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Live Thread 5/7


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  • Live Thread 5/7

    Michael and Sasha in the hospital elevator
    she has a bloody nose.

    Finn working he see Willow says nice to see you
    it is awkward. He is sorry for his brother he can
    be knucklehead. Maybe cut him slack.

    Laura at MC Carly talks with her. talk
    of the nurses ball then Michael custody case

    Trina at GH talking to Portia Trina enjoyed hanging out with her friends.

    Sonny and Jason on the pier with Curtis.
    Talk of TJ. Jason wonders how his memory is
    Curtis remembers the convo in the hospital with
    TJ explaining what he remembered. Curtis say

    Jordan gets a visit with Mac. Who has been working non stop on TJ kidnapping. Mac
    remember his convo with TJ telling what happened.. Mac says TJ remembered a few more things. Mac is getting closer still lots of
    question hopes she can help.

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    OH! and the opening shot is of GH exterior at night........................

    Sasha is social distancing from MIchael in the elevator.....her nose is gushing.

    Portia asks Trina if the real reason she is there at the GH is to make sure that mom gets home safe......
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      Laura and Carly talking Carly remember realizing it was Nelle that set her up the scarf, etc.

      Curtis says no one at PD can connect Jordan
      to this.. Except Mac he is investigating. Curtis remembers Mac saying TJ remembered things
      Curtis says if he gets home. Curtis says Jordan doesn;t know this meeting is happening. Curtis not ready to talk about what needs to happen next but I sre am.

      Jordan with Mac he doesn;t understand why the kidnappers used TJ phone to text you. Curtis remember Jordan getting the texts.
      Mac says why convince you TJ safe and sound.

      Finn says took courage of Chase did to own up to what he did. he talked to you explained everything. Willow says I know he is sorry but
      that doesn;t change anything. Willow sees Sasha and Michael walk off the elevator.


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        and at the end of going down Nelle/ memory trail, Carly and Laura look up - Cyrus is at the bar - he turns around and toasts them. They both have an "o" face.
        Willow is stunned to see Sasha and Michael looks sheepish as they walk off the elevator at Gh.

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      ***due to Governor news conference, GH will not be on until 1:05 Friday morning...will post previews tomorrow....


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        Laura talks about Nelle lawsuit Carly remember what she did. Laura talks if the hospital had to
        edure settling a lawsuit with Nelle it might not survive. Cyrus says that sounds interesting.

        Mac wonders why no ransom request. I think
        Mac is getting a clue about Jordan.

        Curtis doesn;t need to know methods.. Jordan can;t be near what happens. When Jordan got the sentence vacated you two were suppose to handle him istn; that how you maintain peace.
        What is taking so long.

        Portia says worrying about me isn;t helping. Trina wanted to spend time with her. Portia is like ciz you don;t want to spend time home alone. Portia assures her the PCPD keeps the town safe. Trina says how can say that after they threw dad under the bus.. Trina remember
        talking to Jordan about her dad. Trina is like hos do you trust Jordan.


        • OLTLBoomer
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          hard to believe but Laura (as a Hospital trustee) is telling Carly that the liability insurance would not cover Monica and Bobbie's suit. and that it would financially hurt the hospital - which what cyrus overhears as he walks up to their table.

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        Cyrus says after decades of listening to Male voice excuse me for listening to female voices
        isn;t the wellbeing of GH important to everyone in PC no matter how new.. Carly is liek what did you want. Cyrus wants to know appropriate where to send house warming invitation

        Jason understands how concerned curtis is but
        if we rush it and mess it up. Curtis is like I have a family all I think about Cam and Trina.. remember dragging Trina out. Sonny says this happens at worse time for all of us.. Sonny wants to take care of Cyrus they are trying to solve the problem have my word the plan is in motion.

        Mac says without a ransom demand they weren't motivated by money so that tell me maybe they were using him as leverage and you are the connection as Jordan remember her prison convo with Cyrus. with harmony then with Sason.. Jordan tells Mac nothing MAc says he is greatful for this job appreciate you trusting me think of you as friend not just boss. so if you ever wanna talk about anything..


        • OLTLBoomer
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          Cyrus is so smooth. He is so appreciative of Sonny and Carly's interest in him that he wants their address to send an invitation to his house warming party....

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        Finn tends to Sasha. Brook accidentally punched
        Sasha in the nose. Willow wonder if chase was
        there why didn;t he drive sasha why did Michael.

        Carly sasy send it here or the coffee warehouse I know you know that adress as Carly flashes back to the warehouse shooting. Cyrus sasy why would I know that. Carly says it a business like a pub in Brooklynn. Cyrus hope s Laura schedule will permit. Cyrus plans on making memorable entrance into PC social scene.
        He say you can expect a invite to me I know where you live (to Laura). Laura is shaken.

        Jason tells Curtis to just live your life best thing
        put on normal front what we have .

        Jordan appreciate Mac loyalty but nothing I am not telling you. Mac is like hope you weren;t offended.. no she understand he had to ask.


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          and we have flashbacks so the viewer knows what really happened when Brookie took a swing at Sasha....

          Carly even comments on cyrus's tone. they are both shaken as Cyrus walks away. Laura leaves abruptly, saying "rain check" to Carly. We see Carly sitting at the table still looking shaken as cyrus gets on the elevator with a cheshire cat grin on his face.

          Jordan is glad she has the best cop on TJ's case - she knows he will get to the truth. Jordan looks resigned after mac leaves her office.

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        Curtis shows up at Jordan office he wants
        to go to dinner she wants to go to GH to check on TJ it is his first day back at work. as they leave Mac walks out in the hall has look on his
        face. (I think he knows)

        Finn says to Sasha it is not broken. but ice it.
        Chase said you know everything. Finn hoped his brother would walk away from this disaster. he remember his convo with Chase telling him to fix things. finn says you should come clean to Willow and Michael.

        Portia doesn;t like what Jordan did but your father trusted her. Portia says your father feelings should count for something. Your father
        would want you to move forward. Trina knows her father wanted to watch her grow up and it is not fair..

        ABC News Special Report. DOJ is dropping all
        charges against Michael Flynn.

        GH should be back


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          Sasha tells Finn that willow and MIchael will never be happy again IF nelle wins custody.....

          Trina cries in her mother's arms when thinking about life without her dad...

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        Sasha says Chase and I know what we are doing. Finn says hope so you love Michael and Chase loves Willow.

        Michael says Chase was reading Brook the riot act. Then he and Willow talk the hearing tomorrow.

        Carly talks to Sonny she says you can tell me anything it stays between us.. Anything I need to know. he would tell her but for now..She says promise me this craziness with Cyrus promise me you will end it. he promises..When? Sonny
        remember his deal with Cyrus on the pier. Sooner than Cyrus thinks.

        Laura talks wiht Mac Laura was looking for Jordan. Can he help her.

        Cyrus with Curtis who know who he is as Curtis stand in front of Trina and Portia..

        The End.


        • OLTLBoomer
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          Finn asks Sasha/ Chase to not "play god" with other peoples lives.

          Willow says she will be ready for hte hearing.

          Everyone wants to know WHEN Sonny will take out Cyrus....

          Laura asks if Mac can stop Cyrus Renault ( see above, LOL)

          and apparently Cyrus must have walked up to Trina and Portia, and Curtis intervenes as Jordan watches. Cyrus is his usual self. Curtis tells Cyrus to back off Trina and Portia..

          previews look great for Monday......

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