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Live Thread 5/6


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  • Live Thread 5/6

    I am at car dealer should be back by 2:30 if someone can fill in till then

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    Okay - Nelle asks Nina for a character reference. Nina tella her that she has only been at Crimson for less than a month - will the judge think she is a good witness, Nelle tells her she over heard and calls her on it.
    Carly at the bar talking to Olivia by phone about MC/ Nurses ball. Jax walks up - If Nelle can bluff Nina, she can bluff a judge.

    BrookLynn at the gym with Michael tryhing to get him mentally ready for tomorrow.

    Continuation of the Davis Girls (couldn't get it all) Sam faces reality as they see it.


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      Sam defends the JaCarSon relationship - Alexis asks how could you say something like that. Molly jumps all over Krissy. Krissy has learned some things and telling/ facing the truth is one of them. And Molly continues to jump on Krissy.

      Robert crying in his beer over Holly - Felicia had called Anna (last segment) and she arrives to help Felicia and Mac to console robert. Peter and Maxie arrive at the Rib and realize something is up. robert yells at Peter.

      Mike does not recognize Dante (it's his birthday) Sonny tries to rally MIke to no avail. Felix comes in as hi nurse, and Sonny is frustrated and vents to Felix about Mike's appetite - it is like his baby daughter.

      Carly vents to Jax and JAX tries to explain to Carly where Nina is coming from....as Nelle / Nina discuss want Nelle heard. Nelle sits and asks if people can change. Nina talks about the Judge and Nelle gently puts on the pressure.

      Michael spars with Brookie in the ring (this is comical) - she is trying to get Michael to take out his anger. The jacket Brookie is wearing is out of place, LOL. Brookie spars. and they turn around and there stands Sasha and Chase at the door to the gym.


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        At the Floating rib, Anna comes up to Peter and tells them that now is not a good time due to Holly, Anna tries to explain the history to them both. maxie offers condolences.

        Sonny/ Felix - who is there at Sonny's request to help with Mike. Mike looks so tried. Sonny sits on the bed and talks about what he has learned about Mike - Mike is not really paying attention. Sonny asks him how he wants to live with the remaining time he he left - and Mike perks up. Sonny asks him - Mike motions him closer and says "Yankees"...... Sonny tears up.

        Carly/ Jax round two on Nina/ Nelle....Carly mentions Nina's mother as an example. and Jax reflects on carly until she had MIchael. Yes, MIchael changed me - it took time. I had to make changes and I hated it. I had to learn to sacrifice things that I loved, for my children. Nelle has not learned that.

        Nelle tells Nina she Has changed. Nina says she can talk about her as an employee, but not as a person. Nelle talks about how Nina felt about Sasha. Nelle persists, and Nina looks at her and goes, you are good. Nelle says no, I am not good. but I want a second chance.

        And Brookie launches in to Sasha and Chase, Michael says they will go. Brookie really launches into Sasha calling, her a slut!
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          "You are good" Nina complements Nelle on her argument for Nina to help her....

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        krissy talks about her past - she wants what Molly has with TJ - and Molly says - on the one where I cheated on him and you are saying not to tell him.
        Alexis intrevenes and gets everyone to calm down.

        Maxie consoles robert, he talks about Holly's son. robert is drunk.
        Peter looks on at Robert - Holly has to die, but a dirtbag like you (Peter) gets to live.

        Sonny and MIke are watching baseball. So sonny turns on baseball. Mike kinda pays attention to the TV. Felix coms in. Sonny wishes Dante was there.

        Jax tells Carly he will be there for her. He says He will talk to NIna.

        BrookLynn keeps goading Sasha, she climbs out of the ring and walks up to Sasha and hits her in the face. All you had to do was play along! Chase and Michael are stunned.


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          alexis talking about taking the drink, Molly is stunned - and asks what happened. Sam explains, and Alexis says it is on her. Krissy asks about dr. Byrne.
          Felicia and Anna get coffee for Robert. Maxie continues to console. Mac consoles him.
          Peter out in the hallway texting someone for answers NOW. Maxie finds him - it is not your fault that Holly dies.

          Mike is asleep = Carly walks in.

          Nina tells Nelle she needs assurances. Nelle gets defensive and talks aobut the Qs taking her son away. Jax comes in. nina/ Nelle look at each other.

          Michael has taken Sasha to the hosptial. Chase gets down on BrookLynn - you can't keep hitting people, Brookie says well you can't keep it in your pants. Chase loosk hurt - Brookie is oblivious on the phone through the entire conversation.


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            and everyone is dressed in street clothes now at the gym (that was fast!).

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          More coffee to all at the floating Rib - Robert is defensive about what he said. Feleica tells Robert he owes Peter an apology. Peter manhandles a guy who has been working for him - they were watching Holly and had nothing to do with the incident. He asks Peter if he still wants a distraction, and Peter says no - it was enough.

          sonny thinks his dad is not ready to give hope.

          Nina has Not committed to anythings. Nelle leaves. Jax asks what she whats, then syas he is shameless. nina is upset at Jax's assessment.

          Chase writes Sasha up on public disturbance. She tears the ticket up. they get into each other personal space and they are mad!! (and they are still in the gym)


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            Peter is now outside the Floating Rib in his scenes,,,,,,

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          Not sure about previews...no Governor update today, and the 3:00 show is on at 2, so hopefully GH will start at 3...if so, Previews at 4ish...


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            Maxie talks to Mac - they hug. Peter walks back in - mac apologizes on behlf of Robert. Anna/ Felicia talk about Holly - Anns read a report on Holly's death she was killed when she ws working - and Anna belives there is more to the story.

            Sonny and Carly talks about Mike and leave.

            Chase arrests Brookie - again!

            Nelle at the MC - she calls Martin and tells him she may have a witness.

            Jax/ Nina - he warns he - if you give Nelle the benefit ofn the doubt, Wylie will pay the price Can you live with that?

            Alexis calls a call - she has been disbarred.

            The End.


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              -Finn to Willow...he talked to you, he explained everything...

              -Trina to Portia...I wouldn’t trust anything to do with Jordan Ashford...

              -Jordan to Mac...sounds like u have a theory, lay it on me...

              -Sasha, holding bloodied towel to her face, to Michael... I can’t, stop being so nice...

              -Cyrus at MC bar, lifts his drink in a toast to Laura and Carly, Carly says...uve got to be kidding me...

              -On the docks, Sonny,with Jason, says to Curtis...the plan is already in motion...


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