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May 8 Flashback show-thoughts


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  • May 8 Flashback show-thoughts

    Wow, I did not realize how much has changed in just a year and a half! I so miss MS as Nina. As much as a thought the whole Kiki and Griffin pairing was way too contrived, I miss those two characters. I even miss Aunt Stella! It seems way longer ago that Ryan was pretending to be Kevin too.

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    I miss Kiki and Griffin. I do think they were over- utilized ( briefly) so there was a lot of viewing fatigue for a while unless a person was watching solely for one or both of them.

    I find Ryan Chamberlain to be both terrifying and extremely humorous ( because it's fiction) and the actor has a way of giving Ryan a very dark sense of humor to go along with his crimes that Kevin can't have.. Kevin has some good one- liners sometimes, but Ryan is the ONLY serial killer who's made me truly laugh out loud.


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    I liked Kiki especially her last couple of years. I wasn’t a big fan of Griffin. These two lacked chemistry.

    MS as Nina was perfection. Ms played her quirky and passionate in every thing. Nina has become a bit vanilla with the recast.

    I still wish Kiki was Nina’s because the history with Silas, Nina, Madeline and Ava the story could be believable . Maddie could have sold Kiki to Ava.

    Now if it is Nelle then it makes no sense.


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    Has Curtis and CW's Nina had any scenes together? Don't recall. And speaking of Curtis, why hasn't Finn called him to investigate Hayden's whereabouts? IMO, Curtis is being wasted with this Jordan and the storyline they are stuck in.


    • parker joe
      parker joe
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      They've had a couple of scenes together. I remember it being the first time I really thought CW was connecting to the character.

    • Imy&rb&b
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      They’ve had scenes when CW first appeared and then none. I don’t even recall a scene with nuNina checking in on Curtis since the shoot out or regarding TJ. She’s always shown with Jax.

    • MalteseBaby
      MalteseBaby commented
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      I haven't seen Finn being overly concerned with Hayden's whereabouts, but maybe I missed a day or so with breaking news.
      Curtis and Jordan are not entertaining to me. They've changed.

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    I loved seeing MS as Nina and Loved my glimpse of Drew. First Flashback Friday I watched because of these two! I was also reminded of how obnoxious Kim was, glad she's gone.


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