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When Has a Character U REALLY Liked Done Something That REALLY Disappointed U?


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  • When Has a Character U REALLY Liked Done Something That REALLY Disappointed U?

    Chase deliberately causing Willow pain (in the way he did) has caused me to think of other times a character did something I hoped they were never capable of.

    We can say the writers have him acting out of character BUT the reality is it has become part of his character. Whether we like it or not. It's now in the history books. He deliberately hurt someone he loves very badly AND no one forced him to do it.

    Can u think of scenarios, along these lines, that left you damn disappointed in your fav's actions and/or thought process?

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    Used to love Anna back in the day. She's a pathetic shell of the character she used to be.


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      Well the most recent of the times Julian has disappointed me was when he went to the hospital all in a tizzy shouting out Alexis's business for all to hear.
      Everything Nikolas has done since he came back on the show has been a disappointment.
      She's more a character I like, not REALLY like but Molly jumped in the sack with the 1st good looking guy she saw after TJ's mom said he dumped her. What happened to getting a quart of ice cream and watching movies?


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        When Felicia chose Mac over Frisco at Nurse’s Ball.


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          When Rick used Alexis smoking weed to help her chemo symptoms to take custody of Molly. That was some low down petty a$$ s#!%.


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          Julian going back to the darkside after his hard work at redemption, including giving up money & working hard at the bar.

          Chase going along with this stupid plan.

          Val throwing Ava off the parapit.

          Nina outing Willow "had a baby" infront of Shiloh at the last nurse's ball.

          Nikolas letting his son & mother grieve for 3 years for money.

          Kim sleeping with faux Drew in Franco's body.

          Dante leaving again and divorcing Lulu. Yes, I know he's sick, but it's been such a treat to see him in the flashbacks.


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            i really liked spinelli until he used maxie’s actions against her in a custody case and i have not liked him since.

            i did not like kim drugging drew to have sex and try to get pregnant.

            it was difficult to watch dr o torture peter because at the time , i was trying to like peter. but now no i hate peter.

            i hated sam for ripping into alexis and then she had a drink . and i hate alexis for saying it was because she slept with neil,it was not that. it was sam ripping her mother


            • CarnyQueen
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              Wait, Spinelli didn't fight Maxie for custody of Georgie. He was very angry at her when he found out she had concealed from him that she was pregnant with their child and not Lante's and that she had just let Dante and Lulu have the baby. But it was Spinelli and Maxie together fighting Dante and Lulu for custody of Georgie/Connie. The judge found Maxie to be completely irresponsible and gave Spinelli sole custody and put many restrictions that kept Maxie from seeing Georgie. But Spinelli never tried to keep their baby from Maxie.

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            Most recently is when Alexis and Neil lied to the board of psychiatry.

            Also, the history has since been re-written, but for the longest time we had to accept that Luke Spencer ran over and killed his own grandchild in a drunk driving incident.


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              Everything that Sam does, although I haven't REALLY liker her for a while so I don't know if it actually counts. More recently, Chase and Sasha faking an affair.


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                While I don’t like Sam Now but at the time I did it was When Sam went back to Jason after he treated her like **** and told her to get abortion after she was sexually assaulted.
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                Sam aiding and abetting Jake's kidnapping. Michael forgiving sonny for murdering aj.


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                  Chase is the most recent, but Michael forgiving Sonny for killing AJ? That really gets in my crawl.


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                    Molly. Sleeping with someone just because she thought TJ was ghosting her without waiting to have an actual discussion no matter how long it took. Plus sleeping with a guy she didn't even know. Very disappointed with the only Davis female that has until now been the most rational.


                    • kat401
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                      Really? I was kind of tired of Molly's wisdom scenes. Molly sleeping with Brando has been the first Molly scene that I've enjoyed in years.

                    • Carablue
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                      kat401 Yes! It's first time I've really liked Molly, ever. I'm looking forward to her struggling with her feelings for him.

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                    Julian cutting the brakes to the car to kill Brad. I could understand Julian winding up in the position he was in because Brad deceived him with the "homeless mother" story and then blackmailed him concerning Sonny, but he should've hired Alexis and then told her everything as a client with confidential protection.


                    • OLTL'69
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                      THis was so beyond evil and STUPID In this age of safety features on a car an accident is no guarentee of death. Plus it was so stupid to assume his son or grand son would not be in the car. PLUS what about eveyrone else on the road.

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                    I’ll feel angry or sad for like an hour and kind of get past it.


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