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Ratings - 9/10-9/14


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  • Ratings - 9/10-9/14


    GH was the only show to gain in overall viewers from last week.
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    Recap September 10 to 14, 2018

    Hoping to assist Sonny, Mike tampered with a gas line in Charlie's Pub.
    The explosion unearthed the skeleton of the man that Frank Smith had ordered Sonny to kill.
    Margaux told Drew about her father, a mafia consigliere who had vanished without a trace thirty years earlier.
    Margaux and Jordan paid Mike a visit to ask him about his friend, Charlie Delaney.

    Drew confided to Sam that Oscar was terminally ill.

    Nelle sent Michael a letter assuring him that she forgave him for their baby's death then suggesting that he might take comfort in spending time with Brad and Lucas' son.

    Robin introduced herself to Peter.
    Peter had a panic attack when he and Maxie were briefly stranded in an elevator together, but Maxie helped him through it.

    Nina was certain that her mother had bequeathed her a broken heart pendant as a sign that Nina's child was alive.

    Ryan, posing as Kevin, encouraged Lulu to proceed with plans for a special edition of the Invader commemorating the 25th anniversary of Ryan Chamberlain's killing spree.


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      The ratings are higher when there is murder and kids dying. (I hate to say that). Also that is when Actors win Emmys.


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        Honestly this is just my opinion, I think the show could be better. I don’t think with the technology and the amount of choices that is out there to watch that we will ever see much better in ratings it’s evident when you look at ratings over all the soaps. I’m not saying we can’t want for better but I doubt the numbers ever grow again!!!!


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          People complain about the Oscar storyline and The Croton body story, but those (along with Ryan/Kevin) are the stories that are driving the ratings


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            They may be driving the ratings, but the ratings are not that good. I was just thinking there are way too many popular couples who have not been coupled for a long time and the few couples that do exist are marginalized and rarely shown. What soap that wants to attract viewers breaks up popular couples with huge fan bases and expects their fans to tune in... ??


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              I don't think the ratings are that good either. We're far away from the record high ratings we got during Steve Burton's return when Jason crashed into the MetroCourt.


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                Daytime is in decline all around. But since I also watch B&B, I will give GH props for hiring teen actors that can actually act, and giving them meaningful story that isn’t recycled from last summers teen story. I find the Oscar story compelling since it impacts a number of other characters. I’m not really feeling the Croton body story, but I’m far more interested in it that what some other soaps are airing. I enjoyed seeing Ryan meet Ava. They were paired on ATWT when Jon took the role of Craig Montgomery. My second favorite Craig after Hunt Block. I’m really into Ryan’s story now that Laura has returned.


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