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Kim's first conversation with Liz re: Oscar


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  • Kim's first conversation with Liz re: Oscar

    Didn't Kim say that Oscar had seizures when he was little and then they stopped for years. When the seizures returned two years ago, she realized the tumor had grown or he was getting worse? Wouldn't that mean that she knew he had cancer as a small child?

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    The way I understood it was that yes and because of where the tumor was they left it alone,,,,as he got older it would grow and he would get worse. So this is where they are now but someone correct me if I am wrong or missed something.


    • momq325
      momq325 commented
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      This is how I understand it.
      Until the next rewrite <sarcastic>

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    the writers cant keep up with history even with less than a month of scenes


    • Wild Horses
      Wild Horses commented
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      Lol so true.

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    I miss Kim.....I also wanted to know who is the father of her baby!......These Writers with dropping SLs!!...


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