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charlotte your papa is not innocent


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  • charlotte your papa is not innocent

    the only way charlotte gets better is that she realize her papa is not perfect

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    Charlotte knows her Papa is not perfect! It's just that she's never been chastised or disciplined in any way for any bad behavior. She's watched and heard of her Papa doing bad things so she thinks it's OK to emulate his behavior. She knows right from wrong that's why she hides her misdeeds, but she hasn't learned that other people's feeling matter as much as hers. Her Papa and Nina have continuously taught her that she can and should have whatever she wants regardless of who else is involved. She has been taught to feel entitled just as her Papa does.

    That's why Valentin asked Laura to take a hand in her upbringing. He finally saw the tip of the iceberg of the monster he is creating and it shook him. I doubted the depth of Val's love for Charlotte because she always seemed more of a possession or an extension of him. Although I don't think this will redeem him for what's he's done, I'm glad to see him want to correct the error of his ways in regards to his daughter.


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      These soap "kids" idolize their criminal murdering parents Michael does and now Charlotte


      • ForeverPluto
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        Even Lulu. I like Luke Spencer but I think a lot of that has to do with Tony Geary's portrayal of him. Aside from that, the character himself sometimes left a lot to be desired. Despite his conman ways and his need to pick and go at a moment's notice at times, Lulu practically worshipped her father. Maybe Luke isn't as bad as Valentine but he was never that good either. Yet Lulu adores him much like Charlotte adores Valentine, warts and all.

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      Charlotte is what, ten years old? Methinks the damage has already been done.


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        Well, a significant reason why Charlotte hasn't been punished for her past misdeeds is because Valentin stubbornly refused to listen to Lulu (and Laura) and backed Nina's "assertive girl power" stance when the bullying came out, in order to further his own agenda.

        And whether you call it "innocent", blameless, justified, or (fill in adjective), the bottom line is Char puts him on a pedestal and has defended him for the past three years. And even seeing him push Ava off the parapet hasn't shaken her idea of him.


        • CarnyQueen
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          Yes, all this. Valentin was at first horrified that his daughter was a bully but he changed his tune because Nina refused to believe it and he decided sucking up to Nina was more important than his daughter's well-being. He has consistently ignored Lulu -- she was just telling Maxie that she didn't want Charlotte to have a credit card with a $10,000 limit but Valentin gave it to Charlotte anyway. Charlotte worships her father and watching him try to murder someone didn't shake that worship -- it merely convinced her that Ava was the enemy who should be attacked in any way possible,

        • parker joe
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          It hasn't escaped me that Charlotte is fighting Valentin's battles for him, the same sort of thing Spencer did "for family honor" after Nik "died".

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        That little girl is a monster in the making. I'm truly disappointed he's related to Luke and Laura. And the worst part is once they soras her, she will probably be written as a bland character. Michael had a darkness as a kid and when they recast with Chad Duell, he became so vanilla. I don't blame the actor it's on the writers. I could see the same thing happening with Charlotte.


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          I have to say, I preferred Dylan Cash's version of Michael. It just seemed to be that a kid raised by a mobster would have that kind of a dark side, and Michael as he is now written is kind of boring.

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        I must say, yesterdays Tuesdays episode did numbers for me with Charlotte. The little actress that plays her, I thought, played the part perfectly while talking with Valentin and telling him she saw him push Ava. She really made me feel for this little girl, great acting from this little actress!
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