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GH Ratings 4/27-5-1


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  • GH Ratings 4/27-5-1

    Total Viewers
    2. GH 2,222,000 (-82,000/-33,000)

    2. GH 1.63/5 (-.08/-.05)

    Women 18-49 Viewers
    1. GH 278,000 (-5,000/-62,000)

    Women 18-49 Rating
    1. GH 0.43/4 (-.01/-.1) <——- ties low (2nd straight week) *

    Women 18-34 Viewers
    1. GH 63,000 (-21,000/+5,000)

    Women 18-34 Rating
    1. GH 0.18 (-.06/+.01) <——— ties low (12th straight week) *

    Women 25-54 Viewers
    1. GH 394,000 (-11,000/-76,000)

    Women 25-54 Rating
    1. GH 0.64 (-.02/-.13)

    Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

    Monday: 1.64/2,235,000
    Tuesday: 1.65/2,227,000
    Wednesday: 1.61/2,197,000
    Thursday: 1.62/2,229,000

  • #2
    Why are the ratings so high? Are the other soaps showing repeats??


    • soapgirl9
      soapgirl9 commented
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      Y&R and B&B have been showing old episodes since last week. DAYS still has enough new episodes to last until the end of October. (They were about to film Halloween right before the shutdown happened. This is one time their crazy filming schedule is actually a good thing.)
      Last edited by soapgirl9; May 8, 2020, 04:43 PM.

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    Yes the other soaps, except for DOOL, are in reruns. Though the CBS soaps are now showing Theme weeks, which seems to be generating interest among viewers, such as myself who may not have seen those specific episodes the first time around. Like last week's Flashback Friday with the 3 Carlys -- never saw it the first time around and LOVED it this time. Definitely a keeper on the DVR for me, loved the episode that much.


    • soapgirl9
      soapgirl9 commented
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      I'm liking the Y&R repeats. So far the only one I've seen before is Nikki & Victor's first wedding, which CBS reran a few years ago. I like being able to fill in the blank on characters or storylines I've heard of, but haven't seen. With the GH repeats, I've been making sure to set my DVR. I've seen almost 100% of them before, but they do reflect current situations that are going on. It's also nice to see some of the characters that aren't on the show now.

  • #4
    All of their ratings have dropped from the previous week and the daily ratings are consistently low. Not a good sign when they are still showing new episodes.


    • #5
      If you go to Soap Opera Network you will see the ratings for all the shows. Y&R actually had higher household ratings than GH and DOOL and they are showing reruns. GH lost 82,000 viewers from last week and went down in the important demos, so I wouldn't say those are high ratings.


      • #6
        I guess people aren't loving The Nelle Show.


        • arabian
          arabian commented
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          Seriously? Nelle is barely on. I know this because I look forward so much to when she is. She's on once or twice a week and has only a handful of scenes.

        • perky7kc
          perky7kc commented
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          Or maybe because this whole Michael marrying Willow is so dumb and insulting to the viewers

      • #7
        If there are constant press conferences at soap time in the New York market, could that be what is effecting the ratings?


        • soapgirl9
          soapgirl9 commented
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          Yes. However, the news interruptions in NY have been happening more during Y&R (12:30- 1:30) and B&B (1:30- 2:00). I was actually thinking recently that GH has not been interrupted here in NY in weeks.

      • #8
        Going to get worse when the last of the new show’s airs on 5/21


        • #9
          We only see 30 minutes per day here then the governor cuts in with the daily Co-vid report. Maybe people watching on Hulu at night. I'm guessing that isnt counted.


          • #10
            I had to look up the full ratings to see make sure GH is beating B&B in all of the demos. That doesn't usually happen.


            • #11
              The whole of OHIO is interrupted daily by Governor pressers. Don’t know why they feel the need to be on DAILY.

              This def has to damage ratings


              • #12
                I know I look ahead to see the stories and if they involve Peter or Nelle I just don't watch. Really poorly written characters. So predictable.
                Peter is just plain unwatchable.

                Now Cyrus is a watchable villain. I don't like him but he is interesting and the guy is a great actor!
                So I just skip all of the Peter or Nelle days. Can't stomach those two.


                • #13
                  The Philadelphia region at 3 PM, which is the time GH airs here, is also interrupted daily with pandemic updates. This past week was the first time since it began that it wasn't -- I think 3 straight episodes aired without any disruptions.


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