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Live Thread 10/3


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  • Live Thread 10/3

    Joss tells Carly Oscar broke up with her.

    Cam in school library doing homework Oscar comes along.

    Drew reassuring Kim that Oscar will come around he needs
    his family , they all do.

    Maxie telling Nina about the WSB being close to finding Leisel
    as Nina is distracted.

    Laura talking to Ryan she missed him last night. He doesn;t
    want her to get this cold and he coughs..

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    Nina is like sorry Maxie notices picture of Sasha
    thinks she is model as Curtis comes in. She wants to talk
    about Sasha why didn;t he tell her.

    Joss says came out of nowhere. She doesn;t understand
    why he would do this. Carly says what did he say. That he
    needed space not my fault. He took off. Carly says maybe
    Oscar going thru something.

    Oscar has a paper on "The Catcher in the Rye" he will give
    it to Cam he can use it. Cam wonder why he is doing this
    why doesn;t he need the papare. OScar says when you
    said you had Cancer you were right. Cam is like lots of
    people know Oscar says except me.

    Drew and Kim talking to Monica. tells her about Oscar
    brain tumor.

    Laura says Ryan seems better all ready. HE is going into
    work. She wanted to spend day with him. He says my patients
    need me. She give him a present she got him. it a pic of them
    together she says though you could find special place in his
    office for it.


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      Kim mentions trying a drug trial. Drew says take it day
      by day. Monica would like to see the doctors report and
      any tests OScar has had. Monica says if the trial disappoints
      there are others we will get him thru this.

      Cam doens;t know what to say. Maybe it won;t be that bad.
      Oscar says Joss doesn;t know and you can;t tell her. Cam
      says she should know and here it from you. You said you were
      mad at your parents for not telling you and now you do that to
      Joss. She will find out. Oscar says he will make sure of it
      Oscar give him the paper says that is the payment for keeping
      your mouth shut.

      Joss talking wiht Carly she know she loves Oscar. Carly
      hugs her. He said he loved me. Carly says you keep moving
      yiou are strong beautiful young woman you will get thru this.

      Curtis didn;t want to get her hopes up and wasn;'t sure
      Valentin was on the up and up. Nina understands that.

      Emergency Broadcast Test........

      Felicia talking to Maxie about Maxie working so she gives
      her ideas for mother daughter trip. Maxie says you sound
      like you need it more than I do.

      Ryan dressed for work has the tie as He wraps it around
      his hands says he will think of her everytime he wears it
      as he gets a visit from Lulu. I didn;t recognize her with her
      hair in a ponytail.


      • jward1108
        jward1108 commented
        Editing a comment
        Everything went blue here after the alert. I couldn't even change channels or volume. Then when the picture came back, no sound. Then the sound of the alert continued during the commercials. It was a failed attempt to control the public, if you ask me. At least I remembered to power off my cell phone.

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      Ryan says he has to go to work. Laura gets a strange
      look on her face. she says i get home Kevin fighting cold
      he spent the night in the guest room.

      Felicia why can;t we plan a trip without an agenda. Felicia
      says TV people have been contacting me for story about
      Ryan. All these people are nuts. Felicia is worried about Maxie.

      Curtis says you are 99.9% match with Sasha. Curtis says
      nothing Sasha said convinced me she wasn;t. But I need
      more evidence. Nina shows him the necklace.

      Kim says Oscar having hard time dealing with it. We are telling
      you cuz you are COS (and Grandma) and wants it kept quiet.
      Kim leaves. Monica talks to Drew how is he doing. He doesn;t
      know. I just found Oscar figuring out how to be father don; t know
      what to do feel so bad for the kid don;t know what to do.

      Cam comes to see Joss. She wants him to be honest
      she tells him Oscar broke up with her. Cam says he what?
      Are you sure? Maybe you are overreacting. No I understood.
      Cam doesn;t know what to say. Joss syas tell me why he did it.

      Carly see Ryan thanks you saved me a call Therapy I am
      ready to talk about Ferncliff and what happened there.


      • #5
        Thanks Jackaled...and Karmasita............


        • #6
          Ryan says call my office she brings up morse code.
          Ryan gets testy why does she keep bringing that up.
          HE says I apologize must be this buG I will make time for you
          Carly looks forward to it. Ryan goes off. Carly see Kim
          she says can we talk about Oscar.

          Monica says there are cures for things thought terminal.
          I am cnacer survivor will make sure Oscar is too. Monica
          says let us help you so you can help him. Drew thanks her
          and hugs her.

          Cam says saw Oscar this morning he was acting wierd
          he gave me his paper. Joss is like you know something.

          Lulu asks about Spencer the snap chats he sends rocco
          and charlotte are hilarious. Laura asks about Dante being away.
          Lulu says she missed him so much. Laura asks about her work.

          Felicia doesn;t want reporters bothering her about this story.
          MAxie says I was too young to remember just what you told me.
          Felicia was always worried MAxie may have seen or heard
          something. Maxie understands you should go on this trip with Mac
          he was your hero with Ryan.

          Nina explains the necklace. Curtis gets a call from the other lab
          the results are in.


          • #7
            Curtis says the lab confirmed it. Nina says I have a
            daughter Curtis says Sasha grew up believeing woman
            who raised her is her mother this will be shock to her too.
            Curtis leaves. Maxie comes in. Did he find Leisel .
            No he found someone else.

            Carly tells Kim that Oscar broke up with Joss. Kim is like
            that is last thing he should have done.

            Cam says OScar never said anything about dumping you.
            Joss thinks he is holding back. Cam says Oscar and I don;t
            have much to talk about. Joss says must be another girl.
            Cam says no way who could be better than you you are smart
            hilarious and beautiful.

            Drew see Oscar who tries to walk away Drew says wait are
            you ok. Why are you not in school. Oscar say what is point of
            school or anything else.

            Lulu tells Laura about running the article about Faison Son.
            She says Dante is not please that She works for people but
            she feels she made the right decision. Laura says Kevin brought
            up the Ryan thing when he visited me last he was not thrilled
            with the 25 year anniversary. Laura says Kevin never really
            shares about it. Lulu says he gives me lots of info. Laura
            says my husband is special man

            Felicia see Ryan says Kevin can you make time for me.


            • #8
              Drew says to Oscar you don;t know what will happen.
              OScar says dont; know how long I will live. Drew says
              no one does. Oscar says I am here to tell mom I am done
              with school I am dropping out.

              Cam says if Oscar doesn;t come running back that is his loss
              I hate seeing you like this. Joss asks I don;t care why he broke
              up with me instead of figuring out why I want you to help me
              get Oscar back.

              Kim says first I am hearing of breakup. Kim says Oscar going
              thru something personal right now that is all I can say.

              Nina says Curtis found my daugther. Maxie looks at her like
              she is crazy,

              Lulu asks Laura what is next. Laura says strange to be here
              without Spencer looking forward to going back to my job
              on hosptial board.

              Ryan says Felicia. Felicia says KEvin is everything alright.
              He says just under the weather he says lets go to my office
              where we can have some privacy. Felicia says OK.

              The End.


              • #9

                - Finn’s dad, to Chase...one thing ur brother hates more than me is failure...

                - Griffin...do u ever find peace...
                - Peter...no...

                - Nina to Maxie...she’s my daughter...

                - Felicia to “Kevin”...we can tell the gruesome truth about Ryan Chamberlain...

                - Danny to Jason...DADDY!...

                - Ava...so we’re even then, eh?...
                - Carly...get the hell out of my house...


                • #10
                  thank you so much for bringing the live thread, as always a good read today


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