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Live Thread 5/5


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  • Live Thread 5/5

    Ava tells Franco what Nik said..Franco says
    your marraige is toxic you need to get out of here you don;t need any of this.

    Liz going on about Nik driving Hayden away..
    He is at crossroad he needs her to help him secide.

    Jax with Nina he invites her to join him and
    Joss ..Nina talks Lulu and Valentin sharing custody.

    Carly is at Crimson.

    Martin comes to see Nelle she says the custody hearing is tomorrow .'

    Krissy says I never asked your help with Shiloh.
    Sam is like was I suppose to sit back and watch what happened.. Krissy says no one understood how much pain I was in I was depressed when I joined DOD where was your concern..Sam goes on about going to prison Krissy says to Sam you are addicted to danger more than I am was to DOD I am the reason you and JAson are still in love.. The looks on Alexis and Molly face watching this little fight is priceless.

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    Martin tells Nelle that winning custody is on her.....they are at the MC dining room - she is making notes, he does not sit down.

    that fight between Kirssy and Sam - wowzers.


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      Liz says find someone else to confide in.
      Nik mentions Spencer letter there is a condition
      I have to leave Ava. Liz laughs that is a celebration..

      Franco says why be with a man who doesn;t love or respect you.. I just need his fortune. He gets she wants to be Queen of the Castle. Ava
      says we have to decide where to hang the portrait. Franco knows the real reason she married Nik

      Carly on the phone wiht Michael don;t worry.

      Jax is happy for Charlotte. Nina says Charlotte
      will make Valentin better. Jax calls Nina a softie.
      Carly comes in. Carly mentions the hearing tomorrow does Nina have anything for her.

      Martin and Nelle Mentions she has a job and signing papers for a cute house. Not looking good for Carly.. Martin says Michael is the one
      you are fighting for. Nelle mentions Martin will mention all of Michael relationship failures.
      Martin says what about yours..


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        Martin asks Nelle about her past relationships - anyone that is alive? (not verbatim) - LOL.

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      Ava says we must finish the portrait before
      the Gala. He talks all her choices Morgan.
      Kiki Griffin etc.. She gets mad you can leave.
      He says you are punsihing yourself for kiki death.

      Liz is cheering Spencer on. He says if I divorce Ava I lose everything. Liz is like isn;t having Spencer back in your life again. He dreams of it
      Liz says you don;t have feeling for her.

      Sam is upset how dare you..All I ever wanted
      for ,y family is to be safe. Krissy is like no you wanted that with Drew but when Jason came back you were ride or die..

      Nelle says she only plead guilty to killing Zach
      to spare his family.. Martin is like let me get my violin. He says if we call Michael relationship
      into questions.. they will call yours.. Now who can we have as character witnesses. who?

      Nina says Nelle hasn;'t worked here long she has been expemplary employee. Nina says have you listened to Nelle resons. Michael should conpromise with Nelle like Lulu and Valentin did.
      Jax is like you think Michael should share custody of Wiley WITH NElle. Carly says you mean Nelle won you over.


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        Ava is in tears as Franco tries to face her face her past/ present / reality.

        Alexis calls time on the fight, Molly defends Sam (and JaSam love).
        Nelle defends her deep love for SHank - a felon named Sam McCall, a friend of Michael's family, made her a widow. He was the love of my life. I cry at night......
        The look on Nelle's face when Martin asks her for character witnesses - she looks blank......LOL..

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      Liz is like why are you hesitant to kick her out of your life. Nik is like you have no idea what it cost
      me after I was shot. The only thing that kept me alive was thinking of Spencer and his birthright.
      Liz is like you prenup won;t leave you out on the
      street. Call Spencer right now..aks him does he want his dad or money.

      Franco is like this is what you do. Ava is like I did hurt Kiki but that is not what this is about. She says damnit.. Stop caring about me be the psycho you used to be.

      Nelle says Carly locked me out on the roof of the hosptial and forged the documents. Martin is like you have no friends who can vouch for you. Martin points out how Michael will have a parade of character witness.

      Carly is like Nelle is lair. Nina says what if her problems are do to mental illness. Carly is like she is playing you. JAx says I think Nelle it taking advantage of you.. Nina is like what is no one sttod up for you judged you by the past.


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        Harsh words from Ava to Franco - he looks wounded.
        Nina rips into Carly and who she was and what if.................

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      Sam is like you have always been supportive
      of my relationship with Jason.. Krissy says your relationship is hotter when you are apart.

      Liz says call Spencer hand him her phone. Nik
      said when I visited him he said he didn;t care about the money. He asks about her and Franco how do different people find happiness.
      Liz is like he stood by when I was town pariah.

      Franco says I am not a psycho anymore..Ava says you had brain tumor you could blame.. Franco says even though I have excuse I have deal with the pain I caused people everyday.. Ava says how do you cope.. Liz and the boys. Art.. she may not be good at finding love but is good at making money..

      Nelle says I have no family childhood was terrible but good lawyer can make it work in my
      favor. MArtin is like Judge wants to know mother has someone to call to lean on in troubles. Marti points out that every specialist says Wiley needed that surgery.. you have no one.. Martin say the best we can hope for in this situation is shared custody.

      Jax is like dial it down..Joss is better having both
      parentss. Jax says you can;t compare Carly with Nelle. Nina is like how will it hurt to have love of both parents.. Carly reminds Nina she doesn;t understand since she was never a mother herself..

      Nelle is not happy with Martin. he says Michael and his family are wiley bunch will pull out everything to have Michael get sole custody..
      If you do get custody are you prepared to be a mother.


      • OLTLBoomer
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        Martin (finally) points out the obvious to Nelle - Wylie needed the surgery that you refused. You have no back up support. Martin telle Nelle 'do not refer to him as the kid in front of the Judge'. The best we can hope for is shared custody. Nelle gets mad - are you even prepared? and then he asks the ultimate question - and Nelle is dumbfounded. (go Martini!!)

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      franco says I hurt lots of people. Ava says
      who you were sold paintings. People have a facination with criminals so to reap rewards we have to remind people who you were. He says he is ok with it but Liz is not.. We had an argument about it.. I said something and hurt her
      feelings.. Ava is like let me bring the bad boy in you back to the ar world.

      Nik says did Franco say something about your art. Liz tells him.. Nik says don;t listen to that
      condesending fool. I watched you find talent
      and solace.. you show your soul in your work.

      Nelle is like how dare you accuse me of being
      bad mother.. Martin says read some mommy books tomorrow at the store..wear mascara
      not waterproof find a character witness someone not in prison. Nelle says don;t let me down.

      Carly says you feel connection to your baby.
      you have it in you to be good mother.. Nelle doesn;t Carly says remind yourself what Nelle did handing over the baby..Nina is like maybe Nelle is right and Brad lied.. Carly says she was conscious.. All she wanted was to hurt michael.
      CArly leaves.. Nins slams a book Nina asks Jax
      do you think I am wrong do you think I have
      misunderstood Nelle motives.

      Nelle comes off elevator Carly is there.


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        Nelle gives Martin a veiled threat as she tells him you don't want to let me down. Nelle lied to Martin that she gave birth alone.
        Nina appears to really believe Nelle's stories of the birth - and that Nelle can be a better person despite Nina/ Nelle/ Val past history.
        Carlyis stunned and leaves the office. Nina is beginning to have second thoughts as she leans over a table.

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      ***previews at 4ish....


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        Sam says she wants a quiet life. Alexis and Molly take up for Sam.. Krissy says all she has to do is stay away from Jason but she can;t.. HJow many times have you seen Jason with my dad or carly cleaning thier messages. JAson would die for you but DAd and Carly are his first

        Nik is sorry..Liz says if he changed she would give him a chance. HE says as an almost friend think of painting again. She says you should think of calling Spencer.

        Ava says I am trying to help you. Ava says you were right I know why I married Nik. Franco says life would be bareable with out him. Ava
        says apologize to liz buy her flowers and chocolate have a good marriage with her. Tell her all you want is to make her and the boys happy then I will know I did something right, She kisses his cheek.

        Carly says Nina thinks you two are friends too bad for her you will betray her like you do anyone else.

        Nina is aware of Nelle dark side but alson her
        vulnerable side. Nina says maybe Nelle needs someone to believe in her maybe I am that person (Nelle was listening at the door) Jax leaves. Nelle says I took care of errands you asked for thank you for standing up for me..Nina says don;t make me regret it. Nina asks her to
        stand up for her in court.

        The End


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          good scenes today : Davis girls, Nelle and Martin.
          previews look great!!

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        -Robert,to Maxie and Peter...I don’t need you, so get out...

        -Alexis to Kristina...why would u say such hurtful things...

        -Nelle to Nina...u would make all the difference at my hearing...

        -Carly to Jax...Nina can be won over by Nelle? Why not the judge?...

        -Sonny to Mike...I need u to tell me what u need...

        -Sasha...u got a problem...
        -Brook Lynn...try and stop me, slut...


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          DAMN! I think I just became a Kristina fan. Good for her!


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