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SOC GH Spoilers for the week of April 20th:


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  • SPOILER! SOC GH Spoilers for the week of April 20th:

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    T4S all this Chase/Willow/Michael stuff is giving me heart ache.


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    Molly opening up to Kristina sounds good. Plus, a Dev sighting. They must be slowly letting characters back out of the Disney vault (Valerie must be stuck in there though).


    • Wild Horses
      Wild Horses
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      I always forget about Valerie, another ghost. She should have been included in all this Cyrus story.

    • DeeCanada
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      Didn't you know...she is now undercover in the Lays commercials, at least where I watch it,,LOL

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    Valentin sees a different side of Charlotte...I wonder how he'll react to that. I wonder what Willow is heartbroken about. Nina gains some more insight into Nelle...interesting. Sam apologizes to Alexis...looking forward to it. And the week after... I wonder what Chase lies to Finn about.


    • jodyb22
      jodyb22 commented
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      I assume the lie is about him and willow "breaking up" he probably tries to convince Finn it's a real break up and of course it's all a sham for this BS forced marriage.

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    Hmmm. I think Robert's bad news, someone reaching out to Lulu, and the Sonny missing his meeting with Cyrus and Jason lending support to Sonny are all connected and the common thread is that Dante is dead.

    1. Robert's bad news - Dante has died. At Violet's party Oliva told Robert, as long as Dante's alive I will always have hope. That makes me think he has to delver the awful news to Olivia.

    2. Someone unexpected reaching out to Lulu -- perhaps this is Valentin and he is being supportive of Lulu during her grief and probably offers to not fight her for custody right now and feels Lulu needs Charlotte after losing Dante and that it's best for Charlotte right now because he finds out it was her that brought the snake to the party.1.

    3. Sonny missing his meeting with Cyrus/ needing Jason's support - Sonny is on his way to his meeting with Cyrus when Olivia bursts in with the bad news. He is thrown for a loop, maybe even sinks into a depressed state (he is bipolar after all) and Jason lends his support. Of course Sonny is no longer operating like he normally does and this gives Cyrus an opening he is looking for. The question becomes, did Cyrus kill Dante - maybe use his people to drug him up and he overdosed...he does have an history of using the children of his enemies.


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    I wonder if these spoilers are even accurate for next week given they have inserted a lot of flashbacks into the shows to spread out the already filmed scenes. At this rate we will probably see them in May.

    On another note why in the world have they brought in Brando to play Dev's dad only to neglect to put Dev in scenes on the show. I can't remember the last time he was in town. I wonder if Brando will ask Sam about Molly.


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