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Live Thread 10/5


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  • Live Thread 10/5

    Griffin and Kiki kissing.

    Maxie wonder why Peter is avoiding her.

    Danny says Teacher say families made up of people
    who love each other do you love Mommy. Jason
    hesitates then says yes I love her very much

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    someone comes in the gym so griffin and Kiki stop
    but profess they both want each other.

    Oscar giving Drew and Kim attitude. Oscar says listen to me
    why should I go back to school. Who needs homework whatever
    use my time reading what I want. He researched his cancer
    he will be lukcy to make it to his junior year. Kim is like fine take
    things day by day. Kim says have hope. Oscar says the
    trial is promising when it doens;t Kill the patient.

    Joss and Cam she says this break up is not real.

    Peter says yes Lulu spoke to me about keeping a distance.
    Maxie says Lulu doesn;t speak for me. She get Lulu caring
    but why did Peter go along with it. He hurt her he will forever
    be sorry.

    Danny says I love mommy too. Jason says Mommy lovews
    you and Scout. Sam brings Snacks tells Danny Grandma is coming
    Danny goes upstair after saying he needed help putting
    something to together.


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      Thank YOu Jackaled..and to Karmasita.............


      • #4
        Peter is like you don;t feel uncomfortable around me.
        Maxie talks forgiveness

        Liz tending Aiden who doesn;t feel good. Liz wonders
        if something happened at school he says lunch was gross.
        Liz says rest here he is at GH. She talks with Franco outside.

        Joss says she will decorate thier bench again she knows Oscar
        cares. She says to Cam you will get Oscar there then take off.
        Joss says text Oscar

        Drew says we have been advised of the risk but we have not
        committed to the trial. Kim says no guarantees but this treatment
        can work for you. Drew says what is important is to stay in
        a positive mind set. Kim says it can help. Oscar says don;t you
        think I want hope. You lied to me for two years. You knew I would

        Some lego thing is what Jasam trying to put together. Jasam
        song. Jason says let get to work.


        • #5
          Griffin says this is up to us. she holds his hand let
          my mother do her worst. We might as well do what we want
          He is all for that. they kiss.

          Maxie says when I found out you were Henrick I was hurt
          and angry the more time passes I think how great you were
          you help me give birth to James. She is done with
          bitterness and anger. For all the people who forgave me
          after I did something terrible this is paying it forward.

          Joss says my dad taught me you only fail if you give into fear.
          She says text Oscar. She does it

          Oscar says I spent all night looking for reason to hope.
          Kim says did you see where tumors are shrinking in patients.
          OScar doesn;t want any of that.

          Jason says we have to put it in order. Jason gazing at her as she
          talks.. she put a lego person together,


          • #6
            thank you for the dedication and work on the live thread each day, much gratitude.
            have a fantastic weekend


            • #7
              Kiki says lets go back to my place. He says I wanna
              be sure we are doing this for right reason not just to stick
              it to Ava. He wants them to get to know each other.

              Peter says your anger is a heavy burden glad you let it go.
              Maxie says he is only reason I can move on. I wanna focus
              on the good for him. PEter says I hope you let me part of his
              life he is my family can I visit him from time to time. She says
              the panic attack was that PSTD fro being held captive or
              something else.

              Jason putting the lego pieces together. Jason touches
              her hand.

              Oscar says it is my turn I get to plan what to do with the
              rest of my life. Kim is like slow down. You are acting out.
              Kim mentions breaking up with Joss. Drew is like why.

              Joss says can;t believe he won;t text back. What am I suppose
              to do accept he has just moved on. Joss mentions how she treated
              him when her mom was in ferncliff. He stood by her. now she has to
              do that to him. Cam is like did you ever tell him you didn;t want to
              be with you. Joss says it doesn;t make sence . Cam says there is
              a reason.D

              Drew is like you think you are doing Joss a favor by breaking up
              with her after Oscar says he doesn;t want Joss sitting around
              trying to get him better he wants her happy.


              • #8
                Thank you Jackaled & Karmasita for a mos'excellent week. "Ya'done good"

                Happy Friday everyone!


                • #9
                  Thank you Jackaled and Karmasita for the live Thread


                  • #10
                    Peter says Obrecht had me tied down for weeks it
                    messed with my head some goes back to when I was
                    a kid. He was 7 didn;t know how to swim so my father
                    threw me in deep end I sank I blacked out when I came
                    too I was on concrete chocking. Sometime i get the feeling
                    that I am flailing.

                    Liz talking to Franco Aiden what is his motive to be sick
                    He does well in school. Liz says you think I am worried for

                    Drew says Joss is crazy about you you feel same way. Drew
                    says you are jumping from one decision to the next. I get it.
                    Drew is like how do you think she will feel when she finds out
                    that you didn;t trust her to be there or you didn;t want her help.
                    Kim says make things right with Joss. Oscar leaves.

                    Joss says you have to tell me. Cam says Oscar is an idiot.
                    He broke up with you you put him first he dumped you without
                    and explaination. Joss knows Oscar he doesn;t want this.
                    She wants Cam to go. So he does. She says wait. I don;t
                    agree with anything you said but sorry for going off on you.
                    Apology accepted. If Oscar texts you will you let me know.

                    Oscar at the elevator checks his messages get the text
                    to meet in the park. he goes in the elevator.

                    They completed the lego cabin? not sure what it is?
                    Jasam song. Sam says Danny will touch one piece
                    whole thing will fall. J ason says then we put it back
                    together. he likes working with her. She smiles.


                    • #11
                      Griffin talks the PC film festival.

                      Liz and Franco come back to give Aiden something to drink.

                      He His stomach feels better.

                      Cam at GH see Oscar sitting there. Cam says I was
                      with Joss she doesn;t buy you broke up with her for no
                      reason. I am done lying for you tell Joss the truth. he texts
                      her back as Joss is looking at pic of her and oscar on the computer,
                      HE blocks her from posting on his social media. He tells
                      CAm what he did . HE says I have to make her hate me so
                      it is easier when I die.

                      Drew says you can;t blame him for being pissed. Drew is like
                      he is good kid he will come to his senses. and realize this treatment
                      is he best chance.
                      fists clenaxie says I lets ride the elevator together he says no....
                      she says I trust you if you trust me. he walks in..fists clenched
                      they hold hands.

                      Jason says let me know when you want me to rebuild. Sam
                      thanks him for today and kisses his cheek Jason turns his
                      head and they KISS.....

                      The End


                      • #12

                        - Kiki to Ava...I will drag u out of here myself...

                        - Nina to Maxie...what if this girl wants nothing to do with me...

                        - Valentin...how long r u in town...
                        - Laura...for good...

                        - Margaux to Jordan...ur dropping the investigation...

                        - Mike to Sonny...30 years that gun has been at the bottom of the Hudson...

                        - Jason unbuttoning Sam’s top, they kiss...


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