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Live Thread 4/27


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  • Live Thread 4/27

    Brando and Molly talking about TJ she is relived
    terrified and remorseful she loves TJ and should
    have believed him not that this is any of Brando fault. He says this is between us. Sam comes out says you two know each other.. Brando says he did some work on her car. ready for pickup Molly thanks him..

    Mac questions TJ at GH what does he remember. TJ says he heard a car behind him
    as he reached corner. Elm and 10th next he got
    jumped the threw sack over his head there were two of them. Mac says doing great. TJ says next he remembers being in back of van sense of room the muffler was loud. Mac says what about the ride. after a few left turns the van stopped then heard train go by. Mac says how long from there till you arrived he says 30 or 40 mins. Mac says do you remember sight or smell of basement. Yes he does.

    Alexis and Neil taking the opera, britt staying at same hotel. then Julian announcing it. Alexis says are you angry. He is.. She says at me or you. Both of us.

    Cyrus saying to Lulu your mother concerned of my safety I should go home. lulu says my mother cares of all her constiuents. Cyrus will prove to be benefit to community starting wiht
    contribution to her re election.

    sonny says as long as Mike still has some good moments no talking DNR.. Sonny says you want me to let my father died. Carly is like do you want mike hooked up to machines with tube down his throat would he want that. Sonny says can;t deal with this gotta go deal with Cyrus.

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    Molly is upset at running into Brando and that he talked with her sisters - "did you tell them we slept together?!?" - Brando is taken aback and tell her he didn't. He flashs back to the first kiss. Molly babbling as Sam walks up.
    Sonny paces between the patio and the living room while speaking of Mike. He walks out, and Carly/ Jsaon look at each other.


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      Thank you boomer and jackaled...............


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        Sonny tells Jason set up meeting with Cyrus
        Jason gets on it.

        Laura is like thank you but not election year.
        Laura suggest he donate to drug rehab programs or child organization He will look into
        that. He remember his prison convo with Sonny.

        Neil says he was gonna tell the board. Alexis says I made the choice I did. I havent suffered any consequences yet.. Alexis is like are you too angry to see me now... he says nothing.. she gets a text the NY bar Association,

        Krissy, Sam and Molly talking TJ. Krissy asks if it had to do with his mom. Sam remembers her convo with Jordan. Sam says important thing TJ
        will make full recovery. Krissy asks if they talked things out about the proposal. Molly flashes back to her convo with TJ about domestic partners. Molly tells them We are gonna be domestic partners..


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          The game of chess between Laura and Cyrus is great! the side eye that Lulu is giving both of them is LOL.

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        Tj remembers hearing male vocies upstair
        on guy had ringtone of "My Old Kentucky Home"
        and the guy had Southern accent he brough TJ
        smoothies and talks on the phone told whoever to wait. TJ remember hearing pounding 24/7 Mac Says only construction is project on waterfront.

        Sam asks Molly is she is sure about this.
        domestic partnership..

        Sonny remembering his convo with Liz then Mike and trying to get him to eat. Carly hugs sonny

        TJ tell Felix he is going to meet Molly and her sister he has surprise for Molly.


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          Molly appears unsure and slightly thoughtful when Sam questions her (they're in charlie's)

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        Mac tells Jordan he spoke to TJ got good info
        to find who took him.

        Molly is like TJ loves me I love him. Molly tells then when she thought TJ dumped her she slept with someone else.

        Brando comes by Sonny house. for some papers Carly will check on them they discuss
        the remodel. Brando is like it is imposing. Carly says not sure sonny style but I love it. She finds
        the papers. talk of the garage business. he mentions a customer he had Molly does Carly know her..yes that is Sonny niece. He remember convo with Sonny that family is family and they take care of each other..

        Lulu says we should finish our interview. HE is sure his and Laura paths will cross again.. Flashback to her talk with him when he was leaving Pentonville. Jason sends text meeting back on pier 55.


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          The look on Sam/ Krissy's faces when Molly blurted out her news while they are all sitting at a table at Charlies
          Cyrus asks Lulu if she will include the convo with her mother in the article, as it will make for good reading. Lulu looks at the table and back at Cyrus and the table saying she will decide what makes good reading.

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        Laura wonders out loud what did he mean
        he would see me again. Lulu says he made it
        sound like a threat. Laura frets what do I do about this. Lulu gets a call from Diane Valentin will give her full custody.

        Alexis says your accrediation board reported me to the bar and they want to see me immediately.

        Krissy says last thing I expected from you. Krissy says you thought TJ dumped you..Molly
        says I should have know. Sam asks who was it..

        Brando at his garage. TJ comes in to pick up a car.

        Sason on the pier as Cyrus and his goon guy show up. Sonny blinks at him.. I am here now lets get this over with..


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          both Sonny and Cyrus in suits, no ties. Sonny wearing basic black, Cyrus in a medium blue, with darker blue shirt. Cyrus implies that cancelling the meeting last night was disrespectful. Sonny tells him he is here, now.

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        Is anyone else having trouble telling the difference between today's episode and last Thursday's? I swear I've seen parts of this before (and not the flashback scenes).

        This is getting confusing.


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          Mac with a map showing Curtis and Jordan
          where he thinks TJ was held. He will report back
          when he knows something. Jordan says what will I do ..Curtis says what is Cyrus gonna do if it leads back to him. Jordan flashes back to converstion with Curtis about Killing Jordan.then her mysterious phone call with whomever..

          Molly says it was one night thing I barely know the guy. I was fed up thought TJ had dumped me. It seemed like last 10 years had been a mistake I was looking to vent. We talked clicked and then.. Krissy says good for you.. Sam is like
          Krissy that is not helpful..Sam says Krissy we are not talking how you would react. Sam wonders why Molly agreed to Domestic partnership Sam says you owe it to you and TJ and what you two want.

          TJ says you repaired my partners car. Molly Lansing Davis.. Brando flashes back to convo
          with Molly in her apartment. Brando says right hybrid.. Brando says the car is finished. he finds the invoice. He takes card cash or check.

          Sonny tells Cyrus get your man off me.Cyrus says no apology. Cyrus says it was about your father.. Sonny sasy we are here to talk business
          I will do the talking.


          • OLTLBoomer
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            The Davis sisters talking - LOL.

            TJ is surprised that Brando is not asking to see an ID.....

            Cyrus is upset as he feels disrespected, then reflects and says - this was about your father. Sonny does not acknowledge the statement.

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          ***previews around 4ish...


          • tvaddict4965
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            As always, Thank you Karmasita.

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          lulu tells Diane that she wants to go forward
          with custody papers ASAP. Diane says no
          reason to go to court since Valentin won;t
          fight me. Laura says you want to go to court
          don;t you..yes she wants to make sure ..:Laura
          flashed back to her conversation with Valentin

          Molly is like yes it is true Molly says why was I so willing to accept that TJ left me Molly flashes back to her convo with Jordan and the things she said. She says I had fight with Jordan and she said TJ was rejecting me.. I should have known.. I got in the car. I went over a curb Sam says why didn;t you call me. Molly mentions the garage. The mechanic was great. he went out of his way to take advantage. Brando Corbin..

          TJ says you don;t want to call Molly to make sure it is ok I pick up the care? TJ will tun his card and he will be good to go.. Saus keys are in the car. TJ looking at the invoice..there is something wrong here.

          Cyrus tells his guy to back down. Cyrus says you are right your father not part of our convo.
          Cyrus denies what happened to Mike and the others. Cyrus says here I am free man..

          The End.


          • OLTLBoomer
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            Krissy and Sam look at each other when Molly tells them about the mechanic.
            Sonny is angry with Cyrus in that the hit(s) involved his father, son and wife.
            Sonny makes a veiled threat to Cyrus about being a free man.

            the previews look good......

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          So......our governor, ( OHIO), has a press conference every weekday at 2...today’s is being covered in its entirety, as some restrictions are being lifted. GH WILL NOT BE SHOWN UNTIL 0105 Tomorrow morning...not sure when I will post the previews, may be up to watch, or not. I will try to post at some point...


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            thank you thank you for bringing us the live thread + commentary + previews


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              Yes, Yes, YESSSSSSSSSSS...I agree with you, Q777S!!!

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