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  • Live Thread 4/14

    Violet all excited that Daddy got her a pony
    for her birthday.

    Maxie and Peter at home she will meet him
    at Anna's after.

    Willow at the hosptial bedside of a child
    she was reading to him.. Willow talks to his mother.. The mother says they are moving
    Steven to hospice tomorrow.. it is time..Willow
    hugs her..

    Micheal on the phone with Diane . Sasha comes
    along the hearing is next week and his chances
    are about 50 percent unless he marries Willow.

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    Anna's house/ LR looks like Purple Haze with balloons, pennants, etc. She almost knocks over Robert to see the pony.
    The litle guy in ICU does not look good (just an extra character).

    and Maxie is not happy with Lulu.........


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      Violet says the pony name is fletcher. Violet
      wants to keep him..(guess Finn didn;t get it for her) Anna and Robert talk Fletcher. now that leisel has been expitied this can end it with Peter.

      Maxie talking Lulu with Valentin and how Lulu doesnt get along with him.. Peter says have you thought of saying any of this to lulu. Maxie is likke are you insane.

      Nelle talks with Valentin he doesn;t think they should be seen together.

      Willow takes a moment.. Chase comes along
      notice her with Steven and his mom. She is upset. tells Chase of his going to hospice. It makes her think what would happen if this happened to Wiley she couldn;t stand it.

      Sasha says you have to marry Willow. He is like
      I love you whatever goes forward doesn;t change that. Sasha gets it this has nothing to do with us it has to do with Wiley.. Sasha says we would do anything for Wiley and so would Willow
      Michael says if Chase wasn;t in the picture I would promise you we would be together in future and marry Willow but he is in her life.


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        Nelle looks at Valentin and says you are fighting for your daughter; I am fighting for my son.......and gives him a look.

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      thank you for the lve thread giving us our daily gh fix


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        Willow says I am not Wiley mother he makes
        the decision as long as Nelle doesn;t get in the way. Chase suggests she go see Wiley. She says to Chase he is amazing and she loves him
        she goes to see Wiley.

        Michael is like Willow is not available she and Chase love of each other. Nelle isn;t going anywhere so we can;t marry and get quick
        enoulment. no idea how long we would have to stay married. Sasah thinks he has to give Willow
        the choice. Sasha gets a text from Chase to come meet him don;t tell Micheal she makes excuse and leaves.

        Valentin says we are done. Nelle is like we are getting started we don;t need to be enemies.
        Valentin will pass ..Nelle says she will be forced
        to do something bad..

        Lulu on the phone with Charlotte about Violet party. then lulu gets another call.

        Maxie tells Peter she was glad when Nina and Valentin split. lulu was always sitting in judgement of them and when Nina kicked him to the curb I was like yeah.. but now I work for him.
        Maxie talks Luke she hero worshipped him and plenty of people didn;t approve of Luke. She should understand that about her daugther. Maxie leaves to see lulu.

        Anna talks Finn moved back in we are happy let us be happy. Robert says you think I want you to be unhappy. Let Violet have her birthday and Finn be happy. It was Obrecht let this be over. Robert says he won;t say another word know Peter will be here he will be polite.. Robert says we were remembering when we hired a pony for Robin when she was little.. she loves that party.
        Finn wonders if the clown arrive Robert holds his arms out the clown got her 15 min ago,


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          Lots of hugging and kissing and declarations of love between our current couple in the Wylie situation.....

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        Peter arrives Violet wants Peter to come
        with Anna and Finn to watch her ride Pony Robert says he needs Peter help with the ballons.

        Maxie arrives at the MC to see Lulu. Talk of
        Charlotte and her horse who buys there kid
        a horse. Valentin.. Maxie says I will be working with him.

        Valentin reminds her of the documents he helped forged came to light well that would call problems and don;t force me to choose sides..

        Willow talking with Michael. He says they moved the hearing to next week. What does Diane say.
        Michael says my chances would be better if I was married to you.


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          Robert and Peter look at each other awkwardly as Anna/ Finn leave the room.
          Nelle looks uneasy as Valentin reminds her of what he knows and will not hesitate to use if she continues to press him.
          Willow and MIchael look anxious when he brings up marriage....

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        Robert says he would have liked to have
        found evidence but it is not there so he was wrong had to be leisel.. She is on going
        to the Hague. Anna comes in everything ok
        PEter says Robert says he believe I am innocent should i believe him?

        Lulu says congrats. MAxie says he is the silent
        partner. Lulu is like why would Valentin team
        up with Lucy Coe. Lulu says you cannot get involved with Valentin he will do something terrible. Where did the money come from.
        Maxie says I wasn;t asking your permission letting you know ..

        Valentin says I helped you cuz it benefitted me.
        now I have the shares and documents so don;t make trouble .. Nelle says you will go with enemy route. Valentin says have a nice day.

        Chase says the best chance is Michael marrying Willow. Chase says how do you feel. Sasha says no awesome. I love Micheal he could be the one.

        Micheal doesn;t want to put Willow on the spot.
        Michael says it is easy for me with Sasha on board..Willow says and she thinks marrying me will help. You are whats is best for Wiley.


        • OLTLBoomer
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          Chase asks sasha if she Loves MIchael that much that she would put her love for Michael aside so Michael can marry Willow and save Wylie from his crazy mother and Sasha says Yes.
          Willow looks uncomfortable with the comment, you are what is best for Wylie.
          Lulu lectures Maxie about Valentin and that she must give up the job after just congratulating her on the job move.

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        Anna says for all his faults Robert is honorable
        man he would never make things up about you.
        In a couple years you guys may be friends.
        Anna says I asked Robert to be nice to you
        but you and Robert are adults you should be able to feel however toward each other even if you dont like each other. But we are family that is not how we behave.

        Maxie is like it is busines I am there and so is
        Valentin that is how it is. Lulu doesn;t like it.
        MAxie is like Valentin is smart businessman.
        Lulu is like ok if we are honest. lets recap we are
        talking the man who made Claudette disappear
        he shot my brother.. Maxie is like he is still alive
        he thru Ava off the balconey.. MAxie says no one saw that.

        Valentin on the phone...

        Sasha says I moved in to help Michael with Wiley.. Marriage wasn;t on my mind at the time but you and Willow as Chase remember saying how he wants to spend time with Willow as couple. then saying ILY;s. Chase sasy Willow
        is the love of my life.

        Michael says it is how you are in person you
        are the real thing so is your love for WileygeI would love to show that to the judge.


        • OLTLBoomer
          Aspiring soap scribe
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          We don't know who Valentin is trying to reach on the phone as he watches the MC dining room.
          Retrospective of how much Chase loves Willow...
          and Michael talking with Willow is like he wants to present her to the court as a very significant person in wylie's life......

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        Violet want Anna to come see all the things
        outside for the party. Robert says to Finn she is
        on cloud nine you did good. Finn and Robert
        go out when Violet calls for them to come out.
        Peter stays behind is on the phone Scorpio may
        still be a problem lets move forward with that

        Lulu says I hate it I get it I promise it is business.
        Maxie thinks this is so much in her head. Maxie says don;t give him more power to come between us. I am not resigning from this job.
        Lulu says you deserve this... good for you they leave to get the kids to the party as Valentin peaks around the side.

        Chase says about a month and half in our relationship I stated thinking of happily ever after
        she is my home. Sasha says you have every right to be happy.

        Michael says sorry this is not fair. Willow says if not for Chase I would marry you in a min. I think he would understand if I told him but this is about me. If this is only way I will do it.. Michael is like no I got best lawyer in the state. More assets than Nelle I can beat her.

        Sasha says Micheal is willing to marry Willow
        Willow isn;t like that calculating like that. Chase says Michael wants to marry her.. Sasah says only reason he is not is out of respect for you and Willow.. Chase is like how could see be happy if Nelle gets custody of Wiley .

        The End


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        Thank you! You girls' are the very best!


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          -Chase to Finn, who is holding a rather large unicorn...who knew you were fun...

          -Olivia to Robert...I am not giving up...

          -Lulu to Ava, ( cute new haircut )...the last thing I want is my daughter in the middle of this feud...

          -Charlotte...going to have so much fun at the party...

          -Jason...I can’t be around for a while...

          -Sonny...there’s nobody else that needs a heads up...

          -Anna as she walks in from the party...NO!!!....


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