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Why Are Liz and Franco so Broke?


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    Everytime I turn around, Franco's been in the hospital. Wasn't he in a coma for weeks after the memory implant? And then I don't really recall him working when he was "Drew".

    Like he said, Franco financed Kiki's education (guessing he didn't get a refund since she was only in med school for six months), donated to the hospital and a women's shelter.

    I don't see it as much as them being "broke" as Franco wanting to pay for Cam's college. That's a chunk of change. And Franco has generated any new works since the tumor.


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      Only reason I can think of is to cause angst between them, and they then go falling into Ava and Nic's arms...There is no reason for them to have no money all of a sudden.


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        I am curious about why Cam doesn't have a part-time job? His community service is over with now, right? I know Liz and Franco have talked about paying for Cam's college tuition, etc but at his age, he could be working. Even TJ worked part-time at Kelly's back when he was in high school.


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          Originally posted by thecourt99 View Post
          Over the time that I've watched, they've done a lot to show that Liz is not financially stable.

          First - I don't take for granted that Liz has a good income solely because she's a nurse.

          Jason bought her a home and there was a trust fund, but Liz lost all of that money.

          Franco is... an artist. I'm not sure how he ended up working as a therapist, because there's nothing in his history to indicate any type of education in that field other than him being an artist. That said, he's mentioned multiple times that he's given most of his money away.
          I thought that Franco had to pay restitution to his past victims' families.

          I thought Franco paid for Kiki's college education or post grad.

          The current home had water in the basement - Franco went to Scott to secure a short term loan to help with the clean up; I am like others - what? no home owners insurance, or it has a high deductible?

          They apparently have medical bills from the mind mapping that are still outstanding, and

          Cameron is entering college in the Fall. No scholarships forthcoming from grades or soccer to help out???

          I can understand Franco wanting to be known for who he is now, versus the serial killer artist. This is a normal train of thought for someone trying to reform their reputation. Ava is not helping despite her gushing praise of Franco's talent (and she has a vested interest as a gallery owner) pre and post tumor. The portrait is something that Franco could do - but he is concerned if the work is on the caliber of pre-tumor, and the fact that his pre tumor work is in demand, and would post tumor work sell.


          • thecourt99
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            You are right. He paid restitution to the families and for Kiki. I think he mentioned in dialog about giving something to GH too. He's also mentioned in the past that the sales of his old works declined. It came up again because he said with the 10 year anniversary, their worth is starting to increase. I also forgot about the various surgeries for the mind mapping. One of my nurse friends has better healthcare through her husband's job than through her own, so that gives me some context.

            Now Cam in college? I don't know about soccer, but I'd be surprised if he got a scholarship for grades. Before the kidnapping he was lashing out, skipping class and doing community service. Then he was kidnapped and tried to emotionally support his family while Franco was going through the mindmapping process. His friend died. He got kidnapped again. Yeah... I'd be shocked if maintained the grades to earn a scholarship while going through all of that.

            I dunno. I've seen many posts asking why Liz is always broke, but her financial situation seems to be the one that I most understand.

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          I find it great that he talks about a family with modest incomes, that all the families are not wealthy, I find that Liz and Franco are the most credible and realistic couple and family of General hospital, we don't is not in Dynasty.


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