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Live Thread 9/26


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  • Live Thread 9/26

    Kim with Drew worrying about Oscar

    Joss with Cam wondering why Oscar hasn;t texted
    her back.

    Cam about to throw his phone or punch the wall
    Jason comes along says do you want to do that.

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    Did you mean Oscar?????????


    • #3
      You mean Oscar........................


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        Krissy giving Alexis attitude Sam says so much
        for not hovering.

        Brad back to Julian Brad realized Julian was right
        he will do nothing.

        Anna with Finn relaxing on the couch.

        Chase with Drew and Kim he was called because
        Oscar is missing. Kim says we kept something from him
        pretty intense. A secret about his health he felt betrayed
        Chase is like is it life threatening.

        Cam tells Joss Oscar is sick, Cam remembers his convo
        with OScar to not tell Joss so he covers. says maybe he is
        fake sick to stay home.

        Oscar says were you looking for me. Jason says no
        supervising coffee shipment. Just stayed to watch the ferry.
        Oscar says why. Jason says are you alright. Oscar says won;t
        collapse on you again. Jason says why were you asking if I
        was looking for you. Oscar asks him what is it like to die.


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          Thank you Jackaled...and Karmasita.......


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            Alexis says Krissy went to Yale and Wesleyan even if
            she didn;t graduate she is very smart. Alexis leaves
            Krissy comes out .

            Finn and Anna talking his father

            Chase asks if any place special outside PC he would
            go. Drew says please find him.

            Jason can;t tell him what it is like. OScar says everyone though
            you were dead you were thrown in the harbor do you remember.
            Yes he fell to the ground tried to get to the water last he remember
            is him kicking me off the pier. Was there a white light. Jason
            says not for Ifme. Jason can;t really remember. Oscar tells
            him but he has to promise not to tell anyone not even Joss.
            If I don;t tell I will explode. Jason promises. I am dying..


            • #7
              thank you for the live thread , good mid week reading


              • #8
                Sam tells Krissy she has given Alexis reason to worry.
                Krissy says here I am alone again. Sam says you have
                yourself do you know how great you are.

                Alexis sitting with Brad.
                Some young girl comes in to Charlies to pass out tickets
                to a concert. Julian calls Krissy he needs her to come in now.
                Julian leaves to go to GH.

                Drew says can;t sit here an do nothing. Chase suggest they
                reach out to anyone in his class. Kim will text Liz to talk
                to Cam. Drew says we will find him

                Cam says great if life perfect. Things happen. you and oscar
                are suppose to love each other. Joss says what are you trying
                to say. She gets a call from Kim. Who wonders if she has
                seen Oscar today. Joss is like no We had family disagreement
                Oscar left upset let me know if you hear from him. Joss tells
                Cam who says my mom texted if I seen him

                Oscar tells Jason of the brain tumor for 2 years my mom
                didn;t tell me. I won;t be alive much longer. Jason says did they
                say that. Jason says you can;t make assumptions you need
                accurate information can;t the docs give you time frame it makes
                a difference. treatment options.. OScar doesn;t want to know
                Jason puts his hand on Oscar shoulder.


                • #9
                  Alexis talked to Diane no heart problems in the file
                  they don;t know who the father is. Brad worries if the
                  father finds out might want baby.

                  Anna looking at the file for Finn dad. Finn says he is
                  reviewing the file.

                  Chase on the phone. he gets a call from Robert
                  Chase says consider it done.

                  Julian arrives at GH see Kim with Drew says what is going on.
                  Drew says give her some space. He says this is about Oscar
                  Drew tells him to back off.

                  Oscar says people get sick everyday and die no big deal.
                  I have no idea what to do next. Jason says have you
                  heard from them. They have texted me all night. Jason says
                  then don;t you think you should let them know. Oscar says
                  it is my life but they had no right not to tell me.


                  • #10
                    Finn says understand I need to maintain distance from
                    my patients it is how I was trained.

                    Alexis says the birth father has 31 days after birth to claim.
                    there is no indication he has any interest in this. Alexis says
                    stop buying trouble. As Krissu comes in she sees girl handing
                    out the concert tickets. Alexis says hi. Wanna have dinner with
                    me after work. Krissy says she has plans. Krissy asks
                    her to join her at the concert.

                    Joss wonders why Cam mom is asking him about Oscar.
                    Joss wants to know what they talked about.

                    Jason tells a time when he was 20 he had fight with his parents
                    he was so sure he was right it took me years to understand
                    there is nothing worse than when you kid is sick and hurting.
                    Oscar syas should I call my parents. Jason says they are worried.
                    It would help them and you ..

                    Kim goes off. Drew says do you care about Kim give her space.
                    Julian says you speak for her now. Drew is like no she told
                    you she doesn;t want to talk to you. Kim comes to Drew just
                    heard from Oscar.


                    • #11
                      Was Jason talking about his accident.. was he 20 when that happened, if not how would he remember he has no Q memories??


                      • december rose
                        december rose commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Maybe talking about after his accident when he rejected Q's?

                    • #12
                      Joss says if you are my friend you will tell me Cam says
                      mom texted me Oscar called his parents. Joss wonders
                      why he disapeared in the first place.

                      Julian calls Kim to says sorry things got tense.

                      Drew and Kim come to the pier hug Oscar as Jason
                      is watching. Kim is like are you ok he says he never will be
                      Drew is like don;t say that lets go home. Jason gets his sad face
                      on, sighs and then leaves.

                      Sam alone at home Jason is at the door. He says do you
                      have a min.

                      The ENd.


                      • #13

                        - Lucy to Mac...this is just a get together for old friends...

                        - Lulu...thank u so much for meeting me...

                        - Franco to Ava...well here’s to happy endings...

                        - Maxie to Kiki and Griffin...I have a proposition for u...

                        - Chase to Anna and Finn... the WSB has a lead on Liesl Olbrecht...

                        - Peter to “ Kevin “...I need ur help...

                        - Sam and Jason exchanging stares...


                        • #14
                          Please let Brad and Julian get caught. I don't like Alexis, but hope she remember this can't be Brad and Lucas kid and Lucas be done with Brad for good.


                          • #15
                            Franco and Ava what is that about?


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