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Think I just saw Coleman in an AT&T commercial


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  • JRCarter
    Senior Board Member
    • Jul 2004
    • 2377

    Think I just saw Coleman in an AT&T commercial

    He (or someone who looked like him) was playing a tattoo artist.
  • SunsetFan2011
    Contract Poster
    • Aug 2015
    • 3107

    I've seen that commercial also, and I do believe it's the actor who played Coleman on GH.

    Love his line to his customer, "Stay in your lane, bro."


    • FLPeaches
      Contract Poster
      • Jul 2016
      • 3047

      thanks...I'll have to keep my eyes open for that ~ I always loved ♥Coleman.


      • Soapaholic26
        Senior Board Member
        • Jan 2017
        • 2384

        I hope that's Coleman. I've been telling everyone who happens to be watching TV with me, "It's Coleman"!!!! Including everyone in the sports bar last Saturday night.


        • wfreshie2130
          Executive Poster
          • Aug 2016
          • 3888

          When was coleman on GH??? oh I found a link with a pic of him for anyone who doesn't know the character

          Last edited by wfreshie2130; January 10, 2019, 07:07 PM.


          • endlessmaze
            Board Regular
            • Oct 2009
            • 1388

            I saw that commercial as well. I'm 99% sure that is the actor, Blake Gibbons, who played Coleman. He looked slightly different from when he played Coleman. But quite similar to when Blake Gibbons appeared on Supernatural in the episode Bad Boys portraying Sonny. Here's a link to a picture of Blake on Supernatural


            Here's a link to a pic of the guy in the commercial


            Pretty sure that's him.

            Edited: After I hit post I noticed that the link to the commercial has his name in it. So I guess that confirms it. LOL that I didn't notices that before I posted.
            Last edited by endlessmaze; January 10, 2019, 07:36 PM.


            • KendallSam
              I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
              • Jun 2007
              • 9949

              The actor who played Shawn was on tonights episode of a Lethal Weapon. It was great getting to see him again, even if it wasn’t on GH!

              Free Shawn! His bullet didn’t hit whats her name? RB character. Granted he did shoot at her


              • brickee
                Board Regular
                • Aug 2006
                • 1437

                I think it says a lot about the actor that after all these years, fans still get excited to see him in a commercial. Hopefully, one day he will get out of jail and return to town. He was never given all that much to do, but he was very captivating.


                • Clementine15
                  Clementine15 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  l agree! He looks like someone (pleasantly!) from my past, so l always enjoyed him. He is a good actor, too. Such presence!
                  Last edited by Clementine15; January 11, 2019, 04:18 PM.

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