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Couples that didn’t get enough of a Chance


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    Soap Addict
    • Dec 2004
    • 7451

    Couples that didn’t get enough of a Chance

    Nikolas and Liz.
    Ric and Nina.
    Carly and Alcazar.
    sam and John McBain
    Maxie and Johnny z
    Sam and Lucky
    finn and Hayden.
  • ScrubsFan#1
    • Sep 2012
    • 4704

    I thought when AJ came back - Liz truly could have helped him. They could have been something really great. TIIC just didn't care though. Brought Sean back just to kick him to the curb AGAIN.


    • SamandWillowFan
      Senior Board Member
      • Dec 2018
      • 1581

      Kristina and Ethan over anybody else
      Maxie and Johnny


      • believeinme246
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Jan 2015
        • 14803

        Alexis and Luke. They had remarkable chemistry.


        • ann gabriel
          ann gabriel commented
          Editing a comment
          Wrong? Why? They are actors. Ever watch Rock Hudson, a gorgeous romantic leading man!

        • smirks
          smirks commented
          Editing a comment
          I guess it's just their preferred style of acting doesn't really lend itself to a romantic pairing between the characters. Which -- yeah, I know it sounds like a bit much, considering Luke is one half of the greatest supercouple of all time. But the thing is, there was a particular softer expression that I've only seen TG use in Luke towards Laura. I've never seen it with other characters like Skye, Tracy, or Felicia. I'm not sure about Holly the early years. And TG has kind of erred towards the dark and glib with Luke for the last 2 decades, and it's not great for selling romance.

          And then you have NLG. Alexis has also had successful pairings, but I know that romantically, and especially in the last 18 or so years, she tends to really lean heavily in romance towards the awkward and the slapstick. It can work as long as she's paired with a male actor capable of softness.

          In terms of romance, I think you need at least one actor who is capable of being kind of soft, Neither NLG or TG have traditionally played that role in their characters' romances, so it would just be awkward. I think that might be entertaining to some people, but I don't think it would be good in an unironic sense.

          I know that they are both great actors, but neither have a great strength in selling real romance.

        • CassadineSon
          CassadineSon commented
          Editing a comment
          Darn straight!! Luke with Mikkos’ daughter had story written all over it!!
      • K Tak
        Day Player
        • Mar 2017
        • 113

        Nicolas and Hayden. They were blackmailing each other. It was a perfect match.


        • lala214
          lala214 commented
          Editing a comment
          Agreed! They were really good together! Also Nikolas and Ava could have been good!
      • ghgirl84
        Senior Board Member
        • Nov 2015
        • 2174

        Jason & Keesha- Sam is Jason's soulmate, but Jason & Keesha had something special that should have been revisited & had the same respect that's given to all of Jason's other relationships that were before he met his soulmate Sam.Instead of completely ISH -ing on their relationship & Keesha as a character.

        Hayden & Finn- they belong together


        • believeinme246
          believeinme246 commented
          Editing a comment
          I liked Jason with Keesha so much more than the dysfunctional relationship with Sam where he was always pushing her away, she was always crying and then he wanted Danny to be aborted because he despised and couldn't accept Sam being pregnant after she was raped. Sam was hurting terribly and needed a partner who was there for her, but Jason was so morally devoid that he couldn't give it, until the writers decided to clean up the relationship before he was supposedly killed, so that she could grieve this toxic creep. I know that we're supposed to believe that they were the love story of the decade, but I just don't see that.

          Keesha had a quiet class and I just loved her character.
      • houstonian
        Soap Addict
        • Aug 2005
        • 6052

        Sam and Lucky by far for me! Greg and Kelly had amazing chemistry and after the summer of sleaze debacle, they were a breath of fresh air. Loved them!


        • lala214
          lala214 commented
          Editing a comment
          LuSam was HOT!! I loved those two, and they didn't get a fair chance.
      • Bkes Mom
        I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
        • Sep 2009
        • 7534

        Liz and Nik. Amazing chemistry and pretty as can be.


        • FLPeaches
          Contract Poster
          • Jul 2016
          • 3050

          ♥♥ Kevin and Laura


          • ScrubsFan#1
            ScrubsFan#1 commented
            Editing a comment
            Oh God yes - I can't believe I overlooked them. Pray to the stars that they can put their barely there marriage back together.

          • FLPeaches
            FLPeaches commented
            Editing a comment
            they just barely got married, then GF was gone for all that time ~
            and now....
            I was really looking forward to Laura and Kevin becoming our next Steve & Audrey...
            such a shame.
        • rosamaira
          Contract Poster
          • Apr 2017
          • 3433

          Finn and Hayden
          Liz and Nicholas
          Ethan and Helena's daughter
          Alexis and Jax


          • Chabby lover
            Contract Poster
            • Jun 2018
            • 2507

            Sam and Drew to me they were perfect for each other. Sam sure is not Jason's soulmate

            Jason and Carly now Carly is Jason's soul mate Carly and Sonny

            Elizabeth and Nicholas

            Finn and Hayden

            Jax and Brenda

            Brenda and Sonny. I will always believe that Brenda and Sonny did belong together they were perfect for each other


            • want2stayGHfan
              I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
              • Jul 2015
              • 9153

              Jason and Elizabeth
              Robert and Holly
              Ethan and Maya


              • emsnana
                I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                • Dec 2011
                • 7542

                Jason and Carly
                Jason and Keesha


                • Sam_Philly_Girl
                  Board Regular
                  • May 2018
                  • 1453

                  Michael and Francesca.

                  It lasted - what - two dates?


                  • Gypsy88
                    Day Player
                    • Apr 2018
                    • 202

                    Sam and Drew. Or Sam and Lucky And Sam and Patrick . To me Sam had a lot of potential with different men for them to be a great couple then instead of constantly putting her back with Jason .

                    Also Liz and AJ or Liz and Drew

                    I know the whole Maxie and Lucky situation was bad, but I thought they had lots of chemistry.

                    Random and I know they weren’t couple but thought Niklaus and Nadine had chemistry.
                    Last edited by Gypsy88; February 24, 2019, 06:15 PM. Reason: Added


                    • SamandWillowFan
                      SamandWillowFan commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Nikolas and Nadine were a couple for a time. They definitely slept together.

                    • Gypsy88
                      Gypsy88 commented
                      Editing a comment
                      OMG Did they ,cause I swear that she liked Niklaus and there was flirting but that was like after Emily died so it went nowhere . Well as much as apparently I forgot I at least remember that I liked them.

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