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Garren Stitt aka Oscar Nero is doing a great job


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  • Garren Stitt aka Oscar Nero is doing a great job

    I know some don't like the Oscar cancer story and think Kim and Oscar are boring but I have to give this young actor props!!! He is doing a wonderful job portraying Oscar's turmoil and hurt. That last scene in the elevator made my heart break.

  • #2
    Yes he is good he needs a daytime Emmy


    • #3
      I don't like the storyline but I've always been an Oscar fan. I like that he's not a bad boy. He's a socially awkward teen and I think he's really sweet. He rocked his scenes yesterday.


      • Wild Horses
        Wild Horses commented
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        Me too, I have always said it is refreshing to see a good kid for once and I thought today he did great.

    • #4
      I don't think the actor is strong enough to do this storyline. I'm not saying he isn't a good actor, but I don't think this story fits him. I do like that Oscar is a good kid but he is also very boring. Of course, it's only my opinion.


      • lala214
        lala214 commented
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        Sadly, I have to agree. This kind of storyline requires a really strong, capable actor, and the kid who plays Oscar is not there yet. That said, I do like Oscar.

      • Justasimplefan
        Justasimplefan commented
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        Yep. Sorry to say this but I felt nothing during the elevator scene.

      • piano0105
        piano0105 commented
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        I also agree. I think in time the actor will improve but right now I didn't feel much of anything from him. At times it seemed forced to me. Personally I don't think he's ready for an Emmy at this stage.

    • #5
      I think he is doing good. He's doing what they want him to and I believe that he is a kid scared and at the same time angry. No, he isn't the best but he's doing good. I saw him on the Disney channel not too long ago and he was good there too.
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      • #6
        I thought the scene in the elevator was the best. Oscar reacted the way I would expect someone to react: terrified, unbelieving, on the verge of hysteria. That seemed realistic to me. The other scenes were less realistic to me. Oscar focused too much on Kim not telling him the truth. I believe that Oscar cares about that but I can’t see that being such a priority 10 minutes after he learns that he has cancer. It was as if the writers read the message boards and wanted Oscar to say the things that some posters have said about Kim.


        • ScrubsFan#1
          ScrubsFan#1 commented
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          Kim knew Oscar was DYING for TWO YEARS and didn't tell him - that has to be a massively huge deal to a him. I mean how can it NOT be??? Not only did she not tell him - but she LIED about what was really wrong with him - and BLAMED him for his illness. He is terrified, angry, hurt, and confused - and has every right to be.

        • clamcat
          clamcat commented
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          ^^^ I’m not saying that Oscar doesn’t have a right to be mad or that he wouldn’t be mad. I just don’t think that exploring how long Kim has known the truth would be a day 1 priority. I think he would be more focused on his prognosis and whether there’s any possible cure or treatment. I think he would be distraught over how unfair it is that he’s been singled out for the illness. I think the Kim anger would come later. Just my opinion.

        • lala214
          lala214 commented
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          Hmm . . . I gotta disagree. I can see why Oscar would focus on the lies first. He's dying, and she's known for two years! I totally understand why he was shocked and enraged and why he focused on that. How can he trust her now? She had him out there thinking about college and the future when he doesn't have one. As I said before, was she seriously going to wait until he was in his dying bed to drop this news on him?!?!

      • #7
        He needs to put today's scenes for sure in his Emmy reel especially the one in the elevator. I got teary eyed watching his reaction; absolutely heartbreaking!


        • #8
          I think he did a fantastic job today!


          • ghfan55
            ghfan55 commented
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            He had me in tears today. Absolutely stellar performance.

        • #9
          I think he knocked it out of the park today! When he first came on he was a little stiff, but he's really grown as an actor and he truly stepped up today - it was heart wrenching to watch his turmoil, anguish and how betrayed he felt. Bravo to him!


          • #10
            It amazes me that an actor so young would have the skills to pull off such serious s/l material and make it authentic and believable. I think his performance was remarkable, from the moment he was in the volunteer room with Cameron and was denying that he was sick and said that if he had cancer his parents would tell him, wouldn't they? - right on up through all his other scenes yesterday and today. There's lots of good acting on GH and I think Garren is right up there with the best.


            • iluvaiden
              iluvaiden commented
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              I agree He is a very good actor. Emmy worthy

          • #11
            I promised myself I was gonna FF through this story because it’s so depressing. But then something told me to just watch it towards the end. The kid as mentioned above did knock it out of the park. Very powerful and moving today. Garren’s got a bright future as an actor.


            • #12
              Garrett is on another show I watch sometimes when my niece is over.

              He plays the goody goody emotional kid on gh well but he also plays a jerk with layers well as well on the other show he is on.

              it will be interesting to see his future acting gigs. I don’t much watch cancer story’s on tv to close to home. After loosing both parents to the sickness I just flat out refuse.

              besides I’m to judgey with story’s like this, and unless your gonna rip out my heart like Mandy Moore and Shane West in my favorite romantic teen movie of all time A Walk To Remember which makes me ball every time and just happens to center around cancer. no matter what it’s a no go for me. And frankly I don’t trust gh. the writers like plot point drama to much with no follow thru.
              Last edited by chriswrites; September 25, 2018, 05:46 PM.


              • #13
                I guess I am a heartless witch because I felt nothing ...I just can’t warm up to him and Kim


                • geraldine123
                  geraldine123 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Thanks. Nice to know I'm not the only one. He does nothing for me.

                • Shellyinphx
                  Shellyinphx commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I am with you on Kim, but I like Oscar a lot more. Though I tend to have more patience for the kids then others do.

                • Kelgirl7
                  Kelgirl7 commented
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                  Hey you aren't a heartless witch we all relate to some characters more than others!!! I don't get emotional for Sonny but I know a lot of people do. It would be boring if we all felt the same way about everything.

              • #14
                I've always loved Oscar/Garren, excellent actor, heartbroken writers doing this storyline!!!! I'm heartbroken AND angry!
                I know it's a soap, but last thing I need to daily "escape" to is watching a young person dealing with this horror!!!
                No thank you!!! Ughhhhh!!!!!


                • #15
                  While I have been having trouble liking Kim since she came to town, I have liked Oscar and Jocelyn. As some people have said, he is a nice young man, which is refreshing for a change. I know an edgy, bad boy kind of guy is often more soapier, but there has to be a balance of good and bad. I felt for him on Monday with the reveal of his cancer and think the young actor is doing a fine job. I hope there will be some miracle surgery for him. :-)


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