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Kristina & Molly's names


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  • Kristina & Molly's names

    This has bothered for some time & just wanted to have others' input.

    Alexis & Sonny weren't married so I understand Kristina having "Corinthos-Davis" as her last name. But Alexis & Ric were married when Molly was born so why isn't her name "Davis-Lansing" instead of "Lansing-Davis"?

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    I have always been confuses when you hyphenate your name which last name come first
    (espeically is you are married. Like
    Felicia Scorpio-Jones..


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      Legally , at least in most states, the parents , regardless of marital status , are free to choose their child’s last name. There is not a set rule. Alexis probably wanted to do it the same way for each daughter.
      The more common custom seems to be the mother’s name first and then the father’s, so Molly Davis -Lansing . Maybe Alexis was honoring her girls’ Hispanic heritage by following the tradition of father’s name and then mother’s.
      In marriage it seems most people do maiden name-married name, which makes sense. It’s the name she had , then the name she added . I never liked Felicia using Scorpio-Jones for that reason. But it was her legal right in NY and I guess she liked the sound of it better.
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      • OLTL'69
        OLTL'69 commented
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        In real life I had a friend who used both married names that way. I guess she had been her husband's last name longer than her maiden name and professionally people knew her that way
        I knew one couple who picked a family name to use. I guess neither of their father were worth much and they didn't want to pass down those names.

      • xoregonian
        xoregonian commented
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        Hispanic heritage? From who? Who's the Hispanic in Alexis' girls?

      • O_Snap!
        O_Snap! commented
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        Their grandmother, actually. Sonny and Rick's mother was Cuban.

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      That's a good question. I was almost going to say Lansing was her last name, but no, it definitely is part of her last name. I know sometimes people use the mother's maiden name as the child's middle name. My aunt did that with both of her sons, as a way to acknowledge her family, since she didn't change her name when she got married. I don't know if Davis-Lansing would have the same ring to it.


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