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Does a day go by when Jason isn't praised as a hero


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  • Does a day go by when Jason isn't praised as a hero

    OMG Kristina just HAD TO SAY how Jason saved her life. It seems every day we have someone singing his praises yet we don't hear anyone saying that HE MURDERS PEOPLE for a living. Seeing him with his son made me think of what Mike asked him, would he want his son to follow in his footsteps. Does he ever think how his lifestyle will affect his children or does he just not care?

  • #2
    I like Mr. Jason Hero.

    But, that said, I completely agree Jason should have done an immediate and total reevaluation of his life choices when he returned to Port Charles.

    We should have seen scenes of Jason teling Sonny he found out nuJason had no problem being mob-free and so he's doing the same thing.

    Jason should have told Sonny if he wants their bromance to continue, Sonny will need to reevaluate his own life choices and make changes.

    I like Jason-the-Hero, but I want to see him do it as a good-guy who outsmarts people and never needs to resort to violence. Never.


    • want2stayGHfan
      want2stayGHfan commented
      Editing a comment
      No, I wasn't talking about Elizabeth.

      I was ready for the "Jason's a thug now" storyline to be over 5 minutes after it started; long before Jason ever met Elizabeth.

      My comment about Jason coming back and reevaluating his life choices was about his current storyline: he fought to get back to Sam and Danny.

      Just his harbor experience alone, and how it wasn't easy to get back, and, because Jason was 'gone' Sam was with someone else, should have been enough to cause Jason to do some soul searching, imo.

    • ann gabriel
      ann gabriel commented
      Editing a comment
      Who's to say he hasn't done or isn't doing some soul searching? He may decide to temper the kind of role he assumes in Sonny's business; he may not. And either way is just fine. He is not now nor has he ever been a thug. He is in a business where everyone understands the risks and plays by known rules. Jason uses violence in self defense, when needed. He does not live a violent life for the sake of violence. There's a difference. As I said, Jason is, IMO, the opposite of a thug.

    • believeinme246
      believeinme246 commented
      Editing a comment
      This thread is very good. Personally I have no problem with Kristina being a friend to Jason. However, Jason has walked from relationships and even his own children because of his life of professional killing, beating, maiming, knee hammering. I find him mentally a teenager. How many times have parents heard, this is me. It's who I am. If you want me to be like that, that's not like me. A man carves out the life he wants to live. He improves himself. He does what is right. Jason does what is right with his family, but not professionally. You don't hammer knees to send a message to a third party.

      Jakeson did leave the mob and his family was not hurt. Jason chooses to be a dependent, a drone.

      That said, I used to despise Jason when the violence was more graphic. I now like him many times, if I close my eyes and ears to what he does for a living.

      However, he is not a good role model, and if Danny or Jake wanted a job to be just like Daddy, I don't think that Jason would be very happy with that either.

      I think that Margaux is on the show to shake things up and to be that conscience.

      However, I don't mind Kristina remembering that Jason saved her lives. Today Jason and Franco are the new superheroes of GH.

  • #3
    Jason is a Hero...he always comes to everyone's rescue & saves the day...so why shouldn't he be praised...what he does for a living has nothing to do with it


    • Wild Horses
      Wild Horses commented
      Editing a comment
      That is what I think too. If I were in trouble he could come and rescue me.

    • ghfan55
      ghfan55 commented
      Editing a comment
      I agree with you. Jason does not have to change to be a good dad. And put me on the list to get rescued by him,lol.

  • #4
    How is Jason any different from any other adult male in PC ?. Sonny is a mob boss and makes no apologies for it. Julian is an ex mob boss but I give him props for trying to turn his life around. Valentine is as shady as they come and yet Nina and Charlotte think he hung the moon...well Nina not so much any more...but she did at one time. Peter pointed his brother in the direction of the BSC father and yet some see him as this wounded bird who is trying to be a better person. Griffin is a cheating priest, Michael is captain save a psycho, and let's not forget the resident saint of PC lop...FRANCO !!!...The man was a rape facilitating serial killer but yet his minions sing his praises to anyone who will listen.

    So from what I have seen Jason is in good company.


    • #5
      I haven't watched GH all that long but even I know Jaaon is a 'hero' - I expect him to be a hero regardless of his criminal connections. It's a show - fiction - and if I couldn't accept that premise I wouldn't watch it.


      • #6
        Just because most of the other men in Port Charles are being written as evil and undesirable, that doesn't make it fine for Jason to stay violent, imo.

        Jason should have been de-thugged 20 years ago. 2 years would have been more than enough time for the Jason the thug storyline, imo.

        The target audience for GH is women, and imo, one of the big reasons the ratings keep going down is all the men on the show are undesirable for this reason or for that reason.

        Give all these guys a behavior makeover, imo!!! Turn them all into versions of Mr. Hero, strong, courageous, excellent, wise, romantically very attentive (not talking about sex here).

        I'd like to see such a big change that viewers are debating which character is more wonderful, instead of trying to excuse bad behavior by pointing out other characters are worse.


        • #7
          He did in fact save Kristina's life. What's wrong with her acknowledging that and thanking him? Would it be any different if it weren't Jason?


          • #8
            Jason is excellent, EXACTLY the way he is, IMO. Very excellent. Strong, courageous, honorable, fiercely loyal, gentle, loving, and heroic. He is the exact opposite of a "thug". Yes, he is a man who uses force when necessary. I prefer that to a deceitful, selfish slimeball type who sneaks behind the scenes to metaphorically stab someone in the back.

            And romantic? Wow. He and Sam have off the charts chemistry that enables them to light up each other's worlds, sometimes with white hot passion, sometimes with eyes locked on each other, sometimes with the gentlest touch.


            • #9
              I think its the "nearly every day" reminder that bugs people.


              • perky7kc
                perky7kc commented
                Editing a comment
                That's it exactly AND it's bad writing. They shouldn't have to tell us whose a hero, we should be able to figure that out for ourselves if the writing is good.

            • #10
              Seeing how little damage was done by the explosion She probably would have been ok.
              Yeah they always have to write him in even if he is across town.


              • #11
                Originally posted by ann gabriel View Post
                LOL. "re-evaluation of his life choices"? So he can be with Liz?

                Jason is fiercely protective of his ability and right to make his own life choices. This is why what Liz did to Jakeson out of desperation, selfishness and lust was so horrific. Since his return, Jason has made choices true to who he is. He has chosen Sam. He has chosen to give her the space she asked for. He has chosen to be loyal to Sonny and Carly. He has chosen to be a good dad to his sons. He has chosen to always support the family he loves. Good choices, IMO, authentic and honorable.
                I love everything about this post.


                • ann gabriel
                  ann gabriel commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Thanks! It's easy to write this kind of post about such a great character.

              • #12
                I can't remember the last time Jason killed anyone. I think it's high time he shoots someone again so we can remember that side of him. lol


                • #13
                  He wasn't given the nickname J A S U S for nothing.


                  • #14
                    Originally posted by CincyLady View Post
                    I haven't watched GH all that long but even I know Jaaon is a 'hero' - I expect him to be a hero regardless of his criminal connections. It's a show - fiction - and if I couldn't accept that premise I wouldn't watch it.
                    I just had to say - Thank You!! You summed it up perfectly! This is not real life! It is a relief to read someone actually coming right out and saying it.


                    • #15
                      LOL, so Kristina CAN'T thank Jason for saving her life? LOL. I love it, and I love that Jason is back, and he's back to being the Jason Morgan I love and recognize. I love how Sam acts around him, and I love that he is getting to spend time with his son. I love the mobster Jason, the father Jason, and I love hero Jason. Love it all.


                      • PinkDiamond
                        PinkDiamond commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I'm with you Maxum...I couldn't have said it better myself

                      • ann gabriel
                        ann gabriel commented
                        Editing a comment
                        (vigorous applause)

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