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Live Thread 5/4


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  • Live Thread 5/4

    Liz and Franco get an invite to drinks and
    food at Wyndmere Liz is looking at the invitation
    Franco is like what

    Neil comes to Julian pub and pins him to the bar
    do you know what you did to Alexis.

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    Ava talks with Franco from windermere - he is at GH, about her portrait and it being finished on time. she has her martini in hand. Nic comes storming in, yelling her name as she turns and says what can I do for you my darling?
    Liz has a serious/ frown on her face as she reads Ava's invitation....
    Jason sparing on the big bag and Brando walks in the gym. He tells jason about the curfew lfited and that he is staying - Jason gets his frowny face.

    The DAvis girls are at a clothing drive for women who need professional clothing for job interviews, Molly is still woe is me about Brando......

    and my TV feed is acting up.....


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      Jason and Brando at the gym Brando explains
      why he is staying

      Molly Krissy and Sam at clothing drive
      talking about Brando. Sam says if it bothers
      you so much tell TJ.

      Julian says sghyou took advantage of Alexis
      Neil is like your little outburst cost me my career.

      Alexis on the phone with whoever..

      Franco is like what is going on Ava says unveiling piece by Franco..Liz is like Ava is using your past against you.. Franco is like my past is public .

      Nik is whining about trees she had cut down.. Nik says you do not get to change the house or the grounds. She says do you wanna go to daggers drawn over trees. Ava is like the letter on the top recognize the handwriting.. Nik loks at it it is from Spencer.


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
        Editing a comment
        and I have no TV feed. Sorry.

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      Please tell me Brando is shirtless at the gym.


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        Thnak you Jackaled...


        • tvaddict4965
          tvaddict4965 commented
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          Boomer, as always thanks to you too. Sucks the feed is not working. at least I hope you see the eppy, IDK how those things work

        • OLTLBoomer
          OLTLBoomer commented
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          TV is working, just not ABC feed - I have rebooted the router, to no avail. I am shut at the intro, on Sam's face, LOL.

        • tvaddict4965
          tvaddict4965 commented
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          I see, I see..Hahahaaa,

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        Neil says the damage you did to Alexis
        is far worse then my.

        Sam asks Molly what happened at the garage
        after she left. Molly tells Sam that was inappropriate I am not a prude dont; need your
        big sister to come to my rescue. As Alexis comes in Alexis wonders what they were fighting about.

        Jason needs a stablizer for his bike. For his Harley. Brando mentions Sam being at the garage. Jason is like why was she there.

        Liz is like Ava knows you are changed man.
        Franco is like there is producer who reached out to me. Because I was involved in Ryan capture
        he wanted me to talk to him . Franco says 10 years my fall from grace. I was gonna tell you about this.. Liz is like tell me he says sit down..
        In July 10 years of my Francofrenia art exhibity
        that was the night I tried to kill JAson.

        Spencer says he will accept me back if I
        leave you he says he won;t forgive you for your
        betrayal.. Ava is not surprised he needs someone to blame. may as well be me..


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          missed a section keep getting interuppted


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            Didn't miss much. Ava reminded him she gets 90% in a divorce
            Franco tells LIz that his past will always be with him no matter what. So if this makes his art more valuable he is ok with it(for the college fund)


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              Ava says deal is deal I want my share. Nik
              throws Kiki in her face.. and Avery.. She slaps him and says dont use my children against me.
              Be a father divorce me and go broke but get your son.. your money or your son.

              Liz is not amused. I don;t think anyone has bought a painting for my talent it is for my reputation.. he doesn;t care college funds don;t care.

              Julian says you treated Alexis like your dirty little secret your welcome. Neil says what about Alexis she lied to medical review board Alexis
              is now facing discinplanary action and possible
              disbarrment.. Neil is like you deserve what you get but sorry this is coming back to bite Alexis
              she kick yout ot he curb..no..

              Jason asks if Sam having car trouble. Brando says no Molly Brando says on good term with Molly but Krissy and Sam can;t stand me.

              Molly tells Alexis of domestic partnership. Alexis says you happy about it.. yes... ALexis is like what going on wasn;t born yesterday.


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                Franco told her she wasn;t real artist he is like
                sorry he wasn;t trying to offend her. Liz is like
                you misspoke..she is like I am naive I never
                had competer for recognition.. she is mad
                Franco has to go do the painting for Ava he is
                sorry..she gives Franco attitude.

                Neil says maybe Alexis needs clean slate.
                Julian says you gonna walk.. Julian says this is about you running away to protect yourself.

                Jason wonders why KRissy and Sam would not like him.. Brando says I insulted Krissy Sam
                recognized my name asks if I was Sonny cousin
                yes we started talking the subject of Shiloh came up then I siad people who join cults
                are stupid that is when they told me KRissy was
                in DOD.. JAson says Sam didn;t like what you said to your sister.. So she came to your garage to tell you that.

                Molly knows it was terrible to keep quite about it.
                Alexis is like I understand I wasn;t there for you
                when TJ was abducted.


                • #11
                  Nik shows up at GH he asks if he can talk to her
                  she snarks.. Then he says not like you to snap
                  at me.. He came looking for a friend he would like to help.

                  Ava crying Franco shows up..He sees her upset. He says what happened.. She sasy I am fine he is like okk I am not fine I feel down could use a hug. they hugs..

                  Julian says put Alexis first..Neil is like you call
                  me selfish etc but now you want me with her.
                  Julian is like no but I want her happy and she
                  wants you.. I didn;t do right by Alexis but you can. He says don;t let her drink. She will listen to you. She doesn;t let a lot of people in she laid herself on the line for you ..Neil leaves Julian is like conquer your issues you would be fool to
                  turn down a woman like Alexis.

                  Brando says I apologized hope we are good now. Jason says what about Molly were you able to fix her car.. yes her boyfriend picked it up. Sam showed up to pick it up she came to chew me out. Jason says you know not ot mess with Sam.. give a look.

                  Molly tells Alexis about Brando he is sonny cousin on Mike side so they are not related and she tell about sleeping with him after having a fight with Jordan. Brando did npot take advantage. he didn;t do anything wrong.. Me on the other hand. KRissy runs over it was one night no reason to risk your relationship. Sam says to Krissy Molly does;nt handle things the way you do. Krissy is like what does that mean
                  then Krissy throws jason in her face. Sam gets mad Krissy says so you blame me for everything that happened.. Sam says YES..

                  The End


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                    -Liz to Nik...that’s not a condition, that’s a get-out-of-.
                    jail free card...

                    -Ava screaming at Franco ...why don’t you go back to the psychopath u used to be...

                    -Kristina to Sam...the only reason u and Jason are still in Love is because of me...

                    -Nelle to Martin...r u prepared to win me sole custody of my son...

                    -Carly to Nina...what u r telling me is Nelle won u over...


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