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  • You might be in pc if

    Mafia families are accepted into society. If you can be across town in one minute. People return from the dead. People escape from ferncliff without the doctors noticing. children experience rapid growth. People wake up with perfect hair, makeup on and no morning breath. Men go shirtless in the dead of winter. An explosion happens at a pub and it's open for business the next day. If your child is killed and you donate his liver to another child and years later your child shows up alive.
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    You also might be in PC... if you find out either that you have an identical twin...or an adult child you never knew about


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      You check into GH paralyzed, severely burned, dying of cancer, etc and within days you are miraculously cured and heading home.


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        Be a known mobster without bodyguards for self and family, yet remain unharmed, walking to and fro, hither and dither, throughout...

        Be an ex WSB agent, bis'slapped by an untrained grandmother.


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          Haha, nice thread!


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            You might be in PC If you travel across town in 3 seconds.
            That every pizza place is open on Thanksgiving.

            Great thread.


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              You might be in PC if you have multiple children from multiple baby daddy's and no one can keep track on who is who.


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                ...your clothes, fingernail polish, or hair cut changes magically while talking to the same person.

       slink around during winter in sleeveless dresses and are never cold without a sweater or jacket

       feel completely comfortable answering a knock at your door in a towel or lingerie

                ....your "work" consists of talking to friends all day, allows you to leave at a moment's notice and has awesome "time off" policies to deal with sudden out of town trips

      're kidnapped, assaulted, knocked out, blackmailed or meet someone returned from the dead on a yearly basis

      've met your doppelganger (and they're obsessed with you)

       or no one you know has money problems


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                  ...if you feel and urge to go and praise Sonny as father of the year and put his name forward for PC Citizen for Life and have the town hall renamed for him

                  ...if you feel an urge to kiss, date, or marry ex-serial killers and or sex offenders

                  ...if you have slept with you mother/father's lover or your sister's/brother's love...extra points if you have don't it more than once...

                  ...if your child was stolen from you either while and embryo or right after birth..extra points if more than one embryo were stolen

                  ...if you were once dead


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                    ...if you live in a small seaport town which somehow has a world-class hotel; an annual hospital fundraiser that gets major red-carpet television coverage; some of the most renowned physicians in the country; the headquarters for a major fashion magazine, a popular tabloid and a huge corporation (ELQ); and is a hub of international espionage!


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                      ......if everyone you’ve ever known ends up buried in the same cemetery. ........if you have to leave town to find a date to avoid inbreeding. .......if your newly remodeled house (paging LIz) looks a whole lot like your aunt and uncle’s old house (paging Rick and Lesley). .....if seeing Lucy in her underwear once a year is no big deal. .......if one out of 4 citizens is the spitting image of MIchael Easton. .....if it isn’t really Thanksgiving without pizza.


                      • Topaz25
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                        The Michael Easton one really made me chuckle!!!!

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                      LOL this thread is so funny!


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                        ...if you can overhear everything, even though the door is shut. You can't hear anything, even though the door is ajar.

                        So many furtive glances flying around the room when getting busted, that one has to duck, yet no one seems to notice because everyone has such an awesome poker face.
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                          What a great post!!! I'll add to it
                          ...if you are in town one day and the next you have a whole slew of relatives who also have a slew of relatives just waiting to arrive.. LOL


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                            If you never ever check to see who's at the door, you just open it. even if you're Sonny........


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