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Has anyone seen cult storylines on the other soaps?


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  • Bronson
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Mar 2004
    • 20031

    Has anyone seen cult storylines on the other soaps?

    OLTL was the only one that I had seen with Mitch Laurence brainwashing his followers with drugged tea. They kept bringing him back like Dracula everytime it seemed liked they got rid of him.

    Santa Barbara had a cult storyline but I have forgotten most of what the story was about.
  • OLTLBoomer
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Mar 2010
    • 15905

    Oh Mitch Lawrence was a delight!


    • taramartin
      Soap Addict
      • Oct 2013
      • 6365

      Mitch Lawrence was very handsome and wicked.


      • DallasGal
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Jun 2008
        • 17118

        YR had a character Ian Ward, he was the head of a cult.


        • SusanDare
          Board Regular
          • Dec 2017
          • 1307

          I remember The Doctors had a cult storyline back in the early 80s - I believe the leader was played by David Canary, later Adam Chandler on AMC.


          • LisaBowman
            Board Regular
            • Jul 2016
            • 1280

            Days had a cult a few years ago. Steve's son Joey was dating a girl named Jade and they went to her aunt's cult. It was the usual stereotyped cult style room with young people.The kids were told to steal. I believe Steve rescued them from the cult. Oh yeah, they had either a tattoo or a brand of a scorpion.
            Last edited by LisaBowman; May 8, 2019, 08:19 PM.


            • FLPeaches
              Contract Poster
              • Jul 2016
              • 3050

              Shank gives me Mitch Laurence vibes,
              Mitch Laurence was the devil.......


              • elj2014b
                elj2014b commented
                Editing a comment
                Yeah, he was and I wasn't watching the show when his cult was front and center. I did see the s/l with his two resurrections, thoughl. LOL

              • Clementine15
                Clementine15 commented
                Editing a comment
                He was really good! Wish we could see the actor again
            • Anna74
              Contract Poster
              • Mar 2014
              • 2852

              I only remember Mitch on OLTL. The commercials for that story line were so creepy and I try I decided to watch the show for the first time


              • divamagenta
                Senior Board Member
                • Nov 2014
                • 1577

                The Leviathan storyline on Dark Shadows had a strong cultish vibe.


                • MalteseBaby
                  • Aug 2009
                  • 4782

                  Here's a cult story with one degree of separation from " GH".. It has been alluded to in a post above, but the details are really interesting, I think.

                  Two of Y and R's actors with the longest time on the show started their SLs as teens with a cult SL. Nikki Reed ( Newman), played by Melody Thomas Scott,and Paul Williams, actor Doug Davidson were the main two teens in town who were drawn into the cult by the leader, Ian. It was a great SL, although I was a younger teen than they were and didn't understand a lot of what Ian was doing regarding Nikki. It took many people who loved her to get her out. Her life changed drastically for the better as she grew to adulthood and married Victor Newman, where she remains in her 60's now.
                  Paul is currently the police chief, so they overcame the initial damage done to them by Ian and his cult, New World Brotherhood, who was also a cult leader who preyed on very young women.

                  Ian was dormant and never mentioned for about 35 or so years after the initial cult story ended with Nikki leaving with the help of her friends and sister. In some very creative writing, he returned to Genoa City around 2012 or so for a new twist in the very old SL with Paul and Nikki. He's destroyed and gone now, thank goodness, but it was a huge twist and layer to the original SL which is one of Y and R's strong points. He introduced us to a new character with legacy parents, Dylan McAvoy, played by Steve Burton, and to Mariah Copeland, who was the stolen twin of Cassie Newman.

                  NOTE of interest, perhaps, to GH viewers: When Steve Burton left GH and played the part of Dylan McAvoy, he was the retconned " love child" of a teenaged Nikki and Paul.. His conception was tied into the New World Brotherhood and Ian Ward, who was sterile. He was adopted and didn't know Nikki and Paul were his bio parents and there were a lot of plot holes about how we saw Nikki on screen but she managed to give birth at around age 17 at some cult headquarters in the late 1970's, early 80's at the latest.

                  This is Dylan McAvoy's Y and R biography for the years Steve was missing from GH. It's tragic, sweet, and he was a very good man. As far as I know, he never hurt anyone.
                  A profile of the The Young and the Restless character, Dylan McAvoy, part of Soap Central's Who's Who in Genoa City section.

                  Dylan was never recast; no clue what happened to him, really, except that he had to go into the wintness protection program. As far as I know, he's never been mentioned since he left, and Steve returned to GH where he belongs.
                  Last edited by MalteseBaby; May 9, 2019, 04:37 AM.


                  • Bronson
                    Aspiring soap scribe
                    • Mar 2004
                    • 20031

                    Yes I forgot that YR did do a YR cult storyline.


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