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Why Are Liz and Franco so Broke?


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  • Why Are Liz and Franco so Broke?

    Remind me again why Liz and Franco are so broke. They both work in the medical field and no doubt make good salaries. Cam's father is dead and I've never hear whether Lucky pays but surely Jason pays well for Jake (or did he quit paying child support because Liz married Franco). This seems to be a repeat of the always financial deficiency of Liz and Lucky. Makes no sense to me.

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    Jason gave Elizabeth a large amount of money once but she made a bad investment, I don't remember details but I think her brother might have also been involved. I am sure Jason would pay for his son to go to college (or Monica) and if Lucky has no money, Laura would help.


    • CarnyQueen
      CarnyQueen commented
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      You remember correctly -- Jason bought Elizabeth's former house (the one that exploded after Sam was trapped in the basement) and also set up a trust fund for Jake. Elizabeth wanted to invest in some sort of project that her brother Steven Lars was hot on. She was able to undo Jake's trust and use that money. The investment went sour fast and she lost all that money. However, there is no reason to think that Jason isn't paying generous child support now and that he won't pay for Jake's college in the future.

    • Jrjames84
      Jrjames84 commented
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      Yes this was when the heads did everything possible to make Liz look out of character and bad to get even for breaking up Jasam. And even going as far as firing the actress. Basically anything after the Liason breakup never happened to me and I stopped watching. I will only watch Liz scenes and a small few others on u tube. Bring back the 90s please

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    wel, tptb insist on making franco to be lizzie’s hero . swooshing in to save the day financially is one more way to redeem him. but lizzie should be okay with her work as a nurse and with child support.


    • Sam_Philly_Girl
      Sam_Philly_Girl commented
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      I think that "You're not a real artist" comment may have a lasting effect on Liz's "hero worship" of Franco.

      His tone was flippant and dismissive.

      Finances seems to be his issue alone, not hers.

      I can't recall anything she's said that would have him so focused on making money lately.

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    I thought there was water damage at the house.


    • december rose
      december rose commented
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      So beside being broke again, Liz and Franco didn't bother to get homeowners insurance

      Something I'm sure the bank would insist on since her last house blew up.

    • Clementine15
      Clementine15 commented
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      l find this comment hilarious, for some reason. Writers have no problem making some of characters out to be dimwits, l don't know why

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    Franco has given quite a bit of his money away over the years and I doubt seriously that the memory transfer was covered by their health insurance and they probably have thousands of dollars in medical bills. Not for nothing, financial insecurity is a big reality for people. Real people making a good middle-class living have money problems all the time. I'd rather watch money issues than a BS story where they are pretending Nelle has a snowballs chance in hell of getting custody and is out here making demands and blackmailing the grandmas.


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      They are broke because the story currently calls for them to be broke, and the writers love Liz in the “poor single mom” category.

      Franco was never broke. And even if he was, he earned enough money from his paintings/art to subsidize Kiki’s entire medical school bills AND still live comfortably. I never got the impression he was broke. Even yesterday he mentioned his donations keeping the hospital afloat! There is no way he should be broke, but since he’s with Liz, I guess he now is! LOL!


      • McShirls
        McShirls commented
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        Didn't he pay the families of the people he killed restitution?

      • DallasGal
        DallasGal commented
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        Thanks. I forgot that Franco paid for Kiki's education.

      • lala214
        lala214 commented
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        McShirls - He did. But I never got the impression that he gave ALL of his money away. I know he is remorseful, but that would be lame.

        He paid the families restitution, paid for Kiki's medical school, donated to the hospital in a pretty substantial way, and still had money to live comfortably. Plus, he has a job at the hospital, so he earns income that way. I still don't see how the hospital could charge him for an illegal, unsanctioned medical procedure, but even if they did, how much could that memory transfer have cost? It involved a laptop and took all of 10 minutes! LOL! Did his insurance not cover the hospital stay? Maybe? Thankfully, I've never been hospitalized, but how expensive is it? He was in there for a couple of days right?

        Anyway, my point is they didn't complain about money after he got his memories back. Franco threw an elaborate party afterwards to celebrate their marriage. I don't know. I just never got the idea he was strapped for cash. I don't mind them having money issues. I just don't think them only having them when it's convenient to the plot.

        DallasGal - Yup! That's why I think he was never broke!

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      Hard to buy that they are so hard up to pay the monthly bills since both work and likely have health insurance. Lucky should have some type of child support obligation for Aidan and Jason for Jake. Where there could be an issue is paying for Cam's college. But I thought there was some talk from Cam to his friends about a soccer scholarship. Anyway listening to the two go on about bills is both dull and a head shaker.

      The comment about Liz not being a real artist left a mark!


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        It seems they are strapped for Cash


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          Because without problems they are incredibly boring. They don't seem to know how to write for liz without making her dependent on Franco.
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            Seems like a plot driven story line.
            Liz was never wealthy but did o.k. for herself and her boys. Aside from that one bad investment (another plot story line) she didn't have finance problems as a single mom. Jason giving Liz one lump sum of money does not replace child support and he should be providing for Jake. Lucky should also be contributing something for support of Aiden. Franco was never broke. Even before be paid for Kiki's medical school and donated money to charity Franco was well off. The money he paid to the families of his victims came from the sale of his paintings. Franco and Liz have good jobs and I would think good insurance and are not making luxury purchases so being broke makes no sense. Although not wealthy they should at the least be able to live financially comfortable. And yes to the comment about Jason, Laura and Monica helping with college cost for the boys.


            • Eeloie313
              Eeloie313 commented
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              Wasn't that ONE lump sum about $5M! If my ex had ever given that amount to me for my TWO kids, he'd had been off the hook for child support forever!! ? But I believe Jason is still providing for Jake and if he had any idea that Liz was in need, he would be there for her, Franco or not!

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            Originally posted by 1sbkmcfan View Post
            Remind me again why Liz and Franco are so broke. They both work in the medical field and no doubt make good salaries. Cam's father is dead and I've never hear whether Lucky pays but surely Jason pays well for Jake (or did he quit paying child support because Liz married Franco). This seems to be a repeat of the always financial deficiency of Liz and Lucky. Makes no sense to me.

            Not to mention, Jason bought Liz's house for her, so there is no mortgage payment!

            Franco used a poor choice of words when saying Liz didn't know what it's like to be an artist. She doesn't know the business of art. I'm with Franco, cash in on your noteriety while you can. Going from being an avant guard artist to painting portraits of Ava is a step down.


            • cugsie
              cugsie commented
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              It May have sounded like an insult to Liz, but I took it as he sells his paintings for money and Liz does not. There is a lot involved with an artist who makes money off his paintings as to being an artist as a hobby.
              Last edited by cugsie; May 5, 2020, 03:25 PM.

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            Over the time that I've watched, they've done a lot to show that Liz is not financially stable.

            First - I don't take for granted that Liz has a good income solely because she's a nurse. Unless you also assume that she's paid off all loans. I'm sure the situation isn't the same everywhere, but the nurses that I know are still in debt.

            Jason bought her a home and there was a trust fund, but Liz lost all of that money. There's no indication that Jason still gives her a stipend, but there's no indication that he doesn't.

            Franco isn't in the medical field. He's an artist. I'm not sure how he ended up working as a therapist, because there's nothing in his history to indicate any type of education in that field other than him being an artist. That said, he's mentioned multiple times that he's given most of his money away.

            I'm sure if Liz asked, Jason would help her. Either way, I don't think Liz wants to ask. Neither does Franco.


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              I don't really believe Liz being broke. No shade to the artists who post here, but i can see Franco being broke. I totally believe in his broke-zation.


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                Liz in no way should be broke. She's a registered nurse. A nurse with Liz's experience could be making 80k-90k easily, if not more if she's specialized. I doubt the cost of living in PC is up there with nyc....Either way her salary realistically would be more than the median income of most Americans. Too much opportunity, job security, chances to make overtime for me to believe that Liz would be broke. And that's not even factoring in whatever Franco is making. Unless Liz has some crazy gambling/shopping problem there's no way she should broke all the day long. The writers must really be ignorant about the nursing field.


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                  Soap fortunes come and go according to story purposes Look at the Cassidines when Nick "died" that fortune was suposedly in such danger that he was going after ELQ Now there is eonoguh for Nik and Ava to even think about moving trees even after we thing Val had syphoned money out

                  Now in real life I know people who are always broke who "should not be" I have friends who are both teachers but the spend money like water on stupid stuff so they don't understand why others can afford a summer cabin.


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