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These flashbacks are nuts[merged]


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  • These flashbacks are nuts[merged]

    I get that the show is trying to prolong how many episodes they can put out but we’re getting like 10 minutes of new footage a day at this point.

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    ....added post-production to extend the show to give us as much GH as possible since they stopped shooting? I'm all for it so I don't have to miss my show. Something stable in this currently crazy world. Be well everyone, and stay safe.


    • AMHardulak
      AMHardulak commented
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      I truly enjoyed Wednesday's flashbacks. Saw Finn's complete journey to Fatherhood!

    • Quinoa
      Quinoa commented
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      I don’t even remember some of the stuff from the flashbacks, which is good for reminding me. But I find myself only half paying attention to the show until the new parts grab my attention.

    • sonnylover2006
      sonnylover2006 commented
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      I agree 100%

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    Was it just me or did Finn's flashbacks seem like he misses Hayden as much as or more than Violet?


    • Wild Horses
      Wild Horses commented
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      I kind of thought that too and I want her back as soon as possible. Anna and Finn are blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Come back Hayden!

    • LoveandLight
      LoveandLight commented
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      I loved seeing the story again. They were a great couple and had so much chemistry. It pops off the screen. Finn and Anna just don't have that. I echo the previous posts - bring back Hayden.

    • MalteseBaby
      MalteseBaby commented
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      I don't care about her " happy moments" with her child and poor feckless Finn. I want to know what the heck is wrong with Hayden's MIND! She's not even acting like a human mother!

      I STILL do not know if that woman is Hayden Barnes or Rachel somebody the diamond thief.

      I STILL do not know what her GAME is about her own choice of boyfriends or husbands or running away after lying about a baby being dead. Who comes back after doing something like that? Finn was a saint to even speak to her, the lies and manipulation rule her life and fill what should be her soul.

      I STILL do not know if she's married legally to Nik or divorced, which impacts his marriage to Ava. If Nik has committed bigamy, which some Hayden fans seem to think two people with the financial resources of Nik and Ava would do, then he's a criminal and he's hurting and lying to Ava big time. Ava will soon own Wyndemere and Nik's fortune because he misled her and entered into an illegal marriage. Hayden is also culpable.

      I do NOT like or understand this character and I hope Violet will be free of her forever. She has not treated ANYONE well. Not Nik, not Finn, certainly, not whoever it is she leads people to believe she has a debt or allegiance to somewhere else, and especially not Violet!!

      Here's the thing: IF you are under the thumb of a " really bad person", you aren't allowed to go back and forth to non-local places like Port Charles. ALL she would have to do is go to the police, WSB, or Jason/ Sonny for asylum and to get legal counsel secured for her. ( Keep Diane out of it- she's dead to me with her awful legal advice).

      When you are running from someone or kept hostage, you don't take " side trips" with your child, whom you now claim is your former boyfriend's child he thought had died before birth.

      The SL has been pieced together with a cut up script in teeny little folded pieces like the messages in fortune cookies or old sea bottles, and it does not make a pretty origami object. It's a wadded ball of shredded script and that's all.
      Last edited by MalteseBaby; April 18, 2020, 08:44 PM.

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    Carly flashbacks we had 1989 Carly high school with Charlotte/ Reese some between that end of high school. Caroline stactory rape by Reese father .
    then Reese was presume dead
    Then blow with Virginia happen in 1995 where she want see Frank goes see him then he turns her away

    Breakdown happen 2005 we see lose Sonny woman knows but doesn't but senses going crazy over it .
    Then her kids kidnapped one presume dead then comes back to life rejects her . Then learn truth Reese alive .

    Who wouldn't have mental breakdown after all that relieving being seduce by 1 man and be rejected by other .
    Remember Frank did may made sure why Carly didn't trust Bobbie truth she felt Frank did Bobbie done same thing .


    • LukeIsDaMan
      LukeIsDaMan commented
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      She went crazy as a convenient excuse for for her behaviour and why she doesn't have to take responsibility for anything she has ever done.

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    I feel like the Peter and Maxie flashbacks went on too long, but it is probably because I don't like Peter.


    • sonyab1974
      sonyab1974 commented
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      Yeah it was like a summary of their "love story"

    • ForeverPluto
      ForeverPluto commented
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      . Given how Peter is now, I have to wonder if getting with Maxie and James wasn't part of some bigger plan. It's sad we never could have known the dynamic that would have been between Nathan and Peter but I feel like Peter would have been envious of Nathan's life. Nathan was the son Faison would have wanted. Nathan was also beloved by his family, friends and community. He had a noble profession. Peter despite trying to go legit, will never be any of those things.

      Maxie aside, I think things might have been better storyline wise for Peter had Nathan lived. It could have set up the good brother-bad brother dynamic. But one thing I definitely saw from the flashbacks, there was something very forced about putting these two together. I have never felt they had real chemistry and the flashbacks for me seemed to prove it even more.

    • franron
      franron commented
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      At least they didn't show any flashbacks of Henrik being the Child Whisperer.

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    i just posted about that!! i knew why they are doing it but it just makes me not want to watch if 90% of the show is flashbacks of what i have already seen!


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      I'm calling it flashback focus. It doesn't help that imo today's are particularly annoying. We'll probably see the pinata being busted on Tuesday at this rate.


      • piano0105
        piano0105 commented
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        I'm all for short flashbacks if it will prolong the show. However, Thursday's show was 3/4 flashbacks and 1/4 new material. Plus I don't care for flashbacks that took place not that long ago. I think they should try to balance better between the two because at this rate I feel as though I'm ff'ing the majority of the show.

    • #8
      That Maxie/Peter flashback felt like it went on 15 minutes......


      • #9
        What’s with all the Flashbacks the past couple of episodes? Are they trying to save the shows they have filmed or what. Because it’s so annoying to me. I would rather just see old episodes than have to watch new episodes full of flashbacks.


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          I literally just posted about the same thing.


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            Originally posted by Sam_Philly_Girl View Post
            That Maxie/Peter flashback felt like it went on 15 minutes......
            I think it legitimately was. It was mind numbing, I didn’t need to see a recap of Maxie’s long road to sheer stupidity


            • lala214
              lala214 commented
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            It's very annoying. I didn't like them the first time around. So showing these things to me twice is twice as unpleasant.


            • #13
              Let’s have a flashback showing the births of all those kids. That would be better than some of these flashbacks


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                I saw more flashbacks than new material in the first five min. of the show.
                Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
                Is it good for people at home on furlough to see past scenes to help them to re-orient to the show?
                Or, will it drive viewers away?
                Last edited by JCmojoe81; April 20, 2020, 09:04 AM. Reason: off topic; not about hte show


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                  The flashbacks are stupid. Just run out of episodes and show lame repeats.


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