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Live Thread 4/30


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  • Live Thread 4/30

    Joss and Dev with Sonny hE has to tell them
    something he is waiting for someone else to come..Brando shows up.

    Liz with Cam at GH she wonders how his new
    therapist is ..Cam misses Dr. Burn Trinas comes along

    Brooklynn at Julian he says he wants her out of here NOW..

    Chase says find her and fix this.. Willow comes to get her things.

    Nelle and Michael in the real park. Nelle
    heard what happened with Sasha he says we
    are done here.. she says we are just getting started.

    Carly says Micheal blames himself for what happened but I blame you tell me why you cheated on my son.

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    ***previews at 4ish.....


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      Thanks a bunch, Karmasita, Jackaled.and the Boomer!!!


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        At the Corinthos house, the teens wonder what they did wrong, as Dev admits to talking maybe too much....

        At GH, Trina walks up, and Cam and Trina smile at each other....on of those smiles....

        At Charlie's, Brooklynn wlaks in with her nose in her phone, which Julina grabs out of her hands as she yells Hey! and he tells her GO.

        chase started to apologize as Willow is at the apartment to clean out her things.

        Nelle playing Michael with Sasha's betrayal, he started to walk away and Nelle gets infront of him and puts a hand on his chest.....

        and at the MC ......


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          and... I just realized that Nelle's dress is actually navy blue........I thought it was a LBD....

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        Sonny says the situation that has kept you here
        has been addressed. Joss is like we can leave the house..yes..and you Brando and you are free to go back to Chicago.

        Liz says to Trina if anything you need I am here for you. Trina thanks her..then Liz leaves. Cam
        remembers the kiss. He says hey Trina says hi.

        Liz talks with Portia. Portia wants her opinion she is thinking of putting name in for head of
        internal medicine..she knows it is super fast would I be stepping on toes

        Julian tells her to stay out of the bar. Brook says you knew all along the baby was Michaels.

        Nelle and Michael she will compromise. we could strike a deal. Full custody for me you would be granted visitation.. in return grandmas
        keep thier jobs and fancy bank accounts.

        Willow not ready to go there. the best way to apologize is to just not. She goes to get her stuff..

        Sasha says you must be so furious. what happened between me and Michael should stay between us. Carly is like I believed you that you loved Michael and would never hurt him. Sasha says not complicatied. I would never be enough for Michael he needed someone better more pure than me.. so chase and I ...Carly is like you are lying to me.


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          The kids are thrilled and Brando looks surprised at sonny's news.

          BrookLynn and Julian spar - he tired of the blackmail.

          Nelle throws he "compromise" at Michael....he puts his hands on his hips and sighs.....

          and Sasha is stunned at Carly's analysis..............

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        Trina says you have been avoiding me.
        He says no I have not..Trina says lets talk
        about the kiss and why it will never happen

        Joss and Dev go to see Cam and Trina.
        Brando is glad no one is in danger. Sonny
        appreciated all he did and if he needs help

        Brook is like you are so busted. you didn;t count on your son getting in the car you didn;t count
        on Lucas getting in the car. the accident you tried to kill Brad but don;t worry one word to uncle Sonny and he will take care of it.

        Michael says not going to happen nothing you can prove. I don;t trust you with my son.. Wiley
        deserves better than you. Nelle says you are gonna be really sorry didn;t have to be this way.

        Carly sasy this didn;t track. Carly says you didn;t sleep with chase you just want Micheal to think you did.

        Willow comes out with her suitcase she says if I forgot anything just put it to the side.Sure. Ok.
        Willow leaves chase looks out the window.


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          Brando asks Sonny if he could stay on (not verbatim)..

          BrookLynn has figured out the truth and really waylaying Julian as he just stands there at the bar.

          Michael is furious at Nelle; Nelle accuses him of wanting to change Wylie's DNA...and she is mad that he was not appreciative as she storms off. MIchael looks like he wants to hit something....

          Sasha has an "...ummmmmm" face as Carly calls her bluff.

          and both willow and chase lean against the apartement door in tears as she leaves the apartment..

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        Sonny had no idea he wanted to stay. Brando
        says all I wanted to do at beginning is leave but
        now I like PC I really like running the garage.
        If the deal with the garage is over that is fine but if so I will pay rent whatever.

        Liz says the nurses are raving about you I haven;t heard of anyone else going for it so go for it.

        Trina says ready I like you so much you are awesome friend and if you hadn;t been there
        I would have lost my mind. PTSD affects us lets ot make the kiss more than it was. You are into Joss and she will realize she is into you. Cam says so we are all good.. Wow you are the best Trina.

        Julian says what Sonny doesn;t know won;t kill me but if you go to him can you live with your conscious. Brook is like relax I am not gonna
        tell anyone your dirty litlle secret. Dustin comes along what secret

        Chase sitting on the floor remembering times with Willow.

        Carly says you let Michael off the hook don;t confirm it or I have to tell him.. you sacrificed your relationship for michael and Wiley ..she says I admire someone who would do that. Sasha leaves

        Michjael find a branch on the ground he picks it up and hits a tree Willow comes along.. what is wrong.. Nelle.


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          Sasha listens as Carly tells tells her she would have done the same things.....tears in her eyes, and she gulps.

          Well Michael did hit a tree with a large branch, which knocks the bark off the tree! Willow comes along and stops him. He catches his breath, tells her Nelle - I gave her what she wanted (the fight, not the compromise)...

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        Sonny says if you want to stay fine. Brando says cool..Sonny doesnt want him to feel obligated.

        Cam sasy the part of being wiht Joss is wrong.. I like her she never feels the same way about me we will be friends. I need to tell you how great you are hug time.. Cam hugs her.. Joss andDev return..

        Brook says Julian and I are kinda related..we share lots of same people when we first met he thought I was a hooker.. If I told Lucas it would cause trouble.. It would help if Julian were nicer to me

        Chase still sitting on the floor remembering times with Willow. he gets a visit from Sasha.
        she wanted to check on him.

        Micheal says I lost it. I know not to do that.
        what if Nelle recording the conversation I tell myself not to engage. she made me furious.
        Willow says good for you.


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          Joss ask if they ( she and Dev) interrupted something....

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        Dustin says this song will be done by the nurses ball. She still can;t believe her dustin became a high school teacher..

        Brando understood the situation he was gonna
        help Dev what I resented was being told how I have to live with no say. Important to take control of my own life you gave me opportunity here.

        Trina wonders who they are here. Dev says house arrest is lifted. Joss says we are free
        Cam says we can had out somewhere other than you house. Cam says movies anyting but
        Chick flick.

        Nelle comes to MC talks to Carly about running into Micheal he was abusive I will tell my lawyer.
        I was hoping to avoid this but court will hear about this.

        Chase brings Sasha water.. Chase waiting for sense of knowing he did the right thing. All he can think about is the future he thought about
        with Willow.

        Willow is like Nelle is evil she is hateful. she is glad he yelled at Nelle. for everything she has done to us. she goes on about being heartbroken then she says only thing that matters is Wiley. Micheal says don;t stop give the tree a whack.. She will not hit a tree. He says give it a try. ok she does he says imagine it is Nelle.. she gives it a good whack. I hate you Nelle..and keeps going...


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          her Dustin.....BrookLynn look regretful.

          and Nelle marches into the MC up to Carly. Carly does not engage.

          the last scene reminds me of Steel Magnolias - "take a wack at Wheezer...you'll feel better", as Michael looks on approvingly as Nelle beating the poor tree......

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        Brook thanks Dustin for doing this with her.
        Dustin says this is fun.

        Sonny says he owes Brando he saved Carly
        stepped up for Dev. What you said about responsibility and free will meant something to me. now it is in your hands what you are gonna do. Sonny will respect whatever he decides. Brando says I really am greatful. They shake..

        Portia tells Liz she did it.. I am in the running
        for head of internal medicine. Liz is like good luck Portia say thanks for your support.

        Joss says Cam seems really happy. Trina says
        he does. Joss wonders why and then say to Trina you seem really happy to. Trina says things are looking up.. a chick flick comeing up

        Carly is like do you have recording or footage of this supposed abusive relationship.. no.. Nelle
        says you wil never see Wiley again..Carly says we will see Nelle says you think Michael will win.
        Carly says I have a very good feeling about it..

        Sasha waiting too. that feeling that this was worth it. she says Michael mom figured it out
        she thinks we are doing right thing. Chase know they are. Sasha asks for something stronger to drink.

        Willow says I feel better. She says what if someone saw that. Michael says I am sorry for all the havoc has caused in your life. She doesn;t regret any of it. She can't stand thought that Nelle could win. Michael says we won;t let her.

        The End.


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          Carly stays very calm as Nelle baits her....and Carly walks away, Nelle looks shook up.

          Sasha, despite Carly's reassurance of her actions, is not handling the break up well.....

          previews for monday look good.. Great Show!!

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        •••PREVIEWS••• for MONDAY

        -Ava to Nik...you’ll be wanting a divorce...

        -Franco to Liz...I will never be able to escape my past...

        -Sam to Molly, with Alexis and Kristina...why don’t you just tell TJ the truth...

        -Alexis, on the phone...I lied in the hearing...

        -Neil turns and pushes Julian into the bar...you bastard...

        -Brando to Jason...you started to say...


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          Love Neil pushing Julian into the bar - what does he have to lose now? Brando and Jason should be interesting.


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