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These flashbacks are nuts[merged]


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    Here is something you might want to think about. If ABC runs out of new episodes, the network might decide to replace GH with another show, possibly another news show. Look at what ABC did to Michael Strahan's show.


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      Originally posted by DeeCanada View Post
      I think we should start a drinking game for every time they do a flashback a shot and double shots for flashbacks within a flashback...
      Omg we would actually die. There were at least 20 in this episode alone. 15 of them were Peter and Maxie lol


      • DeeCanada
        DeeCanada commented
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        Yes but then the flashback wouldn't bother us...LOL

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      I too don’t mind the flashbacks if they’re helping stretch out the remaining material. The flashbacks are good for new and returning viewers. Some of them have been very good. I enjoyed the Hayden ones yesterday. These flashbacks are also showing all of the terrible things Nelle has done.


      • Big Cheddar1
        Big Cheddar1 commented
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        I completely agree with you. Yes - I figured it was probably a way to stretch out what they have in the can, but it might also be to help new viewers get a quick history lesson. Didn't soap ratings go up recently (although that's probably related to the breaking news interruptions)

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      Willow flashing back to Michael/Willow from 2 days is just sad


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        I'd like to give a shout out to the Editing Dept. It always provides a strong result, and the flashbacks are no exception


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          I think it's a little interesting which flashbacks they are choosing to show.

          I was especially glad to hear Robert tell Anna that Peter is just her so-called "son". Makes my belief that he is Alex's son good again.


          • cadreamin'
            cadreamin' commented
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            The flashbacks should be there because they are leading to something - that’s a good example. Why show that scene if they are not going back to Alex being Peter’s mother? If the flashbacks purpose is only for filler (which I’m ok with) I wish they wouldn’t tease us with something that will never happen.

          • xoregonian
            xoregonian commented
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            That's my point CA. I surely hope that by choosing to show Robert saying those exact words that it means they wanted to remind the audience. I hope it's not a tease too.

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          I don't like it. Some of the really old scenes are slightly interesting, but they also keep showing stuff that happened this week, or YESTERDAY. Enough is enough. I had to FF through almost all of the episode.


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            Not a fan of the flashbacks...then again not a fan of much of what is going on now. Sorry but for me in the big picture of what is happening overall and the businesses that are being affected as well as the families, the flashback's for me are not that big of a deal. Sorry but the horror of having to FF while some are losing their livelihoods sounds a bit petty....


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              Living in NYS we have an update from the County Executive in Erie County just about everday..even though I live north in Niagara County. So if there are flashbacks on this show it's fine with me; I'm missing the last half of it anyways.


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                Originally posted by MalteseBaby
                I'm for ANYTHING that keeps the show on in its regular time slot for one hour's duration.

                Anyone remember the writer's strike that led to soap massacre and almost took out GH? I DO.

                Hint- It's how Y and R got the Bell relative who shall not be named as EP/ writer, which didn't do that show any ratings boosts either, and killed off characters everyone had loved for decades.

                Was this the same time period as the murder of Alan Quartermaine? I tend to think it was, during the Metro Court hostage crisis. That's why I hate Jerry Jacks, BTW, I realize he didn't say " I'm Jerry Jacks" but it was the same person.

                IF you love a soap and want it to stay on the air, please go with whatever they have to air knowing it's because " This is all they have to air" and just " let it be", please?
                Actually the writers strike was when we actually started to get good stories on GH before it went to crap again lol

                Monica's Alcoholism (hitting Sam).

                The Climax of the Text Message Killer Arc, the previous regime seemed to have an intent on making Cooper Barrett the TMK which made zero sense, and then the stand-ins had it be Diego, and instead of having Jason save the day and kill him, Nikolas and Maxie were the ones to be there for his demise.

                Jason's shooting hand was also injured which looked like it was going to be a great story (dropped and forgotten the second Guza returned to the show)

                The Hospital Bomber (Prominently featuring the hospital staff, the Q's, and characters that we never typically seen all together in one space dealing with the crisis)

                Ric had a love interest and was getting away from his obsession with Sonny.

                Johnny and Lulu had some really great scenes under the temporary regime as well.

                And then, literally the VERY DAY Guza and his crew returned. Mob meeting, mob warehouse explosion, and all the good stories were dropped.


                • MalteseBaby
                  MalteseBaby commented
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                  I wasn't watching the show during that period of time. I thought I was, but none of that sounds like anything I have seen. Do you have approximate dates?
                  I'm pretty sure all I have seen is Guza/ Pratt and forward with no temp. writers.

                  I also don't think you addressed the matter at hand, which is that when a soap is off the air or not doing well at all in the ratings, they bring in something like " The Chew" ( Anyone remember that?) and off goes a beloved soap- wham!

                • envious01
                  envious01 commented
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                  MalteseBaby I forget the day it actually started, some time in January 2008 in terms of when the temp writers work started airing but I know for sure it ended March 17th 2008.

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                The flashbacks made the show drag on forever. So boring. All i wanted to see was that snake story.


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                  If they need to put reruns on every day, it keeps the television show named " General Hospital" airing in its time slot and hopefully watched by loyal viewers. I don't want to be immature with hopes and expectations during a time of worldwide shutdowns of every aspect of life over a soap opera in the US. I don't think that's fair to the performers, most of all. They need safety measures just like the rest of us do. Likely what we are seeing has been re-edited post production but pre-airing to include flashbacks.

                  I think it's smart to do because this show doesn't have the same huge bank of taped shows ready to roll out like some of the other soaps have had.

                  I still believe soaps have suffered greatly when taken off the air for either extended national news events or due to a writer's strike.
                  Every day that GH airs i a GOOD day for GH right now.
                  There will be people who will watch, and I'm one of them!
                  Last edited by MalteseBaby; April 17, 2020, 04:49 AM.


                  • Anna74
                    Anna74 commented
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                    I agree with this one hundred percent. The worst thing that could happen to the show would be to “temporarily “ pull it because they are out of episodes. The second worst thing would be weeks of random reruns from the last few years. Soaps need continuity. They need to be a habit . Any interruption in that poses a big danger.

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                  the nelle flashbacks are pure gold


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                    Originally posted by jason113 View Post
                    Here is something you might want to think about. If ABC runs out of new episodes, the network might decide to replace GH with another show, possibly another news show. Look at what ABC did to Michael Strahan's show.
                    Oh no!!! I didn’t even think of that!! I hope not!!!!


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                      I watched maybe 10 minutes and deleted the episode. It was annoying. It made me want to hurl something every time I saw Peter. ?


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