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Live Thread 4/20


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  • Live Thread 4/20

    Michael talking with Carly about
    the hearing and Michael. Sasha
    has to go to work. Carly says Sasha
    heard what you didn;t say that you would have
    better chance for Wiley if you married Willow.

    Sason talking Cyrus. Jason says you have
    all the advantage. Sonny says not all he has
    police commish under his thumb.

    Robert talking to Anna on the phone she wonders where he is .. he says DA business
    HE has Spinelli pinned to the wall.

    Anna talks the snake.

    Robert asks Spin what he is doing at Maxie
    apartment. Robert says I am the DA if you
    lie to me.. Spin says a DA who breaks into
    private residences.. Robert is like you are right
    we will bring this to my brother let him decide.
    Spin is like no need to bring in Maxie Dad. So Robert says you are digging up dirt on Peter
    what have you found.

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    Charlotte talks to Nik and Ava about the snake
    Charlotte mentions his being a bodyguard.
    Nik says we are still family...Chalrotte leaves
    Ava says the Borgia were family and they
    poison each other.

    Laura talks to Lulu tells her that she intercepted
    text message from Valentin. Lulu says Valentin hopes you will convince me to drop the custody
    hearing Laura says no I inserted myself.

    Spin says we should not be here. Robert says
    you are looking for something on Peter. Spin says fine but so are you.. Peter is threat to all I hold dear can be the same to Robin and her kdis so lets join forces.

    Maxie says this party was successful Anna
    wonders how the snake got in Ava Purse.
    Anna mentions Robert cutting out.. Maxie says i talked to him if he can;t handle it good he left.
    Maxie says I set Spin straight. She threatened to marry me.. Maxie looks all mad.. Anna says did she say yes..


    • OLTLBoomer
      OLTLBoomer commented
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      Finn grabbed the snake if anyone is curious.

      and re; marriage, Peter smirks and Maxie is not happy.

    • DaffyMaiden
      DaffyMaiden commented
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      Peter mentioned the kids were "loving that snake" when he came in, then Maxie said "that's because Finn scooped it up." I can imagine Finn holding her and explaining her to the kids -- so cute

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    This is occurring post party - I cam in late on the first segment. They are cleaning up from the party apparently. Anna calls Robert - who can't talk because he has Spin pinned against the wall.
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      Carly says Diane thinks providing a good
      mother to Wiley a nurturing person who can bond. Willow is all that Wiley feels safe with that.
      Willow looks like perfect wife and step mother.
      Micheal says WIllow can;t turn her back on man she loves to marry me.. Carly says even to save
      Wiley.. Mihcael remember his convo with Willow.

      Willow and Chase in the real park talking

      Maxie says I was just trying to put Spinelli
      in his place not put pressure on you I hadn;t
      thought about it. Maxie wonder why Pete didn;t tell her of his convo with SPin.

      Laura is like not defending Valentin but he is Charlotte father he is devoted take a look at Charlotte she is bright outgoing and lot of that
      is because of him.

      Valentin comes along greets Charlotte then talks to Valentin..who says he doesn;t wna them near his daughter Ava is a danger. Nik take up for his wife says don;t talk of my wife liek that then
      reminds him of throwing her offf the parapet.


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        Carly comes home Jason leaves Carly
        mentions talking with Michael and Willow

        Valentin says drop the chilvary thing.. Nik sits down

        Lulu says what did Nik and Ava say to each other. Charlotte says nothing much but it is not fair that they live there.. Valentin comes over.
        Lulu says CHarlotte wants to tell you of the party. THe snake.. Lulu says yep in Ava purse no idea how it go there.

        Robert mentions the sting with the Parole officer
        you are out of your depth.. SPin says that is warranted. I get you want to look out for people you care for but if I can stumble on you this easily how hard could it be for Peter. Spin saus to Robert I am not afraid of Peter. Robert is like you should be.. Spin is acting on behalf of his daugther. Robert says how will you do that I f I arrest you for B& E SPin says well how will you
        explain that you were here as well


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          Lulu tells about the snake in Ava's purse and no one knows how it got there. Valentin is standing behind Charlotte: he looks at her knowingly and she looks chastened.


          • Jackaled
            Jackaled commented
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            Hi Yes I am here...

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          Charlotte mention the snake wasn;t poisonous
          mentions a charge on Roger Reptile store.

          Lulu talks to Ava was she ok witht he snake.
          Then Lulu mentions Nik being Charlotte bodygurard you have not apologized to her.
          Ava says he did just now.. Lulu says from what I see you are no better than Valentin Ava says who the hell are you back off my husband.

          Willow arrives at GH Michael wants to talk.
          thru her testimony.. Willow says Chase and I have plans..

          Sasha talks to Chase Chase worries the NElle
          will destroy Wiley it will damage Willow are you good with this.. Sasha says no but she is


          • OLTLBoomer
            OLTLBoomer commented
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            Valentin mentions finding the charge from the reptile store as Charlotte squirms in her chair (they are alone, as Lulu and Luara leave the table).
            Michael wants to Meet Willow at Charlies and have abeer to talk over her testimony.

            Chase looking thoughtful at the park as Sasha walks up to him....

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          Maxie says to Peter Anna saved 4 treat bags
          for us Peter will get the car Maxie will get the kids Maxie tells Anna not to worry she won;t let anyone take what Peter has worked for.

          Robert does;nt respond well to threats. Spin says then lets work together. Robert says you are loose cannon and kook. Spin says in cyber world I am unmatched. with you real world skills.
          lets shake.. Robert says not partnership I say
          Jump you say how hi.. Spin says we should go before they get home.. they leave Robert gets a call.. who is this.... His face is like OMG.

          Ava says maybe be can have a spring fling at Wyndemere. Maybe we can unveil my portrait.
          Nik say you don;t intend to really unviel that portrait.

          Charlotte bought the snake you put it in Ava purse Charlotte says I don;t like her and Nik
          is a liar they are the reason you and Nina not married.

          Carly says Diane says Michael chances are about 50 percent. What if court believes Nelle story

          Michael says we can set it up for another time.
          Wiley goes home tomorrow. Willow says if this effect custody hearing then this is our last night to do this.. Micheal says be yourself. Willow is like Chase will understand.


          • DaffyMaiden
            DaffyMaiden commented
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            Thanks guys!! Our Governor always breaks and enters GH.

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          Peter and Maxie at home.
          Robert arrives at Anna in shock he has terrible
          news.. Holly is dead...

          Ava thougth you had snipe. Ava says doggy paddle to spoon Island I am taking the launch
          don;t expect it back soon.

          Valentin says it in Ava fault. She isyour enemy

          Jason comes back says to Sonny we are all set.
          Sonny gets a call from Turning woods.. is this about my father. Will be right there. Sonny says
          Mike had another fall they think it is sezuire.

          Willow returns home to find Chase and Sasha
          making out on the couch.

          The End


          • OLTLBoomer
            OLTLBoomer commented
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            Wow - what an ending segment! Robert looks terrible.
            and Chase is not wearing a shirt.......

            double shocks and the previews look great! Kama - thank you!!

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          Where are the Previews? The last post is the final scene!


          • karmasita
            karmasita commented
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            On an hour later due to governor daily press conference...they r coming...

          • Shellyinphx
            Shellyinphx commented
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            The previews don't often come exactly as the show ends. I for one am thankful that they get posted

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          -Lulu...what do u call this...
          -Laura...I call it advocating for Charlotte...

          -Charlotte to Valentin...it’s not what u said, it’s what u did...

          -Joss to Michael...what strategy r we talking about...

          -Cyrus to Julian...perhaps there will be an opportunity for collaboration...

          -Carly...there’s a better way to handle it, Jason...

          -Mike in bed, is holding Sonny’s hand...is it over?...


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