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Happy Mother's Day GH's best mother?


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  • taramartin
    Soap Addict
    • Oct 2013
    • 6748

    Happy Mother's Day GH's best mother?

    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!
    Who in the history of GH was the best mom?
  • emsnana
    I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
    • Dec 2011
    • 7578

    I started to say none but then decided maybe Lila Q.


    • sasha_96
      sasha_96 commented
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      Eh, she let her husband pit her children and grandchildren against each other.
  • THB54
    Recurring Poster
    • Nov 2016
    • 411

    Mac Scorpio, perhaps?


    • sesca
      sesca commented
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      Absolutely. He raised Robin, Maxie, and Georgie none of which were his kids. He is the best parent on GH.
  • bopeonarope
    Board Regular
    • Sep 2018
    • 1022

    Past...Lila. Current...Laura (based on her history when all her children were on the show together).


    • Friz4ever
      Senior Board Member
      • Apr 2018
      • 2310

      Elizabeth imagene webber-Baldwin. She always puts the kids needs before her own. Also she has managed to raise three good boys without much help from their dads.


      • mes349
        Board Regular
        • Oct 2011
        • 688

        Laura and Lila 100 percent.

        Laura is a mother to not only her own kids (Lucky, Lulu, Nikolas) but also to her former daughter-in-law Liz and anyone else who needs maternal advice in Port Charles.

        Honorable mention goes to Liz. She would have tied Laura/Lila if it had not been for marrying the dude who kidnapped her newborn son and tried to hand him off to a fellow psychopath to raise thing. ?

        Another honorable mention goes to Alexis. Those Davis girls can be a handful but she still manages to keep them all together.
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        • c83gilles
          c83gilles commented
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          I adore the relationship between Liz and Laura. Laura still considers Liz as another daughter, despite past events.
      • cadreamin'
        Executive Poster
        • Nov 2010
        • 3723

        Among the living currently - Laura !!

        Liz and Alexis have had their moments but their choices in men count them out for me too!!

        THB54. I second that vote !!


        • Wendall Wilcox
          Soap Addict
          • Jul 2018
          • 6266

          Willow as a pseudo mom


          • xoregonian
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Feb 2014
            • 13240

            Liz is Mother of the Year in my book.

            And say what you will about Carly. We all know everything she has done and been involved with. But when it comes to Joss, Carly is the most supportive mother who almost always says the right things when her daughter needs advice. And kudos to the casting department for finding Joss. What a perfect match as Carly's daughter.


            • Hilee1818
              Board Regular
              • Jul 2016
              • 949

              Lila, Audrey and Robin.


              • envious01
                Soap Addict
                • Jan 2007
                • 6057

                Laura is probably number one. She was such a good mom for Lucky growing up, she also fought hard to have Nikolas in her life no matter how much he tried to push her away, and even though she missed most of Lulu's childhood through no fault of her own, seeing her and Lulu's relationship when Lulu was played by Julie Berman, was absolutely wonderful.

                Thinking of the times Laura was a rock to Lulu, back in 2006 when she was terrified to tell her mom about her abortion and Laura did everything to reassure her that it was okay, and then again in 2008 when Lulu was having a mental breakdown and she helped her conquer Logan's hold on her. The two of them were absolute gold on screen together.


                • CyndyG
                  Senior Board Member
                  • Jan 2006
                  • 2216

                  Lila and Laura.
                  Honorable mention: Liz


                  • kristendny
                    • May 2012
                    • 4803

                    I love Laura the best, and she's a wonderful mother. Willow is a great mother, too. Jordan is one of the worst!!!!!!


                    • Shellyinphx
                      Look! Up in the sky! It's a Super Moderator!
                      • Mar 2004
                      • 29202

                      I'm not entirely sure this show has a best mother. Laura left Nik to be raised but Cassadines, didn't she fake her own death? Liz is married to the man who kidnapped her baby, Anna chose adventure over Robin, Sam's basically done the same thing.

                      Carly has chosen Sonny over every single one of her kids.
                      Shelly, Moderator

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                      How sad it is that we give up on people who are just like us.- Mr. Rogers.


                      • rocktheboat
                        Board Regular
                        • Jun 2015
                        • 1053

                        Liz, Laura, and Lesley

                        Monica was always fiercely protective of AJ (altho I missed some of the years during his addiction, so I may have missed some things)

                        And as crazy as Heather is, I never doubted that she loved Steven Lars


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