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  • Bring Back Karaoke

    I've been re-watching scenes from 2009 and miss all the karaoke scenes we used to get at Jake's. Just over the course of a few episodes, there were numerous characters singing at Maxie and Spinelli's non-wedding reception. The cast looked like they were really enjoying themselves in those scenes. Would karaoke night at The Floating Rib work? I definitely don't think Charlie's would be the right atmosphere for something like that.

  • #2
    OMG - Yes!

    And can we PLEASE get Coleman out of jail - and back behind the bar where he belongs???

    I miss FUN - and GNO's - friends laughing, drinking, dancing, RELAXING together and forgetting about all of their problems.


    • #3
      Oh, those were some of the very best times ever!!! ♪ ♫
      I think we all really need this right now...

      * And yes, please bring back Coleman


      • #4
        Coleman was so much fun! One of the acts from the non-wedding reception was Mac and Patrick singing and dancing to Macho Man. Coleman got on the bar, started singing with them. The cast was also doing a conga line as this was happening. So many characters that are gone now- Coleman, Kate, Johnny, Dante just to name a few. Can we get more Mac scenes, please?


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          ISA--LOVED Karaoke (AND Coleman) It would be such a great departure from the gloom and doom


          • #6
            I say we round up our posse - and go get him out of prison. He's been in there wayyyy too long for...……….some trumped up bogus charge that I can't even remember now. Something to do with Maxie? Levi?

            Who's with me??


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              Now showing one of the karaoke nights at Jakes' would be a rerun I would watch.


              • soapgirl9
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                That's a great idea! 🤗

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