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did anna ever find out about BJ onscreen


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  • did anna ever find out about BJ onscreen

    i know she was her legal gaurdian for awhile. i don't think robin told her during their reunion on AMC

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    Tony and Tania bought Rick Webber when Rick and Ginny left PC late 8C6
    The Jones Family being Tony,Tania/BJ and Frisco/Felica celebrated Christmas 86 at Tony new House
    formerly Rick Webber

    When Tania Died Mar 87
    Tony was broken emotionally so Frisco and Felica moved in with Tony and BJ.
    Frisco and Felica took care of thier family.

    Felicia was interviewing Nanny and house keepers.
    We met Lucy Coe Aunt Charlene.
    Lucy Aunt Charlene worked for Tony and took care of BJ.
    Ruby also took care took care of BJ.
    Bobbie also took care of BJ.
    Tony and Bobbie got married Oct 89 in Puerto Rico with just Family present.
    Frisco was best man,Terry Brock was Bobbie Maid of Honor.
    Baby Lucas, BJ and Ruby were thier plus minister.

    BJ God Parents were Uncle Frisco/Aunt Felica I do remeber.

    Thier would no reason for Anna to be BJ Guardian that I know of.
    That sound like some writers rewritting what did happen to fit thier own Agenda
    some years latter.

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      i dont think i remember ana as a legal guardian to bj, there were plenty of family memebrs to take care of bj


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        Actually Anna and Duke were her legal guardians for a short time. Tony was suffering from yet another head injury (poor guy had a few) and lost his vision. While he was in the hospital, Lucy, his estranged wife and Bobbie were battling over temporary custody over BJ. Anna and Robert were in court as character witnesses for Bobbie. Since both women had a lot of dirt on the other, and it was pretty nasty hearing, the court was not going to let either have custody of her and was going to place her in a foster home. Anna, who had recently miscarried, volunteered to care for BJ until Tony was well enough to care for her on his own. Many people questioned whether Anna could care for her knowing BJ would eventually go home, but it was healing for her. She and Tony had some very serious and deep conversations while he was in the hospital. They did have a silly little sl where Duke’s new club manager had kidnapped BJ because she had lost her daughter and had become delusional. Anna finally tracked her down and got BJ back just before Tony was released.

        As for your question OP, I don’t remember any conversation where someone broke the news to Anna that BJ had died. I do remember it being mentioned in conversation with Anna and Bobbi.
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        • Q777S
          Q777S commented
          Editing a comment
          thanks for that, i had not remembered that history

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