Lulu interviews Renault -- really?


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  • CarnyQueen
    I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
    • Mar 2006
    • 9356

    I've missed a few episodes, so I probably missed some things. But did Laura ever tell Lulu that Cyrus was behind the attack in which Laura was shot? Did Sonny ever tell Lulu that his grandson could be a target and that he was placing extra guards on her and Rocco? Cyrus was never charged with any of the shootings that targeted Sonny and his family. How many people know that Cyrus is behind them?

    Peter assigned her to do an interview -- is Lulu supposed to say no?

    As far as the authorities are concerned, Cyrus Renault was wrongly convicted because DEA agents planted false evidence to frame him. Lulu could try to get background on him from Jordan, but she would just confirm the official line. The Justice Department would tell her the same thing.

    As for Lulu letting Cyrus know that she is Laura's daughter -- wouldn't a simple Google search on the mayor tell him the names of her children? Laura's a public figure in Port Charles, so that stuff is readily available. Cyrus probably also knows that Sonny has a grandson named Rocco and that Lulu is his mother.


    • brickee
      Board Regular
      • Aug 2006
      • 1452

      She's all excited and chirpy to interview the guy who wanted to kill her former inlaws? Yeah, ok


      • soapfan21
        Board Regular
        • Nov 2005
        • 1454

        Cyrus was framed by the authorities. It's a legitimate news story. Why would she refuse?!


        • CoffeeCake
          Board Regular
          • Sep 2007
          • 1107

          I liked it, I've been rooting for Lulu to get back to crime stories so interviewing the newest threat in town makes sense to me. I think its odd no one else wants to know what he's up to, that's usually helpful when coming up against a threat, but oh well, lol. I wish Laura had interrupted later, I wanted to hear Cyrus' answer when Lulu asked him if he had any family in PC. Now I'm hoping we get the answer before GH runs out of shows.


          • franron
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Oct 2005
            • 13282

            Seems like too many chances to be interrupted, doing an interview in a public place like a bar, coffee shop, restaurant... Ruins the flow, changes the subject, can't stay on task...


            • ScrubsFan#1
              ScrubsFan#1 commented
              Editing a comment
              Well the LAST time she interviewed a dangerous criminal in the privacy of her office - it didn't turn out so well for her.
          • McShirls
            Soap Addict
            • Dec 2017
            • 6646

            Originally posted by ScrubsFan#1 View Post
            Well the LAST time she interviewed a dangerous criminal in the privacy of her office - it didn't turn out so well for her.
            I said the same thing yesterday! Totally agree....


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