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GH Sneak Peek - Diane Strategizes with Michael & Willow


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  • SPOILER! GH Sneak Peek - Diane Strategizes with Michael & Willow

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    We can't get it in Canada. Anything interesting - or does she just tell them the best way to lie?


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      Originally posted by ScrubsFan#1 View Post
      We can't get it in Canada. Anything interesting - or does she just tell them the best way to lie?
      They put those on Youtube eventually later in the weekend. But no for now she is just saying they make good team and always put Wiley 1st as oppose to Nelle who puts Nelle 1st. No Fake Marriage talk yet


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        Hmmmm - interesting - thanks.

        Hard to believe she'd say they make a good team - if they weren't talking marriage.

        Guess we'll see.

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      Here is a rough recap for those who can't watch it. May not be word for word. I tried my best.

      They in the living room. Diane is pacing the room while Michael and Willow sit facing each other on opposite couches. Appears to be the same day Willow wacked the tree and thus moved out of Chase's apartment.

      Diane: We will let Nelle Benson roll out her customary manipulations and histrionics while we remain calm and stay the course. Michael you will continue to be the same loving committed stalwart presence you have always been in Wiley's life.

      (Diane sits next to Michael)

      Michael: I think I can manage that.

      Diane: Of course you can.

      (Looks at Willow)


      (Diane gets up and moves over toward Willow)

      It bears repeating because I have seen you give way to anger in a court room against Shiloh and Nelle in her own poisonous way is just as bad if not worse. (Diane has now sat down on the coffee table between Michael and Willow.)

      Willow: I understand. I am ready for her.

      Diane: You two make an excellent team. You both know his favorite food, how to get him down for a nap, his first word while Nelle is practically a stranger to the boy. (Willow and Michael exchange looks while Michael looks confused)

      Michael: Right but wouldn't that support her argument that she deserves more time with him?

      Diane: Let Nelle try to argue about what is best for Nelle. We will argue about what is best for Wiley. After all the trauma that poor little boy has been through it is crucial for his emotional stability that he stays with people who loves, who he trusts (Willow and Michael are exchanging looks) People who have already proven that they will do whatever it takes for him (Michael and Willow looking at each other nodding)

      End of scene


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        thanks for the recap because I don't think I can stomach watching this.


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          It sounds like they already got married - and this is Diane talking to them afterwards. Like it's no big deal.

          But Michael got his "Mary Poppins" at any cost - so what would Diane care?

          Can this just be OVER already????


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            They really come off as 2 roommates having a conversation. Waiting for some romantic spark


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