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Live Thread 4/23


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  • Live Thread 4/23

    Sonny walks in to some home that is quite nice looking walks to the terrace and goes outside.. Has his house been redone? Sonny talking memories as we see flashbacks of mike decending into Alzheimers. Mike thinking avery is courtney. Dante calming him Sonny narrating.
    Sonny telling Mike let us take care of you Mike saying get a message to my son he goes by the name Sonny.. Mike and the brochures.. when mikes hit him..

    Did they redo Casa Corinthos??

    Carly at MC on the phone with business Cyrus comes along.. Cyrus is meeting with Lulu at the MC lulu tells Carly Cyrus is doing the interview
    for the Invader. Carly watches..

    Jordan and Mac talking the van that dropped TJ at the hospital. Curtis comes in with coffee.
    Mac says dept doing all it can to get justice for
    TJ. Jordan worried that TJ could rememeber something and link it to Cyrus.

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    Sam talking to Krissy who says he life is drama
    free at the moment and Julian gave her a raise.

    Alexis talking with Neil the board revokes his license.. She hasn't heard from NY Bar. Alexis says we can been seen in public liek normal people

    Carly returns home to the remodel.. Sonny says
    we want a remodel we approve design and pay for it problem solved but with my father no matter what I am losing my father a little more everyday nothing I can do about it. Carly hugs him. She tells him about Cyrus.


    • OLTLBoomer
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      Alexis and Neil meet at the MC dining room....

      Neil now has a full beard....salt 'n pepper tones.
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    • Sam_Philly_Girl
      Sam_Philly_Girl commented
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      Neil looks terrible.

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    wow - Casa Corinthos is redone! At least they did not move the doors to the other wall.....

    Kristina sighting at charlies with Sam asking for coffee....


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      Lulu Says are you afraid your enemies will do you in here with interview in the invader. Cyrus tells of corupt law enforcment fabricated evidence to put me in jail. Lulu asks what he does for work.. HE is an investor..in what...whatever catches his interest. he was a
      successful man making lots of money when DA
      couldn ;t find evidence they made it up.. Lulu says sounds like you hold grudge. Not at all. Lulu says if you want to gain support of our readers we need personal information.. Laura
      comes along.. Lulu says Mom ..Cyrus is like mom I should have seen the resemblence.

      Alexis thinks he should fight the accrediation board. Alexis says now nothing stopping us.
      Flasback of Alexis meeting Neil at the theater.

      jason on the pier.. Jasam song..flashbacks of him and Sam and their relationship thru the years..Jason sighs.


      • OLTLBoomer
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        JK's delivery - polished, clipped tones. Laura chides him on not doing his homework; she has done hers (and she does not look happy to see Lulu sitting with Cyrus).all at the MC dining room.....

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      krissy and Sam talk Julian and Mom. Brando
      comes in..He gives his name for his order Brando Corbin Sam says mike Corbin.. Brando explains
      Krissy says we are family.. then talk of Sam rescuing Dev how can anyone fall for that Cult
      mumbo jumbo.. As Krissy flashes back to talking to Jason and Molly of DOD..Molly and her arguing. Krissy in the shiloh attic after drinking
      the potion..

      Felix talking to TJ who is back to work on crutches. Molly comes along. worries about him
      he mentions Domestic partner.. she thinks it is romantic. She is meeting her sisters at Charlie
      letting them know we will be official couple talk of her car in the shop. she says who knew going over a curb would cause so much trouble.
      TJ says I would never leave you. As Molly flashes back to Jordan telling her TJ doesn;t want to be with you. Molly goes off.

      Jordan can;t let the dept tie TJ abduction to Cyrus. Jordan has pretty good idea what cyrus is planning how does she stop it without risking her loves one lives.


      • OLTLBoomer
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        Krissy is not happy when Brando talks the cult - she furrows her brow and frowns....

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      Carly mentions Lulu doing interview.
      Jason comes in. got her text that Cyrus is
      at MC. Sonny talks Mike. he started going down hill after ambush in Brooklynn. Flashback to Sonny and Mike as Mike freaks out at Carly and Brando at GH then Sonny telling him to rest.
      Carly says you wanted to take him to NY for the drug trial a lost opportunity to regain his memories we will never know cuz of Cyrus.

      Jordan and Curtis Cyrus covers his track. no proof the Cyrus kidnapped TJ as flashback of
      Jordan and Cyrus at Pentonville what does he
      want. She says maybe TJ will remember something.


      • OLTLBoomer
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        Lots of flashbacks (Mike and Jordan with Cyrus in Pentonville while trying to find TJ). Jordan is acting like it may or may not be a good thing if TJ remembers anything from his captivity.

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      Mac comes to talk to TJ at GH. Mac wonders if he remember anything new. Nothing comes to mind.

      Krissy goes check on her order. Brando is like
      did I say anything wrong. Sam says krissy was part of DOD. Krissy brings out his order he owes her an apology Molly comes by notices Brando thru the window. Flashes back to meeting Brando in the garage.. then Brando at her apartment in a towel

      Neil says insane couple of weeks. Alexis is like what are the odds of us sitting next to us at Opera and Britt staying in same hotel. Neil say and your ex finding out. Alexis is like are you angry at me or you.. He says both of us.


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
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        Sam gives Brando the short story on Krissy and DoD... Brando and Krissy (Brando's back is to the window) talk as Molly sees them through the window and flashes back to that day.

        I think Neil also mentioned Alexis taking a drink......

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      brando says let me make it up to you next itme your car need service bring it to me I will give you
      a discount. Brando walks outside Molly see him what are you doing here you were talking to my sisters.

      Mac asks TJ what he remembers before his
      abduction .. He was upset walking things off heard a car behind me as I was about to reach the corner of Elm and 10th I got jumped put sack over my head there were two. one tied my hands both beat me up.. I think I blacked out next I remember being in back of van.. the muffler woke me up.. Mac says do you remember anything of the ride. After a few left turns the van stopped there was clinking then Train went by.. 30 to 40 mins from there they gave me cloroform. When he came to he was in basement he remember sounds and smell.

      Curtis says going ot Feds not option. Jordan says if I tell of Harmony she back us up then goes in Witness protection. Curtis says then she will be dead.. Jordan says so nothing I can do.

      Cyrus talking to Lulu says your mother was so concerned about my safety she suggested I return home and if Something happened to me'she would prove who did it. He will give Laura donation to her reelection campaign.

      Sonny mentions Liz visits and mentioned DNR.
      Sonny not ready. Jason says Liz is good nurse.
      Carly says what does Mike say about this. Sonny says not much but moment when feeding him he liked it.. i could see my dad is still in there.

      The End


      • OLTLBoomer
        OLTLBoomer commented
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        Krissy looks at Sam and asks - what - he's giving away free auto service? Sam shrugs and says 'the guy is a jerk'.....

        Brando does a double tae through the window at Molly's news...

        Mac gently presses TJ for details...
        Jordan flashes back to Cyrus saying nothing can stop a determined man from getting what he wants...
        Sonny in denial as to his father's mental state.....

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      thank you for another good read


      • DaffyMaiden
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        Yes, thank you. Governor broke in again.

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      Thank you Jackaled.and Boomer!!!!


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        •••PREVIEWS••• for MONDAY

        -Laura to Cyrus...I look forward to hearing your decision...

        -Alexis to Neil...it’s an email from the NY bar association...

        -Molly, to Sam and Kristina...when I thought TJ dumped me I slept with someone else...

        -TJ...I have an idea for a sweet surprise...

        -Mac, to Jordan and Curtis...we’ve got significant information to find whoever kidnapped him...

        -Sonny, with Jason, ...I’m here now, let’s get this over with...


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