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Live Thread 9/28


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  • Live Thread 9/28

    Well after the national breaking news now we have
    local breaking news of military plane crash here
    so don;t know how long. so if someone can
    start I will come on if it comes back.

  • #2
    Looks like we will be back after the commercial.


    • #3
      Kiki and Griffin talking about her modeling? Or something similar for mag ? She said no he says just because ur beautiful doesn’t mean u won’t be taken seriously in work mode, be a role model to other women unless she just doesn’t want to do it, then ok. Meeting later at FR...

      anna and Finn discuss her going after Olbrecht, she denies, back and forth she says he can’t go with her she says no, patients etc, don’t make her sneak out, he wants to sneak out too, she wants him to keep eye on Peter, they kiss...

      Sam telling Jason he not good with warm and fuzzy to people he doesn’t know, that giving Oscar safe place to talk was a gift

      back to Jackaled....


      • #4
        Jason telling Sam about his convo about Oscar.

        Chase talking to Finn thanking him for helping dad.

        Ryan comes over and says to AVa as beautiful as ever.
        Ava is like excuse me. Ryan is like sorry I thought you were


        • #5
          Lulu see Maxie at Gh she was there to see Ryan medical
          records. but needs written permisson. Maxie wonders
          what she was talking to Peter about the other day.

          Franco introduces Ryan and Ava as Felicia comes in and hugs
          Ryan syas Kevin we have so much to catch up on as Lucy
          bring them to a table..

          Felicia and Mac talking to Lucy and Ryan saying Lulu
          wants to interview her about Ryan.

          Lulu says I just told him to stay away from you.
          I was trying to help your life your muddy waters.

          Finn and Chase talking Anna going after Obrecht
          Peter over hears


          • #6
            Anna talking to Griffin she tells him to stop running
            start looking around at your life. Anna says figure out what
            you want from the world what should you run to.

            Ava says to Franco should never have taken Julian
            advice I wash my hands of her as Kiki walks in.


            • #7
              THanks very much Jackaled and Karmasita!!!!!!!!!!!!!


              • #8
                Griffin arrives to see Kiki and Ava comments. Kiki gives

                Peter calls Anna about Obrecht. Stay safe.
                Maxie arrives. He says there has been a lead
                on Obrecht let Leisel know.

                Sam can;t stop thinking about Monica losing so many
                people. Sam says this is what I was trying to tell you
                the other day at Sonny's. Sam says what Drew and Kim
                are facing she doesn;t know what that is like. there is no
                cure just time.


                • #9
                  Franco tells Ava just sit and have your drink let it work
                  you and Kiki love each other. Kiki offers no apology rubs
                  my face in it. Ava says she wants to take me on she will
                  get what is coming remember Kiki asked for it.

                  Anna shows Finn she got message from her son.

                  Lucy mentions the most adorable picture of James. Ryan is
                  like James? Lucy says thier grandson.. Lucy says you only
                  get this way when you are sick. So Mac and Felicia leave
                  Lucy says Kevin Collins I know when you are not yourself.

                  Jason says maybe we can do something to the Q's/ with
                  the kids. Jasam song. She says why do we have to keep
                  reminding outselves of time. She doesnt take him for granted
                  he doesn;t take her for granted.

                  The End.


                  • #10

                    - Nina to Lulu...I just cannot get past this thing with Peter...

                    - Curtis to Valentin...what’s it say...

                    - “Kevin “ to Lucy...there really is no getting rid of u, is there...

                    - Carly...this is something u really want to do...
                    - Mike...we need to talk about what happens next...

                    - Margaux, with Jordan, to Jason...Sonny pulled the trigger and his father helped clean it up...


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