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didn't robert "die" when maxie was a baby and not come back until around 2006?


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  • didn't robert "die" when maxie was a baby and not come back until around 2006?

    she said she's known robert her entire life.....

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    did she really know him her entire life


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      Depends on how you look at it. Maxie was originally born in 1990. But her DOB has been revised to 1986 with SORASing. Robert "Died" in 1992 and returned 14 years later. So he was either "dead" from when Maxie was 2 until she right after she turned 15 or she new him until she was 6 and then he came back when she was 18. Under the latter scenario, I could see refering to it as her entire life. She knew him as a child, she was raised by his brother, and he came back before she was a real adult.


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        LO soap ages Does anyone remember Maxie from that time. What I read sounded like she got aged as a teen. THey likely wanted "adult" stories. "I knew you all my life untill you blew up when I was 2 3 4 5 or 6 and then when you cam back to life

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        Well, she knew of him, about him, for sure

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        Maxie was aged 2-3 times. Once as a young child, when Robyn Richards started in 1993 (she was born in 1987). She then played Maxie through most of her childhood/teen years until they tried to recast and age her in 2002, but that failed and they went back to RR. The final age bump was in 2005 with KS (who was born in 1984), but I guess they split the difference having Maxie's new DOB as 1986.

        Even if they stuck with the 1990 DOB, Robert still would have been at Maxie's Christening and various early life events, whether or not she actively remembered him. But he was in her parents' tight inner circle, and his wife at the time of his "death" was her godmother, Anna. Plus, the Mac and Robin connection. Though sure, it's soap fuzzy logic to make this make sense, while we also suspend disbelief for all the times these characters have died and come back to life. Haha

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      Wasn't it a long running operation for the WSB?


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