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Taggert's question to Cameron about the dance


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  • Moore ideas
    Look! Up in the sky! It's a Super Moderator!
    • Jul 2005
    • 17266

    Taggert's question to Cameron about the dance

    Dear continuity department........huh?? Maybe someone can help me out here, because otherwise I just fell into a brief but deep sleep without knowing that I did! Please walk me through this:

    1. Trina just finished telling Cameron why he should take her to the upcoming dance.

    2. Taggert walks in and Trina flings herself into his arms and shrieks "DAD".

    3. Taggert and Trina hug, hug, hug and then break apart.

    4. Cameron says to Trina that she hadn't mentioned her father was in town.

    5. And then -- out of the blue -- Taggert says, "So Cameron, tell me about this dance. Call me old fashioned, but I like to know a little bit about the man who's going to be taking my daughter out."

    So again, I need to ask -- huh?? I mean, HUH?! I realize that Taggert is supposed to be really really good at what he does, but unless he had that table bugged, there was no way he could have known about the brand new deal that Trina had struck with Cameron thirty seconds earlier.

    Am I missing something here??
    Moore ideas
    SOC Moderator
    Please email me with questions or comments.

    Dumbledore to Harry:
    "It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
  • McShirls
    Soap Addict
    • Dec 2017
    • 6217

    Cameron and trina had decided days ago to go to the dance together if neither one had a date. Guess she mentioned it to her dad when they skyped.


    • Moore ideas
      Moore ideas commented
      Editing a comment
      Somehow, I must have missed that conversation between Cameron and Trina from earlier. I've been catching up on episodes, and it seemed to me that the first time the idea was raised about going together was when they were sitting there at the table today (or technically yesterday, I guess). So thanks for the clarification, because I thought I'd stepped suddenly into The Twilight Zone!

    • Batgary
      Batgary commented
      Editing a comment
      They decided New Year's Eve that if neither had a date they would go together. I remember because that is how my Junior Prom played out. I went with my best friend since we didn't have dates so we went together.

    • Moore ideas
      Moore ideas commented
      Editing a comment
      Somehow, I completely missed that. I was out of town for the holidays, so I probably missed that entire episode. Thanks for clarifying!
  • ChipJ
    Board Regular
    • Dec 2008
    • 1345

    Well, Curtis heard everything from outside of a closed window and through wood, so apparently when the plot calls for it everyone can learn/hear/see vital information even when it defies logic.


    • Moore ideas
      Moore ideas commented
      Editing a comment
      HAHAHAHAHA! So true...
  • PinkDiamond
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Apr 2007
    • 18451

    Good catch...I was wondering the same thing...I guess if Superman could have X-ray vision...Taggert can have X-ray ears and doesn't have to be present...to hear someone's conversation...lol.


    • Nk3play2
      Executive Poster
      • Jan 2010
      • 3773

      LoL I went back and watched...... On the previous episode where Trina first jumped into Taggert's arms, she and Cameron were finalizing their plans to go to the dance when Taggert walked in to Kelly's. We don't see him enter so we don't know how long he's been standing there or exactly how much he heard. So it's safe to assume he heard the end of the conversation in which they agreed to accompany each other.


      • Moore ideas
        Moore ideas commented
        Editing a comment
        Another good point!

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