relatives.
      At this point just waiting for Brooklynn to become Julian's lover or child.
      Sam to ride Brando at his motorcycle shop.
      Jaskn to end up with Nelle.
      Valentine and Sasha

      and today's Willow can't be with Chase and ever be happy because Wylie will be in danger. Wylie isn't her child, her child died,
      how about an arch about accepting her child died and Wylie isn't her child and Willow knows she wants kids so decides to skip a pill or something. then comes to her senses but what is done is done and frets over and abortion because she knows Chase did r want kids yet and knows she trapped him or something!!!


      • lala214
        lala214 commented
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        Hey - I've been saying for months now that Willows needs some deep therapy, and that she has essentially done what she accused Brad of doing: replacing her son w/Wiley. Willow's obsession over Wiley is not normal or healthy. She has a lot of issues and could benefit from a therapist.

        Willow going crazy and then finally coming to terms w/her child's death, Willow realizing that Wiley is NOT her child and she is NOT going to give up her for some stranger's kid, or Willow getting pregnant and having to tell Chase or getting an abortion ------- any of those stories would be infinitely more interesting than this Millow marriage.

        I have no idea why the show wants to keep those two squeaky clean. That's boring. Giving Willow some flaws could make her more interesting. I'm just saying.

    • #4
      JASON and Nelle???????? He's been just ITCHING to put a bullet in her for months now. He'd do it tomorrow if he could actually get away with it. He has been loyal to Carson and Michael for the past TWO DECADES - and wouldn't touch Nelle with a million foot pole.

      Willow is a REFRESHINGLY good person. It's not wired in her brain - or in her mindset to "skip a pill" in order to get deliberately pregnant. And I'm very sure if she WERE to be pregnant again - this child would be a precious gift to her - and there is no way that she would have an abortion.


      • xoregonian
        xoregonian commented
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        Ya, if she wouldn't abort a baby of evil SHank's, then she'd never abort any baby.

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