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Live Thread 12/6


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  • Live Thread 12/6

    Finn and Anna arrive in cuba

    michael talks to willow at gh

    jordan and Curtis in bed talk Griffin

    sam talking to Alexis about Griffin she may have info
    that proves he is innocent

    griffin at pcpd with chase he says I didn't kill Kiki real killer is still out three

    laura comes to see Ryan wants to be all to psychiatrist

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    Anna teaching Finn to salsa dance

    willow says those seeds you gave me never grew Michael says she helped him to be able to
    talk about Jonah

    ryan says can,t treat you Laura says it is for aides and Charlotte she wants an imput then Laura mentions
    his new girlfriend

    chase has more questions for Griffin talk of night before Halloween he says where they met Sasha chase qeuestioning griffin
    killing Mary Pat

    sam says spi. Got access to phone records that could set them free


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      anna and finn continue dancing and talking griffin as dr, o walks in

      willow says all I did was sit and listen Michael says she looked like she understood everything he said. she goes on about
      losing a child all the hopes and dreams just gone he says you get it. she says when you described your loss felt how alone
      you were wondered about Jonah mother.

      sam and Curtis she is sorry not to get to his wedding they hug he needs a case he is sorry for her loss she says if you want a case have
      one for you sam is the client

      chase shows griffin a wallet/ with blood on it found at his apartment. chase goes on about mary pat being a nurse he doctor griffin says so I killed
      mary pat out her head in ava studio to stick it to her. alexis comes in saus get e dr. Monroe phone

      laura has a bit of empathy for ava loss tell her I am sorry for kiki loss. ryan says that is gracious of you, laura wants most to have people she loves'around her ryan
      give her an envelope divorce papers


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        Thank you. Jackaled, always a good read.
        Equal thanks, Karmasita, for previews; now or later :-)


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          anna says you are coming with us, dr. o says nope anna says we are trying to save your daughter life dr.o says well at least I
          keep track of my children and know where they are,

          Michael says joanh mother not part of my life. Michael wonder if she will tell her story next time

          Curtis reads about Leland wonders what this has to do with sam..she sasys I am his wife.

          alexis says check his selfie with kiki at the wedding they were deleted on the phone but not on the cloud.

          ryan says this is best way to do this laura gets mad you serve me with divorce papers ryan says don't make a scene
          if we can't speak civilly let the lawyers hash it out he has to go to meeting she says no. she says I don't need a psychraitist but you do,. ryan
          says don't ever say that to me again. he makes laura flinch


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            aura says are you threatening me ryan says don't be ridiculous he doesn;t want to cause her anymore pain and he leaves'

            alexis says read the date and time of that pic, so she lays out the time line

            sam says she was working a con my brother danny needed to be in group home couldn;t afford it so this was before I cam to pc
            she ran this con on a few. I would marry them then leave them never look back Curtis wonders who sent it and why she wants to put
            this part of her life behind her.

            Michael is like sorry she will talk when she is ready. he mentions kiki she was a part of my family ithen aololgizes for going on and on
            she gives him a smiley sticker


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              anna says you would do whatever you could to save your daughter dr.o says it is a trick

              Jordan says to griffin he is free to go she is sorry for his loss chase says the same and leaves
              griffin says not over.

              curits says this was mailed from pc so whoever must live here. sam says she used an alias never expected
              anyone to tie it to her. the article is from galina ///illinois


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                Michael asks willow if she would like to get coffee with hijm sometime as chase comes along he asks if they
                are still on for tonight.

                sam says I used to live there really homesick I need a subscription but I am in ny she says port Charles ny ...she says
                what someone from here already gets it its a small world.

                random nurse give griffin kiki things from her locker he opens the box of pain looks at picture ..Jason would be proud of griffin
                bop face.

                alexis talks to laura she says she needs a lawyer kevin is divorcing me he needs a different tyepe of hel there is something really
                wrong with kevin.

                ryan calls Jordon about the mary pat case Jordan says we think her and mary pat case are related we may be dealing with
                the same killer ryan smiles....

                the end


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                  -Anna to Olbrecht, as Finn looks u want to save your daughter’s life or don’t you...

                  -Curtis to Sam...never underestimate how trusting some people can be...

                  -Alexis to Kristina, at Charlie’s ...I really look forward to meeting any of these new friends of yours,(Daisy walking in as they speak, waves and smiles at Kristina)...

                  -Kim to Oscar...I have to say something...

                  -Stella to Mike, as Sonny and Carly observe...those roses r gorgeous, what did I do to deserve them...

                  -Margaux to Jason...why would I investigate you...


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