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Maura West's Hair Is Awesome!!!!


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  • #16
    MW has literally ALWAYS looked great with short hair. It's her signature look.


    • #17
      I remember when she first came onboard As The World Turns with her pixie hair. She looked adorable. I like her better in the short hair.


      • MalteseBaby
        MalteseBaby commented
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        Maura was so young and gorgeous when she appeared on ATWT.
        She was in a field in Montana, in her first SL with sister Rosanna.

        My mother said " That new girl, Carly, is snooty acting" and I was saying " That is the most naturally beautiful and talented young actress I've EVER seen on a soap in my life. They directed her to act snooty, but really Carly is scared and vulnerable because she didn't have Rosanna Cabot's lifestyle and needs money".

        What a long and glorious time I had loving Carly through thick and thin, through her hijinks and her down times, always just loving her and Maura.

        It is truly a GIFT to have Maura on GH and be able to see her now after the end of ATWT.

        My all time favorite soap actress ever! There is NO second place, even.

      • treadlightly
        treadlightly commented
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        I loved her as Carly and matched with Scott Bryce as Craig Montgomery. Boy those two were the best of acting.

      • parker joe
        parker joe commented
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        Maura wasn't paired with Scott Bryce's Craig, unfortunately. Her Carly spent her time with Hunt Block and Jon Lindstrom .

    • #18
      It looked fine, but I prefer it shoulder-ish in length tbh.


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