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Glad Ava told Lulu off


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  • parker joe
    I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
    • Feb 2005
    • 8654

    If Lulu wants to take on those who lied to her daughter, shouldn't she start with Valentin and Nina?

    Nik has apologized now to both her and her daughter. And holding it against Nik for "taking so long" is kind of bogus. Lulu made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him from literally two minutes after he returned from the dead. Charlotte is Valentin's child, and just got nasty because Nik talked to her in a public place. Imagine how uptight he'd be if Nik had knocked on his door to apologize in person.

    Lulu is her typical self--can't see the forest for the trees. Charlotte's issues started before Nik and are bigger than a lying bodyguard/uncle.


    • Wild Horses
      Day Player
      • Oct 2017
      • 3207

      Team Ava all the way here too. I love when anybody puts the little twit Lulu in her place.


      • Bkes Mom
        I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
        • Sep 2009
        • 7534

        Originally posted by TheMartins4Life View Post

        No one is saying that Lulu doesn't have a right to be upset or call Nik out on that. If she doesn't want to be around Nikolas, Lulu could of just ignored Nik and not speak to him, it's simple as that. She doesn't need to come EVERYTIME she see's him, no one is forcing Lulu to interact with Nikolas.
        I give Lulu a pass on interacting with Nik whom she is still angry with because he is her brother. Siblings have every right to be messy and Ava should stay out of it. If my husband gets into a tiff with his sister in my presence, I stay out of it. He does the same if I get into it with my brother or sister. As angry as Lulu still is, she loves her brother, she's not going to harm him.


        • Shellyinphx
          Shellyinphx commented
          Editing a comment
          I agree. I think had she done nothing but blow up at him from the moment she saw him I would have problems too. But that isn't what happened. She cares, and that is her downfall.
      • OLTL'69
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Apr 2011
        • 15904

        It is sort of like when everyone who hated Julian had to go to Charlie's and tell him how much they hated him. Just shut up
        And about the body guard yes it was a lie and wrong but Nick never inferred he was a super hero. Charlotte was just doing her bragging.


        • McShirls
          McShirls commented
          Editing a comment
          Ironic that this scene took place in Carly's restaurant. Shouldn't Ava stay away from it, just like others should have stayed away from Julian's place?
          And nik said he was always watching and would always protect her because her papa hired him. She's a spoiled child who absolutely believed him.

        • Sam_Philly_Girl
          Sam_Philly_Girl commented
          Editing a comment
          Julian's situation always makes me smile.

          Everybody hates him, yet they just can't resist his food even while they're insulting him to his face.

          It's universal knowledge that if you insult the service, be prepared to get spit, or worse, in your meal in return.
      • Q777S
        Soap Addict
        • Jan 2015
        • 7119

        no doubt about my dislike for ms falconeri , but actually she does have the right to be upset with her brother. but i am tired of hearing her harp on and on , so i agree just stay away until she can work it out in her head and heart

        she is a lot like carly in some ways, just cant leave it alone


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